United Kingdom · 5 Days · 23 Moments · May 2015

Julia in London (and Norwich)

15 May 2015

Waiting to go home. Last check on the plane ;)
It's been a good week. And my way to the coach station was a great good bye tour passing Buckingham palace.
Good bye :(
Last stroll through London for this trip. On my way to the coach station.

14 May 2015

Shaun the Sheep in London. So cute. And for charity. I love it.
If I hadn't already studied science, I'd be convinced now. #ScienceMuseumLondon
Already loving the Science museum!!
National Gallery earlier. They've got such amazing paintings!
Last full day in London. Off to National Gallery with @mariapersson.

13 May 2015

First impressions of Norwich.
Good morning! Leaving London today for a little trip to Norwich.

12 May 2015

So here's the rest of the day: had lunch at T.G.I Friday's, a short visit to Buckingham Palace and a nice bicycle ride and break at Hyde Park.
BBC broadcasting house tour. That's been fun!
About to go in 😊
Good morning London. On my way to BBC Broadcasting house for a guided tour.

11 May 2015

London at night is so beautiful! Just had to take another stroll round town, even though I'm really tired.
I love my hotel already. Most intelligent room I've ever been to.
Waiting for the bus. It's always weird that I spend mor time on busses on the way to and from the airport than on the actual plane...
Nearly there...
At the Airport
Waiting for my train to the airport 🚋

10 May 2015

All packed and ready to go. One more sleep till I'm flying to London for 5 days. I'm excited and can't wait.