North America, Asia · 33 Days · 11 Moments · August 2017

Julia's Abenteuer in Canada

5 September 2017

Going south on a 7 hour crazy ride in the jeep. Sometimes I didn't know if my organs where still in place. Most bumpy ride ever. But beautiful landscape and a nice lake called khoton lake. Pitched up the tent there for two nights and enjoyed the silence and the peace of this place. On the very last night we even had snow. Plus we got the chance to get to know the lovely hospitality of the nomads. As we just had a driver and no guide we stoped at his relatives houses on the way and we always get invited to drink the tasty milk tea and eat delicious snacks made out of milk.

3 September 2017

Enjoyed another great hike at Altai Tavan Bogd NP to climb up the mountain Malchin to get an awesome view of the glacier. First day we walked 18km with heavy backbags to the base camp then in the next day up to the peak with light bags but we made 6 km and 1000 m altitude. The view was stunning. And we also could have a look to the neighbours China and Russia. After arriving at the base camp we decided to go back down. It was the longest distance we ever walked in one day. But it was worth the pain ๐Ÿ˜€

31 August 2017

After trying to relax in ullanbataar we went to West Mongolia ( olgii) and stayed to days in a eagle hunting family. It was a great experience. But also very challenging. You drink out of cups they get washed just with water, you eat food touched by hands after they touched the poo of the cows to fire up the oven and sleep together with the family in one ger. It was like travelling back in time.
Trying to rest from travelling in ulanbataar. Wasn't the best choice. If you wanna visit Mongolia arrive in ulanbataar and then leave for a tour. Half day in the city is enough๐Ÿ˜€. Now leaving to olgii in the West for some hiking and visiting a eagle hunting family.

18 August 2017

Enjoing the last days of our north American trip in the beautiful Olympic national park. Walk through lavendel fields, slept at the beach, with amazing star gazing, shooting stars and slept in the little village forks, where they filmed twilight. After 2 month of nature and wilderness we spend the last 2 days in seattle where we stayed in a lovely family and relaxed before we went off to Mongolia.

15 August 2017

Road trip from Dawson Creek back to the USA. Driving on the famous Alaska highway. 1500 km long and built in 10 month because of the second world war. Impressive if you imagine the circumstances during the winter.

12 August 2017

On our way back to seattle. Crossing desert in carcross, watching wild life next to the street and relaxing at the lake. Next stop gonna be Dawson creek.

11 August 2017

Hiked up on the sheep creek mountain. Was a long way up but the view was worth the pain ๐Ÿ˜€. And we saw a grizzly mom with two cubs...glad we were in the car.

10 August 2017

Road trip from Dawson City to kluane np over Alaska. Beautiful landscape

9 August 2017

Dempster HW. 200 km dirt road. From dawson city to Engineer campground. Made it without a flat tyre and perfect weather. Canada is spoiling us๐Ÿ˜€

3 August 2017

Kanoing on the Teslin and Yukon River. That's a real wilderness experience.