North America, Europe · 16 Days · 139 Moments · June 2017

Sweden, Iceland and Denmark 2017

17 June 2017

Lunch at Ulla Winbladh in Stockholm (5 photos)
Finally opening up the giant Kex candy bar, which proved to contain 33 smaller candy bars (3 photos)

16 June 2017

Reading after a long day
Playing with cousin Jonathan
Fancy dinner at Farmor and Farfar's house 🍽 (6 photos)
Feeding the ducks...and jackdaws...and seagulls. 🦆🐦 (4 photos)
Karin's chillllllly pool (3 photos)
Yummy lunch at Karin and Teo's home 🍽 (2 photos)

15 June 2017

Mamma's favorite: lupines 🌷
Playing at Tisarstrand
Kajsa's moment of Zen
Swimming at Tisaren 💦 (3 photos)
Boating on Tisaren (lake)! 🚣 (5 photos)
Hiking to find a geocache we hid in the forest 12 years ago 🌳
Roasting hot dogs in the forest 🌭 (7 photos)
Hiking in the forest, on our way to have a campfire picnic 🌳 (3 photos)
Baby snake in the forest 🐍
Feeding the ducks in Hallsberg 🦆 (3 photos)

14 June 2017

A little evening bubble blowing (3 photos)
Carousel at Stadsparken 🎠
Crossing the "moat" at Stadsparken 🚣 (3 photos)
Riding the train at Stadsparken 🚂 (2 photos)
Heading to Stadsparken
Mini golf at Gustavsvik 🏌 (5 photos)
Julia and Farfar playing badminton 🏸 (3 photos)
Playing Kubb in the yard

12 June 2017

View re-entering Göteborg Harbor (2 photos)
On the ferry back to Sweden ⛴
Water park at our hotel in Frederikshavn 💦 (3 photos)

11 June 2017

Kebab tallrik at Maikel's Pizza Bar in Frederikshavn
Slug party! How many slugs can you spot in this photo? 🐌
Kajsa and Farmor on Mini Boats 🚣 LEGOLand (4 photos)
Skål! 🍻
Pappa proud of his fancy hot dog 🌭 LEGOLand
Frog Hopper at LEGOLand 🐸
Kajsa earned her drivers license! 🚙
Driving school at LEGOLand 🚗 (4 photos)
Kajsa receiving her driving instructions 🚦 LEGOLand
Panning for gold at LEGOLand ⛏ (3 photos)
Monorail at LEGOLand 🚂
View of Miniland from the LEGOTop ride
Farmor and Kajsa ❤️ LEGOLand
Country #3 of our journey: Denmark 🇩🇰
Outside the LEGOLand Hotel 🐉 (Pappa looks disapprovingly at a boy)

10 June 2017

Building a Swedish flag at the LEGOLand Hotel 🇸🇪
Cole's Climbing Wall at LEGOLand
Playing LEGOs while waiting in line for Lloyd's Laser Maze
Pirate Splash Battle 💦
Kajsa and Pappa squirting passengers on the Pirate Splash Battle ride at LEGOLand 💦
Pirate boats at LEGOLand 🚣
Lighthouse ride with Farfar at LEGOLand (3 photos)
Penguin Bay at LEGOLand 🐧 (2 photos)
Learning Danish and German at LEGOLand
There are no hot dogs present on this particular slice, but the pizza buffet was serving a French fry and hot dog pizza. 🍟🌭🍕
4D Cinema at LEGOLand

9 June 2017

Kajsa photobombing us at the restaurant
LEGO-shaped fries! 🍟
LEGO Hotel
LEGO Hotel!
Royalty at the LEGO Hotel
First Kinderegg of Kajsa's vacation!
On the ferry to Denmark 🇩🇰 ⛴
On the ferry to Denmark 🇩🇰 ⛴
On the ferry to Denmark 🇩🇰 ⛴
Leaving Göteborg harbor
Leaving Göteborg harbor
Car ferry to Denmark 🇩🇰 ⛴

8 June 2017

Kaninresan at Liseberg
"Mamma, I won you a giant candy bar!" 🍫 Liseberg
Beef fillet, onion, pineapple and Béarnaise sauce pizza at Pizzeria Kvarnen in Alingsås 🍕
"Bye, Mamma and Pappa!"
Kajsa on the train to Göteborg with Farmor and Farfar
"Mamma, step back!" 🚂
Ready to hop aboard the train to Göteborg 🚂
Four heads are better than one!

7 June 2017

Making friends with the neighborhood cat 🐱
Making friends with the neighborhood cat 🐱
Hallsberg forest
Swedish slugs! 🐌
Swedish slugs! 🐌
Lek & Buslandet: fun for all ages!
Lek & Buslandet: fun for all ages!
Lek & Buslandet: fun for all ages!
Lek & Buslandet: fun for all ages!
Taking the opportunity to renew Kajsa's passport at the local police station

6 June 2017

Playing a game of Den Försvunna Diamanten (The Missing Diamond) on Farmor's deck
Exploring Tisarstrand
Exploring Tisarstrand
Celebrating Farmor and Farfar's 45th anniversary ❤️💛💚💙💜
Celebrating Farmor and Farfar's 45th anniversary ❤️💚💜💙💛
Kajsa's cookies!
Swinging and singing
Today is Sveriges Nationaldag! 🇸🇪 (National Day of Sweden)
The duck who lives here is named Kajsa, too!
Jonathan trying to see the goats 🐐
Making friends with this VERY hungry and very large rabbit 🐰
Kajsa and cousin Jonathan doing puzzles at the restaurant

5 June 2017

Playing at the wading pool in Kumla 💦
Playing at the wading pool in Kumla 💦
Fun with Jonathan
Climbing at the playground
Playing a game of Den Försvunna Diamanten (The Missing Diamond)
Kajsa teaching everyone, including 1-year-old cousin Jonathan, how to play Go Fish 🐟

4 June 2017

Farmor and Farfar picked us up from the airport in Stockholm. Here we are on the drive back to Hallsberg! 🐇
Hiking the upper rim of Kerið
Kerið, a lake formed inside a volcanic crater -- we hiked around its upper rim, as well as around the lake below. 🌋
Seljalandsfoss waterfall -- Kajsa and Jonas are climbing the stairs on the right, following a trail that leads behind the waterfall (you can see her bright green/yellow rain jacket)
Seljalandsfoss waterfall
Seljalandsfoss waterfall
These Icelandic sheep were curious about us
Queen of the mountains
Waterfall selfie
Þingvellir National Park
Any opportunity to climb!
Kajsa standing in between the North American and Eurasian continental plates, which are moving away from each other 2.5cm each year.
Þingvellir National Park 🇮🇸
We surprised ourselves by sleeping in until 10:30am this morning! Now a bit of a late start toward Þingvellir National Park...
Baldursgata 29, our home for 2 days
Wide awake at 1:30am -- thanks, jet lag!

3 June 2017

We experienced sticker shock at Aktu Taktu, a fast-food restaurant in Reykjavik. All of these burger combo meals were $15-20 apiece! Iceland is expensive in every respect -- everything costs at least 2x the price of things at home. Good thing we are staying only two days!
Icelandic pizza to round out the evening 🍕
Our Airbnb in Reykjavik (3 photos)
Kajsa led us all the way up to the top of the "mountain!" This is the view over the geothermal area and parking lot.
Geothermal springs at Krýsuvík -- reminiscent of Yellowstone!
Interesting insect outside the restroom at Krýsuvík
Warning: steam explosions!
We spent close to two hours soaking in the Blue Lagoon -- Kajsa loved it!
Showing off her "prune hands"
Kajsa managed to sleep for about two hours on the plane, lying in Mamma's lap.

1 June 2017

Ready for takeoff selfie
Our plane, Svörtuborgir (Black Castle)
...and we're off! Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for the ride to the airport! ❤️