Canada · 12 Days · 14 Moments · June 2017

East Coast adventures

9 July 2017

Today I woke up to the sound of the carbon monoxide detector (it went off for no reason) and that set my mood for most of the day. We visited the Alexander Graham Bell museum and it was pretty interesting. Then we were going to go to coast along the Cabot trail but my dad insisted on going to a lake which we later found out had leeches in it. I got 2 on my foot just to make the day worse. We were going to head back to the campsite but we decided to keep going. And then the day turned around. We stopped in Inverness and omg it was beautiful . We swam in the ocean. Then we went to Mabou to visit the Red Shoe Pub which is owned by the Renkin family. Nicola and I got up to do a jig. To end the night we are sitting around a fire. Tomorrow we head to Louisbourg.

8 July 2017

Good evening from Cape Breton Island! Today we travelled from Lunenburg to Baddeck. Overall, it was about an 8 hour journey. We started 2 hours behind schedule (as usual) but Nicola and I were entertained by watching and greeting a little puppy named Bernie. Then we were off. Our first stop was in a little mining town called Walton. We ate lunch by a lighthouse and talked with some friendly tourists. Then we stopped in Antigonish. We picked up some coffee and Nicola and I went to the Canadian tire just to check it out. Then we drove the rest of the way to Baddeck. It's beautiful out here. We ate dinner at a local restaurant and I got to take some beautiful pictures on the dock. There was a local musician playing at the yacht club that you could hear from the dock. Tomorrow we're checking out a little bit of the Cabot Trail and the Alexander Graham Bell museum.

7 July 2017

We decided to stay in historic Lunenburg and skip the bay of Fundy. First we checked out a church which is the 2nd oldest Anglican church in Canada. We then took a slight detour to grab coffee before going to go a historic house that was decorated like a house in the 1800. After our historical tour, we went down to the walk where a group called "Dreamcatchers" was going to perform. We had an hour before they perform so Nicola, my mom and I hit the shops while my dad went to the fishing museum. We went to a shop called Dots & Loops and it was the CUTEST. After watching the performance, we picked up some groceries and spent the rest of the evening at the campsite. Tomorrow we head to Baddeck on Cape Breton Island.

6 July 2017

Today we travelled from Charlottetown to Lunenburg. To get to Nova Scotia, we drove across the confederation bridge. It was so cool! And just like that, we were in New Brunswick. We stopped at a Tim Hortons in Amherst then continued our journey to Dartmouth to pick up our trailer. The trailer people were behind so we waited about an hour for our trailer before hitting the rush hour traffic on our way to Lunenburg. We arrived at the campsite at 8:00pm and went for dinner. After dinner we went for a walk along the boardwalk. Tomorrow we are either going to stay in Lunenburg or go to the Bay of Fundy.

5 July 2017

Today we toured the north and red shore part of the island. We started off in Rustico Harbour which is part of the Acadian area. Then we went to Cavendish where there was a little tourist place called Avonlea. We had lunch in Avonlea at this delicious cafe called Samuel's. They had really good local tea and I picked some up. Then we went to a little beach overlooking the confederation bridge. The beach was like rathtrevor meets Galiano Island with red sand. The water was super warm and the fish started nibbling my toes. Got some amazing pictures too. Tomorrow is the first day of our camping trip. We pick up the trailer tomorrow.

4 July 2017

Today we went to Basin Head Beach on the east end of the island. It's also known as singing sands beach because in certain spots the sand squeaks under your feet. The beach itself was beautiful and had white sand and red cliffs on one side. It was pretty windy though so that made it chilly. My dad and Nicola jumped off the bridge connecting the two beaches. We decided to take the long way back and stopped in Montague for dinner at a really nice restaurant. We got an entire room to ourselves! I had shrimp & scallop au gratin and it was delicious. When we got back to Charlottetown, we decided to go to a few shops to pick up more souvenirs. Tomorrow we head to the west shore.

3 July 2017

Last day of the competition!!! Today was the championship and prechamps so we spent all day at the conference centre. I had a chance to wander around a little and picked up souvenirs, Anne of Green Gables, and tried some tea. Nicola did really well and placed 4th overall. We stopped at Cows on our way home. Grandma and Brian came over for a small BBQ. The best part of today, however, was skyping and talking to Nathan. I really miss him and being able to talk makes it that much easier. Tomorrow we go to Basin Head provincial park on the south east of the island.

2 July 2017

Today was the 2nd day of dancing: national and choreography dances!! We started at 9:30 with a practice for our choreo. When we came back some dancers had kicked us out of our change room claiming "its a practice room". What would a dance competition be without a little drama? 😂 It was no big deal though and we got ready for the 3 dances. There was A LOT of waiting around today. We did a jig first then waited. Then we did 2 more dances, then had to wait for results and the blue bonnet finals. We were cutting it close for getting our choreography costumes on but everything worked out and we looked great. We got so many compliments from people about our costumes. Then we did our dance and it went really well. Unfortunately we didn't place. We went on a little photo shoot after our dance and for some great pics in our costumes. After results we decided to go home because we were tired and hungry. Tomorrow is the final competition day and another early morning.

1 July 2017

Happy Canada Day!!! Today started out with a trip to Brackley Beach on the North shore of the island. The sand was red and the Atlantic ocean was actually warmer than the Pacific. I mean, it was still cold but it wasn't pins-and-needles-can't-feel-my-feet cold. We then decided to go to a resteraunt called Deckers. It was a lot like Beacon Drive In back in Victoria. When we got back we had a couple of hours to catch up with loved ones before heading out on our Canada festivities. My dad and I dropped off my mom and sister at the banquet and then toured around some tourist shops. By the time we finished up with that it started to rain. Because we're from the west coast and can handle a little rain, we decided to stick to our plan and check out the events at Victoria Park and meet up with my grandparents. It was good for a while but it started to rain harder and they started cancelling some events. My grandparents and I called it quits after that. Missed the fireworks 😕

30 June 2017

Today was the first dance competition of the Canadian series. I placed 8th in my sword. Nicola placed 8th in her flying, 5th in her sword, and 8th in her Sean Tribhus. We decided to go back to the house to rest up before the opening ceremonies. After the opening ceremonies, we walked to a pub. Tomorrow is Canada day!!

29 June 2017

Today was registration day! Nicola and I stood in line for 2 hours to get hoodies and after that we toured around a little before dinner. Dinner was at a place called Water Prince Corner Shop. The food was alright but not as good as the night before. At 8:00, we had a choreography practice. Tomorrow is day 1 of the competition and it starts at 8:00am so it'll be an early morning.

28 June 2017

Once we got off the plane, we picked up our rental car and drove to our house. It is the cutest little house and the owners are so nice! It's an old heritage house that's over 100 years old and the locations not bad either (other than the fact there's a mysterious biker club next door). The owners offered to show us around Charlottetown once we settled in. Then we decided to grab some groceries at Walmart. We were all exhausted from travelling so we decided to pick up so Tims on the way. While we were at Tims, there was a huge thunderstorms so we sat and stormwatched for a while. Tomorrow is registration day at the competition.
Forgot to write in Toronto for 2 reasons: my plane ride was not the nicest to my stomach and we had to wait for an hour on the plane at the terminal because the bridge wasn't working. We thought we were gonna miss our connector but, funny enough, after unboarding the plane we found out that was the plane to take us to Charlottetown.
And we're off! Just waiting to board the plane. The flight goes from Victoria to Charlottetown with an hour layover in Toronto. Next update from Toronto