China, Macao S.A.R · 3 Days · 7 Moments · May 2017

2 June 2017

Annnnnnd, that's a wrap. Back to Beijing Till and I go. Macau, you were wonderful.

1 June 2017

Was craving chuar and ordered some to the hotel room--it turned out to be some of the spiciest food that Till or I had ever eaten, and we only ordered the "mildly spiced" one! For that, I give Zhuhai chuar a 10/10.
Enjoying our last night in our hotel; I'm going to miss it's bathtub and reclining bed ☹️
Decided to spend today exploring Macau and ended up just wandering around in the insane heat for 7 miles--it was totally worth it. Along the way, Till and I came across the beautiful Lin Fong Temple, a hidden crematorium inside of a sprawling church, a Coca Cola factory and living spaces made out of cargo containers.

31 May 2017

Made it to the Venetian and have effectively managed to not spend all of our money gambling; win!
Officially in Macau and they driver is on the right of the car???? On our way to the Venetian!
Flew into Zhuhai and crossed the land border into Macau via Gongbei. Nothing could have prepared me for how crazy and wonderful the underground shopping mall/land border known as Gongbei is--I'm still not over it.