United States of America · 11 Days · 40 Moments · July 2018

Judy's adventure in United States of America

24 July 2018

We are on the ground in Memphis! Lord give us safe travel on the road home to Alamo ! I am thankful !!
Coming Home! I miss my loved ones. You could offer me the best place in the best part of the world but it would not be in a place were JAE says” We have bones in the ground” and I would still choose my beloved Crockett County. There is nothing like a trip away from home to make you thankful for your home. I loved Oregon and I truly appreciate its beauty but Home is Home and it is beautiful to me!
Winery in Willamette Valley! There are more than 600 wineries in this valley. All of them are within a 30 mile radius. So many grapes being grown. It’s just beautiful! It’s also been neat to watch along the way the harvest

20 July 2018

The view from our room for the night!
Look at this awesome Color palette!
Our long hike to the sea!
Whale watching! My hand is on the jaw bone of a Gray Whale. The other picture are dune buggy trails
Umpqua River flowing into the Pacific Ocean!

19 July 2018

Made it to the TeePee! JAE is not so sure about this. I was in charge of booking accommodation for tonight. We are only about 7 miles from the Pacific Coast. We watched the Coquille River run backwards. When the tide comes in from the ocean twice a day it causes the current to go in the opposite direction. Brackish water is when salt water and fresh water mix.
Only this man would stop to touch and explore a pyroclastic flow. ( would have been 100 degree Celsius flowing during a volcanic irruption) Picking up a rock feels like picking up a feather. Best field trip ever!
Goodby Crater Lake! Until we meet again !
One of the greatest things about travel is the people you meet along the way. So many different nationalities and life stories . We really deep down all are the same. Our friends Karen and Al Rubinfield.
Starting at 4:30 this morning until 6:00. Good morning!

18 July 2018

Our last night here at Crater Lake. Tomorrow we head West for more adventure. Pray for JAE he has not been feeling good!
So many pics from today’s hike! The sights, the sounds and the smells oh my!
More pictures from hike. The water was so cold! The sounds of the water and the birds just so peaceful. You never hear a car or highway noise. It’s just nature!
Our hike today was at wildflower Crest. None of these pics that I have been taking have a filter. That’s how beautiful it really is.
Chipmunk in the lodge looking for a snack!

17 July 2018

Exploring the Rim of Crater Lake! 30 miles of beautiful scenery. At every stop there was a different perspective the like. We saw phantom ship, all views wizard.
Mt.Scott, wildflowers in the Pumice desert. It’s great having your own tour guide and geomorphologist. JAE is educating me on climate, land forms, Indians, Lewis and Clark , how volcanos make mountains , how timber is cut, elevation, ski bowls, snow fall, snow removal , rock formation, the mineral make up of rocks, plateaus, valleys , basalt forms , Cinder cones the spotted owls etc etc. TeeHee.
Water Fall along the way ! Water was so cold! The sound and smell so peaceful and fresh .
Coffee and 65 degrees at Crater Lake ! I am very thankful for this opportunity!

16 July 2018

First Pics

15 July 2018

OMGoodness !!!! 1400 acres of Lavender! Unbelievable !
Timberline Lodg! Unseasonably warm on Mt. Hood today! 83
A Rosegarden I found planted by the Bonneville dam
Bonneville Dam I have never seen such raging water . JAE said this Dam was hated by the EPA because it messed up the Salmons natural way of swimming up stream to lay eggs. They have not installed “Fish ladders” to help with the problems.
Mammoth Fall
A few ideas to get us by! American Airlines lost our luggage. Ugg

14 July 2018

First Class makes JAE a happy man! Lots of room for long legs. He can not stop thinking about the town of Alamo. Working on a Sat and on vacation! 🧐🙄
Plane Delayed so we will miss our fight out of Dallas to Oregon! JAE figuring it out!
On my way to see this beautiful sight. I have dream of this for many years!
JAE enjoyed his pat down !