Europe, Asia · 4 Days · 10 Moments · May 2017

Julia's adventure in Jordan

15 May 2017

Lunch with a view
Madaba Mocaics The Madaba map is part of a floor mosaic in the early Byzantine church of Saint George at Madaba. If you visit the church you will find mosaic paintings and beautiful peace on the floor.
Amman/ Wadi Musa Mount Nebo, a historic site believed by many to be the location of Moses' death and has been a centre for pilgrimage since the earliest Christian times. Trek to the summit (817m), and be rewarded with views of the stunning surrounding countryside and Israel in the distance. Don't forget the beautiful mosaics at Mt Nebo!

14 May 2017

The Dead Sea At 400m below sea level, this extraordinary body of intense blue water, polished smooth like oiled skin on a windlass day of ruffled into salty whitecaps. Actually it is a lake. It is between Israël and Jordan. After a nice once in a lifetime floating experience you can take a mud bath. It is really fun to do! After you are all covert in mud you have to wait 20 minutes to let dry a bit and then you can rinse it of in the Dead Sea and for your face I recommend the shower. the water of the sea is so so so salty for your face. After the whole Dead Sea experience go and relax at the beautiful poolside. Don't forget the work you have to do of staying above the water.
Jerash Often referred to as the 'Pompeii of Asia', the ruins at Jerash (known in Roman times as Gerasa) are one of Jordan's major attractions, and one of the middle east's best examples of a Roman provincial city. The Jerash ruins cover a huge area and can seem daunting at first, especially as there is virtually no signage. Go see the: - Hippodrome> (stadium) build between the 1st and 3rd centuries AD. - South gate > monument. - Vaulted Gallery> the Vaulted passageway, under the courtyard of the Temple of Zeus. - Temple of Zeus ♡ - South theatre > entering the wooden door between the arches. Build between AD 81 and 96.

13 May 2017

Hi, Yesterday I started my Gadventures Highlights of Jordan trip. We have a very fun and diverse group with about 15 persons. After the welcome meeting we went out for dinner to a very polar Jordan restaurant. The name of the place is: Hashem. You haven't tried felafel until you've eaten here. This legendary eatery, run for half a century by a Turkish family, is so popular with locals and visitors alike that there's stiff competition. It makes a great place to sup a mint tea. After the amazing local diner we went to the market and tried to pieces of fruit. The first one was Nispero (see photo) and the second was a green cherry (as green as a granny smith, structure as a plum but really sour).
Little info about Jordan. - Weekend is on Friday and Saturday. - There are 5 ceremonies a day at the Mosque. - Very friendly people - a lot can't talk English very well. - Don't drive yourself in Jordan. Just catch a taxi. - 7 circles (gigantic roundabouts) in Amman on every hill. Handy Arabic words/ sentences: - Hello = Marhbaan - Good morning = Sabah alkhyr - Good evening = Masa' alkhyr - Thank you = Shura an - No = La - Yes = Nem - Water = Ma'an - My name is Julia = Aismi hu Julia
Today I went sightseeing in Amman: - Amman Citadel & Archaeological museum. When I was finished visiting the Citadel a taxi driver showed a lot of sight and told all about Amman. His name was Waleed and is a sort of tourgide/ taxi driver. he showed me: - Roman Theater (worth the visit)& Odeon Floklore museum Jordan museum of populair traditions. - Jordan Museum (very modern. Opened last year ) - The H.K. of Jordan = Mosque of King Abdullah (absolutely go there! you have to wear a Djilbâb. After you can go in the Mosque. You can also take photo's inside. Don't go in Fridays. - We also went to a big cave a little drive from Amman but it had such a beautiful view. Over there we saw a lot figtrees and pomegranatetrees.

12 May 2017

A stop in Ukraine. Rainy, chilly and not very excited Ukraine. Please sent me quick to the warm climate of Jordan
Here I go!! Just went through all the securities at Schiphol airport. Right after I got a new travel adapter and COFFEE!!!. I really needed both. On my way to Jordan I have a stop in Kiev. Keep you posted😄😎🗺🛫