United States of America · 17 Days · 54 Moments · July 2017

Julia's adventure in United States of Amer...

29 July 2017

Got up early to leave for the river by 7:30. The girls made a cute routine on the playground equipment.

28 July 2017

Lunch at a rest stop on our way to Badger.

27 July 2017

Oregon Trail Ruts.
Fort Laramie
Morning run at the ranch.

26 July 2017

Dinner at the Pizza place in Lusk.

25 July 2017

Hike through the Badlands. It was hot but nice. We did a trail called the Notch. On the way out we took a scenic drive through the Badlands.
Got to the Badlands about 5:00. We started at the visitor center first; watched the movie and saw the exhibits. We went back to camp and had some chili for dinner. Then we headed out for a close hike with the kids and Miles and Mac. At 9:00 we went to a really good ranger program on fossils, followed by an astronomy show. Very cool. Got to bed about 11:30.
My. Rushmore.
Morning by the lake.

24 July 2017

Wind caves

23 July 2017

Morning run. 2 miles out and 2 miles straight back. Saw a few antelope in the road and some wild turkeys. Luckily there were no predators!
Swimming at the Lusk Public Pool.
Traveling to Lusk to see what's what.

22 July 2017

Ranch house!
Almost to the Ranch house!
On our way out of RMNP. Girls got their third junior ranger badges! I didn't have my camera so I have mental mems. We heard there was a bear roaming around our camp area last night!

20 July 2017

Arrived at Rocky Mountain National Park at about 5:00. The girls played in the trees and we had a dinner at a reasonable hour! We played Shoot the Moon with grandma and then to bed by 10!
Driving day through Colorado.
Morning views at Dillon Reservoir.

19 July 2017

Dinner stop. Least favorite drive to Dillon. It was long and dark, and Ionna had a bad stomachache. We got in at about 10:30.
Ate lunch at the top of the drive. Girls finished up their information for their Jr. Ranger Badges.
Dragon Point. We almost lost Sierra.
Driving the South Rim.
Black Canyon of the Gunneson. Hike to the visitor center.

18 July 2017

Million Dollar Highway.

17 July 2017

We got back from our day of adventures about 7:00. We ate dinner late- 9:00! I almost poisoned Ianna with the corn bread. We played Exploding Kittens after dinner then late to bed again!
Long House Tour. Thunderstorm delayed us in the ruins! Huge rainstorm heading back to our campsite.
700 year tour in Mesa Verde.
Dog Episode #2: explosive diarrhea.
Dog episode #1: Barf?!??!

16 July 2017

Game night. What happens in Taboo stays in Taboo.
Morefield Campground. Arrived around 4:30 and enjoyed a brief thunderstorm. Ate dinner inside the RV.
Anasazi Heritage Cultural Center and Museum. We had a nice time greeting an introduction to the Pueblos and their pottery.
11:15 AM, on the road again, after a breakfast of eggs and hash browns. Headed to get gas and more water.
Morning run along the bike path with Sierra.

15 July 2017

Arches National Monument.
Moab Aquatic and Activity Center. We got back from the river about 12:30, ate lunch, and then got to rest in the cool bed cave for a little while. Headed to check out the Aquatic center since we needed something cool to do! It was great and the kids loved the high dive and the slides outside. John and I liked reading our books.

14 July 2017

Moab Valley RV Campground. Arrived at 5:00.
On the road again! We slept okay last night but it was very WARM in our rig- 90 degrees!

13 July 2017

St. George RV Campground. Girls made their own fun while the boys went to look for the lost hubcap. Who had more fun? After a pasta dinner, we played some banana grams before bed.
Last stop before heading over the mountain to our lovely shady camping site in St. George. Girls got out for a quick picture. Poor Petunia tried to pee but she is too dried out! The pool is under construction but let's hope there's shade!
Stopped at the South Las Vegas mall for lunch and an air conditioned walk and some treats. Petunia still hasn't peed since our first rest stop. Or had any water.
On our way!