Europe · 6 Days · 71 Moments · October 2017

The Pages in Rome October 2017

22 October 2017

Sunset from the plane
Delayed! But boarding now..,
Taxi to the airport
Apartment living room, watching King Kong before leaving!
Snack lunch before heading back to the apartment to tidy up and wait for the cab to the airport
Coffee time
The local infant school

21 October 2017

Back to the apartment for a little down time before bed
Dinner 😊🇭🇺
Time for a beer!
Swiss Guard
View from the Steps of St Peter’s
St Peter’s
The Sistine Chapel
Polizia bus!!
This is the spot where Pope John Paul was shot in 1982.
A tram for Grandpa 🚃

19 October 2017

The River Tiber, with St Peter’s in the background
The grave of Raphael
The Pantheon
A rest, picnic lunch and an ice cream before visiting The Pantheon
Coffee time!
The Trevi Fountain... wow!
Walking to the Trevi Fountain
Another days adventures begin... on the bus this time

18 October 2017

All tired out! Time for bed Theo!
Back to the apartment in the metro
A street artist being asked to show their papers
The Roman Forum
Lunch time....
Follow George and his book...
Waiting to go in...
The Collosseum!!
Metro journey
Walk to the underground 🚇
The British Embassy, right opposite our apartment
The street where our apartment is...Via Palestra

17 October 2017

Dinner time!
The minibus journey to the apartment... sleepy Theo, mad traffic and first sighting of the Colosseum!
Arriving at the airport
Flying over Switzerland 🇨🇭
All aboard! ✈️
Our plane 🛩
Snacks all round as we wait to board
Theo gets searched and has to have his shoes specially scanned!
We made it to the airport!