Estonia, Poland, Croatia · 7 Days · 8 Moments · May 2017

Jürgen's adventure in Split, Croatia

20 May 2017

Last day in paradise. Evening gone be stormy!

19 May 2017

What a day. Did not had to wake up with alarm clock. Had a good long sleep. Breakfast at the hotel (every day exactly the same food) after that went with two girls from Iceland to the castle. This time bought castle entrance ticket. It was worth the money, view from there was breathtaking

18 May 2017

Last 3 days has been long lectures days. Now one more thing, ending gala and off we go

15 May 2017

Another great day in the paradise. Yesterday I fell a sleep 8.30 pm already. Yeah, I know, I am not in my 20s anymore, 35 h awake was my limit. Back today's story: because of going to sleep so early I woke up 6.30 am. Went to morning swim and had early breakfast. All that done went to explore. Almost 9 km walk in flip flops, another good idea by me:) Visited again Fortica, so nice view up there. Sit and just listen Lana del Ray music from Spotify, great. PS. Swipe to the right or left (it is not a tinder) to see other photos

14 May 2017

Yesterday was easy day, no excitement, everything was scheduled. Lucky me that I read on the plane the paperwork what was sent to me. I was ready to have fun with public transport and get lost, but when I stepped out of the airport transfer was already waiting for me. Entire car just for me:) 30 minutes drive to Split. Got the ferry tickets from transfer and had 3 free h in Split. Not so good if you haven't slept for 27 h. Need some coffee and sightseeing can start. Of course I had to climb to the highest church tower. Another bad idea from my brain. After 3 h went to ferry. About 1 h later arrived to Hvat. Transfer took my luggage, I decided to walk to the hotel and have a shower. After that my brain was like " Dude you are in Hvat, you need to have some fun" and " you haven't slept for 31 h, go to bed". Guess which part won? So after the shower went to sightseeing and climbed to the top of the hill to see some castle and the rest is already a history
Today's morning coffee under the palm trees. 3 more h to enjoy the city and warmth. Otherwise people were looking at me like : "what is that bale thing moving?", " it is so bale, it hurts my eyes", " is he a character from twilight?"
First time flying with our proud and glory - Nordica. Not bad, not bad at all. Seats are comfortable even for giant like me and free seat next to me:) flight departure on time and arrived earlier then scheduled. Perfect, can't compare to one other company what I used recently

13 May 2017

I am ready for my trip! Croatia here I come :)