North America, Europe · 13 Days · 23 Moments · September 2017

Hank and Judy's River cruise adventure

5 October 2017

Pics of our last night out. I'm the car, on the way home enjoying some LA smog. Great trip for sure!
The day is winding down in Amsterdam. We leave at 530 am for the airport. The picture of Hank and the Dondanville's in front of our hotel.

4 October 2017

Yesterday we began to explore Amsterdam. There are a ton of bikes as you can see. We leave the ship this morning for our last night at a nearby hotel.

3 October 2017

Did a bike tour of Cologne today. A great way to see the non touristy side of the city. 25% of the city is devoted to parks and green space. Tonight was Captains dinner. Tomorrow we will be in Amsterdam for our last night on the boat.

2 October 2017

Cruising on the Rhine with castles on all sides. Up until now the scenery has been very spartan and industrial. This is amazing. It's a bit chilly so we are on the top deck covered in blankets. Hard to keep our eyes open, it's very cozy.
This morning we took a gondola up to the top of the mountain in Rudershein. A charming German town where we sampled the local fare, not all of it good.

1 October 2017

Docked in Rudersheim last night. More later
We toured Heidelberg this morning. After the tour we had about an hour to meander around. Though normally on a Sunday the town is shut down, today there was an outdoor festival with various food vendors. So, at Bills request here are some food pics. Hank is having a pork sandwich fresh from the pig on the spit. We also sampled the local tartlet which is a very thin crust with ham and a soft cheese. Very good
More pics of Heidelberg

30 September 2017

Today we started In Strasberg France on a 13 mile bike tour through the city but also off the tourist path. After dropping the bikes, we went back to town to wander around. We leave here tonight at 11:30 for Mannheim Germany.

29 September 2017

Cruising to Strasbourg. Sitting on the top deck drinking a lager watching the banks of the Rhine river
Our first night of cruising and we went through a total of four locks. It was super interesting the first time but in the middle of the night it was very loud. We woke up this morning to have another river boat tied up to either side of us. In other words when we opened the shade we were looking into another persons room.
Today we toured Riquewihr in Germany. Small quaint town though way too many busses and tourists, like us.

28 September 2017

We are checked in!
Today we toured Basel. We didn't have much time but we managed to climb up the tower of St George. Many, many steps and very cramped for the likes of Hank. We dined on hot dogs in pretzel bread, delicious!

27 September 2017

Yesterday we took the gondola up the mountain. Amazing views of the alps. Quintessential Switzerland with the sounds of cow bells from grazing cows in the valley. We spent the afternoon shopping in Lucerne and visited a small museum with an amazing Picasso collection along with Renoirs and Monets. We are off to Basel today and board the boat after a tour of the city.

26 September 2017

Yesterday we toured the city of Lucerne. A drizzly day but still amazing our hotel is beautiful. The one picture is of the ceiling. We are now off on our gondola ride up one of the mountains.
Meandered via bus to lake Lucerne. A beautiful drive if only we could stay awake. We are cruising over the lake now...amazing

25 September 2017

We had an official tour of Zurich followed by a bus trip to the Rhine falls. Ended the day with drinks and dinner. Today we are off to Lucerne

24 September 2017

Meandering the city.
First photo is a view from our hotel. We walked around old town Zurich which has charming side streets where we got a bite to eat. The town is pretty much shut down as it's Sunday. Tomorrow we go on a tour of the city

23 September 2017

Our seat on the flight to Zurich is less than ideal though you may have guessed.
Doesn't he look excited? We are off to NYC, then Zurich. A good start, the middle seat is open.