Europe · 5 Days · 5 Moments · November 2017

Jürgen's tour through Geneva, Switzerland

23 November 2017

Day 5. Around yesterday's midnight came idea to visit France. Booked a tickets, 10 euros total. Not bad. Almost 5 h time in the city should be OK! I was so wrong. Crossing border was interesting, every passenger was asked million questions: why, where, where are you staying. At the end I was even surprised they did not want to know my blood group, family three etc. I took my empty pack back with me, I even had to explain why I am having it. So the city itself was amazing and compared to Geneva prices cheap. Sadly all the museums were open after 2 pm and I could not visit all of what I want.

22 November 2017

Day full of sightseeing

20 November 2017

Driving between mountains at night is always good idea. I was thinking Estonian weather is changing every 10 minutes here weather is different after every road corner. Snow, heavy fog, rain everything. Luckyle I got long long sleep next day. After waking up meeting and lunch at UN.

19 November 2017

Vacation day #2 Milano. Day was full of excitement. Because we didn't had a lot of time we visited shortly center of the town, made some shopping and ate proper Italian pizza. Made a new friend, Joy, who was pure joy. Joy is well behaving cavalier king charles spaniel, who loves to travel by metro:) At 6.30 pm E had booked as 2 seats at some car sheering platform. It was very intellectual drive, driver was working in CERN.

18 November 2017

Old dog doesn't learn new tricks! Again 48 h before departure bought my vacation tickets. 1 week vacation only with handluggage, challenge accepted. It is going to be awesome time! First stop Milan. PS my traveling bag is matching Tallinn airport interior:)