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Williamsburg, NY, United Sta...

19 February 2017

The random places you'll find perfect photo opportunities are endless in Brooklyn, highly recommend wandering the streets during a sunny day and wearing a cute outfit
Thrifted 3 amazing tops from Buffalo Exchange for a total of $40, too excited to wear them
Pictures including the record shop, lunch, and the park we went to! Also a few random ones that I liked
Ate @ Diviera Drive for lunch, had a kale salad that was to die for, the restaurant was greenhouse themed, a little hot but the food was worth it and the aesthetic as well
So, my friend Emily and I went by way of NJ Transit and Subway to Williamsburg, Brooklyn to explore, thrift, and take photos which we had lots of fun doing. There is so much rich culture of the "Brooklynites" that I loved experiencing from the laid back Mediterranean restaurants to the thrift shops scattered about with old finds from the 60s. I'm definitely still a city girl at heart, but Brooklyn has a piece of it too now!