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Julia's trip to USA

24 June 2015

Been spending my last days in this beautiful place with the people I love the most. AJ came back and we have had a blast talking about life. Jackson too, oh my that boy is everything, seen him every day and he makes me so incredibly happy. My family, which I've tried to get as much time with as possible, makes me never want to leave. I've been out on late night swims every single night for the past week and looking at stars (the few you can see) while floating in the water. I've been meeting a lot of new people at parties and through AJ, and they've all been wonderful. It's all been so damn good, I couldn't have asked for better days rounding up this year.

18 June 2015

Went on a little road trip with da family and experienced some 42° heat and two new states! Arizona and Utah. The views were spectacular but the wifi access was limited which didn't make me too happy.. I saw Mesa Verde, Black Canyon, Grand Canyon and the Arches. Super cool trip and had fun catching up with my family again.

8 June 2015

Second half of this time home and, repeatedly, had a blast, spent lots of time with Zander and made a lot of good food together. Went for walks in the mornings to buy fresh water melon (which you can't do in Sweden) and sat on the porch in the amazing weather. Just soaking up Colorado as much as possible.. ❤️🍉

4 June 2015

First half of the 1.5 weeks after school when my parents had left and I was home with Zander. Had a lot of fun with people, but was stupid as well. Said goodbye to ms Italy 😚 Went to elitch's, red rocks and the mood of sad haha. Wihoo!!!

31 May 2015

First & last day of school, and funnnnn. Had Ethiopian and donuts with gymnastic people to celebrate the end of school!! So good!! 🍒

18 May 2015

My last choir concert and I couldn't be happier. That class has been so strange and now it's finally over💕 Like there's a few nice people but the spirit of it: nah. And I went to get flowers with Julie, get food with jackson and to get a new hairstyle for levertis . Kisses and hugs, hope y'all like pugs ❤️

15 May 2015

A bunch of selfies with the best people I know. And the adventurous pictures me and Elisa manage to take while we're far above the ground. She's checking out today 💔 breaking my heart but at least she gets pancakes for breakfast, she deserves that 💕

5 May 2015

Shaky week, stupid me. We all make mistakes tho, but mozarts Magic flute was not one of them! Such an amazing performance and I got to feel fancy for a little time.

26 April 2015

Holy crap was prom amazing: yes Do I remember much: no BUT what the flying ever, the things I can remember included laughing and dancing so I am not gonna complain 🍁🌸

20 April 2015

Friends, depends, on a Mercedes benz

11 April 2015

What would I seriously do without this girl?! Ps. (Wanted to add a pic of my wonderful feet)

7 April 2015

Latest: CYSO concert, dinner with parents, lots of track meets and my first time competing 300m hurdles. Life is hottt 🔥🔥

4 April 2015

Eastaaah, lots of swedish candy, my first Jewish Seder (which was amazing!!) And a late night date 🙏🏾👀

2 April 2015

In Santa Fe, NM with mom and we're having a blast with wonderful Mexican food, cute shops, nice weather and lots of old Native American art.

12 February 2015

Valentine's Day 💕 So this week was kindness week, and it was a pretty nice week!! I got a little note in my locker, sent a little note too. I pretended that I got flowers and insulted Levertis as usual. I made Swedish pancakes for my host brother and received a big box of popcorn from nana. On Valentine's Day I went to track and then to dinner with Julie, Zander and another woman. After that we saw Franks concert and I couldn't focus on the dancers but only the music which was fantastic. 💕🍫

7 February 2015

Yaas, I went through my first car wash today which was hella nice ✊🗿

29 January 2015

Amazing January, skiing, swimming, diving and spiriting 🇺🇸

17 January 2015

Såg på rodeo under långhelgen. Nästan bara vita och kristna där haha. De sa: Be greatful to live in the greatest country of mankind" och "may the lord be with us in all our hearts with Jesus and God" hahaha, I laughed so hard. Det var kiss cam och massa cowboys.. stackars djur. Det var skoj hur som helst!!

14 January 2015

Went on a photo trip with photo people.. little crazy tbh haha but we had a lot of fun. Went craycray with Levertis and red cups bc we're so productive during orchestra..😋

7 January 2015

Diving and us history babes

5 January 2015

Skiing with Elisa & Isa in Copper mountain! And food of course

3 January 2015

31 December 2014

New Years! When we spent a little too much time trying to get home in the freezing weather. Saw Annie and laughed so bad haha. Saw fireworks and danced. The next morning we stayed in bed and had Pizza Hut❤️❤️❤️

14 December 2014

It's christmaaaas

4 December 2014

Ops... I posted on your journey instead of mine... Ahahah Elisa ❤️

2 December 2014

Faaaantastic week in Cali ❤️

9 November 2014


27 October 2014

Lol ppz I like america

22 October 2014

Lolz excited for halloween 🎃

14 October 2014

For my birthday, finally turned 12,5 years old!!!!! So exited XDXP

9 October 2014

Slept at Elisa's house tonight and it was so much fun!!! Although she has the most scary dogs ever.. 😱 so today I've had 1 of my original teachers and the rest were subs haha

5 October 2014

Bought candy for Alicia & Sofia today, these are the only good candies's I think! Miss them so much tho. And a little pic of my philosophy mates who wakes me up at the lessons haha ❤️

4 October 2014

Great weekend with the girls, I had Jelly, Pho, BK cinnamon buns and frozen Apple yoghurt for the first time 😄

27 September 2014

Meet at Lakewood hs and dinner with a friend

26 September 2014

At cherry creek with my american babe, I paid for the doughnuts and she paid for the car hahahaha
In downtown with Simon, we just found some interesting stuff hahaha

25 September 2014

Hay, what's up with all my faces?

17 September 2014

Mm my girl ❤️❤️ we are beautie queens duh
I've did nothing today. Except having a really fun lunch with Jessica and being tired as usual

16 September 2014

Oh what a graceful day! I've been so tired and hungry that I just laughed my pants of and fell asleep in the beginning of practice. I feel so productive! Lots of löv ❤️🍁

14 September 2014

This weekend was so much fun! I've done so many new things and met a huge amount of new people. Can't remember names though 😬

11 September 2014

Why am I erinring here? i have a blog? I have a mind(this far) and I have a sandwich in my bag. I shouldn't need to write here Kisses and hugs

9 September 2014

My girls ❤️

1 September 2014

Stannat på väg hem