Europe · 7 Days · 10 Moments · April 2017

Jürgen's adventure in Prague, Czechia

6 May 2017

Sometimes, for example when you turn 30, you manage to get a photo with 3 of your brothers. Making this photo was hard, I guess we haven't grown up yet:) :) Nice day to finish up my vacation

5 May 2017

I feel almost like my cat, who wakes up every day at 5am just for fun. Today's plan, after taking tram - train - bus - plane - metro - tram - ship and taxi, arrive back home in Tallinn. Train to Prague arrives 9 am, plane departure 11 am (~16 km from Prague Central station). Tight schedule, isn't it?

4 May 2017

Day in Brno. Fantastic weather, I could go outside wearing t-shirt, wow. Tried Trdelnik, dessert what is common in this region. I think This dessert name should be " diabetes is calling". There was so much sugar in it, combine with the amount of good coffee I consumed and my calculations are right then I should be awake til 2020. This time went sightseeing alone. BTW, I haven't seen a city where main square has penis statue (look at 3 photo)

3 May 2017

Vacation on full mode. Wake up call 5 am to travel from Brno to Vienna (got out of the bed 5.30 am) . Day started nicely, coffee with "Vana Tallinn". We were like addicts: "how many Compeed blister plasters have you got left?", " Can we shear this plaster, I have scissors" and etc. Vienna was nice, only day when weather forecast was right and it was raining. To be totally honest, I liked Prague and Brno more. Prague is my absolute favorite city:) Only problem, too many people and tourist. Like everybody knows already, I am really tolerant person, I hate everybody equally. Back to Vienna story: Some shopping and sightseeing. By the end of the day we were walking like penguins. Our legs were hurting, our blisters had a blister which had a blister. Day before we had great plan to visit nice Restorant when we arrive back from Vienna. Haha, nope, we only wished to get back to apartment ASAP

2 May 2017

Blisters, blister, blister. it is never good idea to wear new shoes while traveling. Oh the pain and suffering.. Today I walk like a penguin. Now the total blessing feeling, knowing I can sit 3 h in train.

1 May 2017

Fantastic birthday: lots of sightseeing in Prague, I just love this city. Today met with my besty Markéta. Lots of sightseeing, up the hill, down the hill and again up... Oh my poor feet. Day ended with a cake and a small drink :) life is great

30 April 2017

In Estonia I am already 30, here still 29 for 37 minutes. PS. Yes, I bought the most ridiculous thing ever - selfie stick
Finally here! So friendly and cozy city. And no snow! Reception girl was so nice, when she heard that I have birthday tomorrow she invited me for a drink:) if I am lucky would get new room with better view :)
Arrived to Helsinki, I got new ticket, 5+ h more waiting.
It was snowy last days of april and I was driving to work. My hands and toes were frozen. In April? What was the story about climate change? Was Trump telling the truth? Then was the moment when I decide, 48 h before departure, to book tickets to anywhere. This time anywhere was Czech. Can't wait... Then the fun begun: 6h before departure my first flight was postponed almost 5 h so I missed my next flight :) My first flight starter later then my second flight arrived to Prague. To be continued, my 20 minutes flight to Helsinki is over...