Europe · 69 Days · 83 Moments · June 2017

Juanita's tour through Italy

23 August 2017

15 August 2017

Saying goodbye was bittersweet. But coming home is really the best thing ever. I feel like Dorthy.... Gelato in the airport before coming come...

14 August 2017

Montefalco and Brivania
Goodby to everyone!
Ancona !

13 August 2017

Split! And waiting for the Ferry back with my sweet friends and the sweetest couple in the world! The ocean is so amazing here too I wish I could take it with me. So glad I got to come back and go swimming in it again, even it lad it was only for a little while.
So happy to be going home. Last day this morning woke up and walked up the mountain. Such a beautiful place for God to give peace.

12 August 2017

Playing games and visiting a drug rehab program

10 August 2017

Taking the Ferry to Split ! Back in Beautiful Croatia to continue on our trip!

9 August 2017

Here I go with a big group of Italians to Medjugorje
Perugia the beautiful city on a hill

8 August 2017

Back in Rome! My train did not leave till late so took a walk to the Trevi Fountain! Had to throw a coin in before I left !
Dubrovnik, beautiful city.

4 August 2017

Croatia 🇭🇷 Oceans and beaches and camping like two grandmas

3 August 2017

A goodbye typical Italian breakfast, cappuccino and a correneto

1 August 2017

Tonight was a wonderful send off !! Love all my Italian friends . Also included a few pictures from an area above Assisi
Walking in Assisi , and a nice rest outside the gate

30 July 2017

Birthday party in the mountains for Nona !

29 July 2017

Singing in Armenzano for a wonderful festival tonight. I sang two songs under the stars ✨ . It was wonderful.

28 July 2017

A beautiful little church where the group of young people from Poland stayed .

27 July 2017

A wonderful night dancing an singing after a long day looking at holy sites and at the cities ruined by the earthquake last year .
Norcia, the birthplace of Saint Benedict all in ruins.
Church of Saint Laurence
Santa Rita
We go to Casica today , where Saint Rita was in a convent .

25 July 2017

Walking through the stations of the cross at Saint Giovanni Rotunda
Back at Padre Pio, there are stations of the cross on the road.
Stopped for a pick nick lunch and of course finished it off with a coffee at a local restaurant . Then went to Saint Michael the Arc Angel mountain and church. Make sure if you go to see the grotto where they hear confessions, the painting in there is very beautiful.
First part of our Padre Pio trip.

24 July 2017

Back in Afrile and here comes the rain ! Leave early in the morning to go to Padre Pio
Made American Chocolate Chip cookies aka American biscotti with my sweet Chiara.
Breakfast this morning at a monastery with paintings on the walls from the 1400!

23 July 2017

Dinner get together with friends from church
Well if my name was Saint Frances, I would definitely got to where I slept through a big pile of rocks ...

22 July 2017

Went to an Italian Wedding today...
Some days you just play with kids .... and take walks in the Piazza

20 July 2017

Beautiful day back in my mountain, Afrile. A hot afternoon but we had fun watching the boys play football and enjoying the mountain air.
A beautiful impromptu lunch of clams and pasta ! I love how the table set matched the dish !

16 July 2017

Hiking at a waterfall ! It was beautiful! About 4.5 mile hike 😊
Lunch with friends!

15 July 2017

Today was very nice , had a lovely lunch with my friend , was able to go to mass this evening and even went to the store ! Only got the essentials... Nutella and tuna , for those days when I need something sweet , and for when I need some protein 😁

14 July 2017

Beautiful birthday party in the mountains!
Having too much fun with the espresso machine !! Very blessed by the beautiful sweet family that I am staying with this week and their four children . They are right in the middle of the old city next to the main square 😁😄😃😀

13 July 2017

Changed locations tonight, my sweet family came with me and we all had dinner together and then went for a walk in the square for gelato !

11 July 2017

Lunch and climbing a mountain
Made an American breakfast for everyone today! It was a hit!

9 July 2017

Mountain monteluco where Saint Frances of Assisi had his first monastery

8 July 2017

Walk up the mountain for a benefit concert for Africa
Bescamella con olio and salmon.

7 July 2017

Relaxing day in the mountain .

6 July 2017

Spoleto film and arts festival , met an artist Cosimo and talked about Jesus. Experienced an art production of the Apocalypse. It's a sign of the times ...

5 July 2017

A evening trip to Perugia after a relaxing afternoon studying and in the hammock
Making rice salad. Homemade mayonnaise, boiled egg, tuna fish, mixed olives and picked little baby onions , celery and tomatoes. This is a typical dish here as I have had about four variations of it, usually all with tuna fish in it. Not what you think of typical Italian restaurant food but definitely a healthy easy staple around here !

4 July 2017

Beautiful little convent of the Sisters of Charity. ( I think that is what they are called ) lovely ladies praying the Our Father, hopefully I will be able to get to spend some time with them later in my trip 😊.
Rome! The Coliseum and ruins. Walked around and saw all of the touristic stuff.
Sweet little garden behind the church, definitely worth the 3 euros to get in, very peaceful and it has a bathroom in there !
Saint John Laterine . Beautiful church with the chair of the Pope in it.

2 July 2017

Dinner Party with friends ! The typical Torta Al Testo form the region. Dinner did not start till 8:30 pm and we did not leave till midnight ! Tried my hand at making a 'watermelon dress' but my models kept running away !

1 July 2017

The drives here are beautiful

30 June 2017

Not everyday is some great adventure. Today was a sweet day filled with rain and homework and playing and making deserts !

28 June 2017

A sweet surprise birthday party for a friend from church right down the road from The Basilica of Saint Mary of the Angels.
Mass and confession at the Basilica of Saint Mary of the Angels in Assisi. A beautiful church with the little church inside that Francis of Assisi and his brothers would pray in. The last pictures are of the little doves and the rose garden at the side where it is said that the Lord encouraged Saint Frances in a time of great faith.

27 June 2017

26 June 2017

Whet biking in the evening! Shopping for books and papers ! Such a wonderful way to get around when the weather is nice ! I wish there were more places in my town that I could ride, had not ridden a bike in almost 16 years ! So it has been a lovely discovering that I like it so much!
We got our nails did

25 June 2017

Stopped for a " little, fast , dinner " , stayed one and a half hours and had this little feast. 😊. The Ricotta was fresh and typical to the region. I learned that every region makes their bread differently, this bread had salt in it. The meal consisted of olives stuffed with meat and fried in bread crumbs, and "old cheese " baked with mushroom on top with some balsamic vinegar and pomegranate on top
Concert on the mountain to raise awareness of the cities that need to be re-built from the earthquake in October 2016

24 June 2017

Football match... we won!
Confirmation for the children of Folingo , it was like a party inside the church !
Celebration of Saint John the Baptist feast day .

23 June 2017

A beautiful afternoon in the mountains at the family house. Everything is wonderful here. Fruit trees, nuts vegetables. The produce grows big and the children too.

22 June 2017

One of the most beautiful places in the world San Damiano, the little church that Saint Frances built ...
The view from the school

21 June 2017

Dinner with friends!

19 June 2017

A simple dinner with family. Soup, tomatoes and cheese, prochuto and melon !
Exploring in Florence
My friend Sara got her degree in restoration. One of her friends is working on this project restoring this painting, takes a lot of work and a lot of knowledge. We got to see it in progress before the public! How lucky am I! The lighter part that looks like it has a bright light shining on it is the restored part .

17 June 2017

Our trip to Spello the views driving are wonderful!

16 June 2017

Quintana ! The yearly celebration where the different regions in Umbria have a competitive Joust , a parade and everyone is dressed in historical costumes. I felt like I went back in time and was in a Three Musketeers movie !! The last picture is of Pappa Franco and sweet little Margarita , the grandpa and the little girl of my family that I am staying with. 😊. We had a wonderful time and a late night !
Made it safe and sound to Italy 🇮🇹! My friend picked me up at the train station then we went to Mary Major in Rome for a quick rest while waiting on my train for Folingo! The weather if very hot today! I think o brought the heat with me from Texas ! But thank God it does not have the humidity that Texas has 😋.