Australia, Hong Kong S.A.R. · 8 Days · 31 Moments · November 2017

Judy's tour through Hong Kong

14 November 2017

Today we board the ovation of the seas RCI on a repositioning cruise from Hong Kong to Singapore stopping in Vietnam 🇻🇳 and Bangkok on a 10 day adventure
You will see animals from All over the world at ocean park - the entire park is spotlessly clean and the animals are kept in great enclosures - Hong Kong has a fantastic breeding program for endangered species

13 November 2017

Finished off the day with a visit to a large Starbucks coffee ☕️ shop which has a special bar with a coffee master who is specialised in making unique coffees using syphons or pour overs - you can't be in a hurry the process takes quite sometime
Lunch at the panda cafe at ocean park - we shared a meal - plenty for 2 - cost $208HKD = 35AUD
A little bit of Australia here at Ocean Park Hong Kong 🇭🇰
Ocean park was an amazing day out - open 10 till 6 everyday - get there early to avoid the crowds and do the cable car ride first as the ques are super long later in the day. Amazing views from the cable ride - well worth a visit - easy to get to using the MTR
Local fresh foods in Sheung Wan - just near our hotel - ibis central
Off to ocean park for the day - hoping for less crowds and more personal space today! 😋🤗😝

12 November 2017

Finished off the day with dinner in a Chinese restaurant just a few blocks away from our hotel. The place was packed with locals which is good sign that the food is good. Certainly a good feed for only $20 AUD
This evening we took a tram tour of HK island - very interesting - lots of sights to see and best of all we got to take the weight off our feet for an hour or so.
Back on the train again - this time heading back to Kowloon to check out the ladies markets. Here you get to try out your best bargaining skills and hopefully find yourself a bargain. We had a great time here - well worth a visit
The Peak, Hong Kong's most popular attraction is more than just stunning vistas or great shopping and dining. It's an amazing collection of unique must-visit attractions, providing you with a diverse fun-filled experience of Hong Kong's living culture. Getting to the Peak by the Peak Tram is an unforgettable experience. One of the world's oldest and most famous funicular railways, the tram rises to 396 metres (about 1,300 feet) above sea level. It is so steep that the buildings you pass look like they are leaning a gradient of between 4 to 27 degrees. The fabulous vista has been further enhanced by the 2006 revitalisation of one of Hong Kong's most striking landmarks,The Peak Tower. Unfortunately today was not one of those days where you could see the city of HK from the peak. Rain and low cloud made the view totally non existent. Still we can at least say we have ridden the historical tram to the top. Lunch at bubba Gumps at the Sky Terrace 428 was a nice way to finish off the visit
Sheung Wan fresh food market was a great experience- looking thru the lives of locals - all kinds of fresh fish, poultry and meats. Nothing goes to waste - every bit of the produce is used
Quick stop at the queen street rest garden - a local garden in a street full of busy markets. Watching locals doing tai chi is always a relaxing experience

11 November 2017

A Symphony of Lights is a famous laser lights and music show in Hong Kong. It is presented by the Hong Kong Tourism Commission through organizing 44 skyscrapers and landmarks that lie on the sides of the Victoria Harbour. Through interactive lighting and music show, it shows the vibrancy and glamorous night view of the city. The local Tourism Commission initiated the project A Symphony of Lights in 2004, and it was formally included in the "Guinness Book of World Records'' as the world largest lighting and music show on Nov. 21, 2005. The night view along the beaches of Victoria Harbour is a famous attraction. Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula are full of high-rise buildings so at night, the lights blaze so magnificently and so beautifully around the harbor.
Kowloon - crazy super busy both day and night - loads of high end shopping here - seems to be that people living here in Hong Kong love to buy $$$ designer labels . Have to say I'm glad we are not staying in this part of Hong Kong as the crowds would drive me crazy
The Hong Kong Bird Market known as the Yuen Po Bird Garden is another one of those little charming corners of the city, full of local flavour and highly entertaining for kids. ..
The Flower Market is where people in Hong Kong go to buy auspicious plants, especially at Chinese New Year. There is. Seemingly endless array of all types of flowers to choose from.
Sky 100 - great views of Hong Kong- the ride up to the 100th floor takes 1 minute and you can't feel any movement. Due to the constant smog which surrounds the city I would doubt you would ever see a sunset - still it was a good experience to see the city from such heights
Kowloon park - a peaceful sanctuary in the middle of a crazy busy city - gorgeous walks with ponds, fountains and a Well kept avairy. So glad we stumbled by this place. Love it when you just find places that were never on your itinerary!
Rode on the MTR to Chai Wan to the Harley store of Hong Kong - the store was small by Harley standards but staff very friendly - purchased a few souvenirs then back on the train to tour Kowloon. The MTR is such a great system of public transport - very efficient and easy to use.
Local markets on Lantau island. Fish bladders are a delicacy here!
Ngong Ping Cable Car is a visually spectacular 5.7km cable car journey, travelling between Tung Chung Town Centre and Ngong Ping on Lantau Island. Visitors are greeted by stunning panoramic views of the Tian Tan Buddha Statue, South China Sea - upgrading to a crystal cabin was an added bonus!

10 November 2017

A big day at ngong ping yesterday - the big Buddha sitting 34 metres high - 268 steps up to the top - a visit to the po Lin monastery - a boat tour of the tai o fishing village checking out the 300 houses on stilts and then dinner at the Tai O heritage hotel built in 1902 - ended the day with a stop at a beach at Cheung Sha then headed home exhausted and ready for bed.
Long long long que for the cable car at ngong ping and that's with a VIP pass - glad we are not in the regular que!! Standing in the sun is stifling hot and that's in the winter! Would not want to try it in the summer! Looking forward to our afternoon sunset tour!
Trip to Lantau island - using our octopus card we navigated our way through the city - the trains are quick, clean and efficient - luckily we gave used the NYC subways numerous times so the hing Kong system was not a problem to figure out. it's a 40 minute ride out to Lantau island - along the way there is. Never ending stream of skyscrapers which accommodate locals living in this highly populated city - the city is surrounded by low level smog - another indicator of how populated Hong Kong is.
Breakfast at the Ibis before heading out for the day
Waking up in Hong Kong - this is the view from our hotel room. Could never get sick of this!

9 November 2017

After checking in at our hotel we decide to walk around the local streets and get a feel for the "real"!Hong Kong. The streets are a mix of the old and new. Modern Skyscrapers surround the city and the narrow streets are lined with small shops selling all types of wares. Then there are the big department stores and high end fashion stores all mixed in together. The streets are busy and feel very safe. We find a small Korean fast food shop that is jammed packed with locals - we figured it must be good - so that's where we settled for our dinner. Turned out to be a great choice and excellent value too. HKD 136. Never thought we would be eating Korean food on our first night in Hong Kong but it worked well for us. Can't wait to see more of this great city!
On time flight - perfect day for a new adventure - scheduled to arrive in Hong Kong at 4.30pm local time. Food was not only edible it was actually superb - along with some good strong alcohol the entire 8 hour journey over the equator was comfortable and quite manageable. Arriving on time in King Kong we quickly navigated our way around the terminal To pick up our octopus card (for public transport) then caught the airport express to central Hong Kong. The airport express is a clean and efficient way to get to central in only 24 minutes. On arrival at central we then got a free shuttle to our hotel. We are staying at the ibis hotel on the 25th floor and have a magnificent view of the harbour. The room is adequate for the two of us. At just over HKD 6000 - the hotel is reasonably priced at Hong Kong standards - breakfast and late checkout is also included.
Waiting to board our qantas flight to Hong Kong -