North America, Asia · 9 Days · 90 Moments · August 2017

Juanita's adventure in Indonesia

20 August 2017

My dinner on the flight from lax to austin! Lol!
Best western
My breakfast

19 August 2017

Arrived @ lax airport & now taking best western shuttle to best western hotel where we will stay the night & rest & then our delta flight is @ 5 pm to austin
Watched this movie on flight from Taipei to lax
Breakfast on the flight from Taipei to lax
I finished reading this book! It was great!!
Snack on the flight from Taipei to lax
Dinner on the flight from Taipei to lax was grilled chicken & pasta noodles (like long egg noodles) with tomato based sauce, almond cookie, fruit, coleslaw like side dish with tomato & cucumber on the side & bread roll
Dinner on the flight to Taipei was grilled chicken & pasta, fruit, mango pudding, & bread roll

19 August 2017

Our flight is delayed 😞
Jumbo jets-Thai airlines
Off the the airport! Headed back home! Vacay over 😞 but it will be good to see my kiddos, dog (baron) & my mom & cousin, & aunt! 😊👍
On Friday night, Mark ate a chicken dinner & I was able to eat the Bubur Ayam. We finally found a restaurant that served this particular ethnic food! It was also so delicious! 😋
Mark & I's breakfast
fruits that are grown or commonly eaten in Indonesia is Nangka (jackfruit), , Kelengkeng, Manggis (mangosteen) And if you want native desserts, it's called Jajanan Pasar. We ate these fruit & desserts 😋 delicious 😋 we finally found the dessert from a boy on the street selling them! Just by chance we found the dessert! Everyone told us that we would have to go to a special market @ 0400 -0600 am to get this special dessert! But we got lucky & found it! 😊🍀
Some ethnic foods to try: Nasi Goreng (Indonesian fried rice), Bakmi Goreng (Indonesian fried noodles), Martabak, Sate, Bubur Ayam. We ate all of these foods! They were delicious 😋 we got lucky to find the chicken martabak! We had to walk all over these side streets & everyone was telling us so many different directions & we walked all over! Finally we found a restaurant that sold the chicken Martabak! And it was so worth the tremendous effort to find this particular food since it was so delicious! I thought that this food was the best bali food that I ate! 😊👍

18 August 2017

My henna tatoo from Bali! An elephant!
me getting a henna tatoo in bali while relaxing on the legian beach right in front of our hotel-legian beach hotel
we found out why the water is cold on bali since it is winter in australia so that is why the water is cold here in bali!
My breakfast today
Mark's mocha
this is a video about bali that mark had to pay for admission to padang padang beach & this video was free then
the crazy thing there was an old airplane in some lot in the city. we saw it driving to ulu watu but i couldnt ask driver to stop but i really wanted to take a pic to show raghav

17 August 2017

Eating dinner & warung kampung-squid, chicken, & shrimp-special Indonesian dishes 😊😋
Today Visited seminyak beach & legian beach where our hotel is & 2 Balinese temple & grocery store to try native Balinese fruit-mangosteen & kelengese. Bought some sarongs too! Balinese shorts & pants & got my hair braided too 😊👍 great day!
I had the hair braiding here @ bali
my breakfast this morning

16 August 2017

Dinner @ new matahari cafe-seafood galore with miso soup, rice & vegetables! So delicious!
Went to ulu watu temple & saw a Kecak -unique Balinese dance where there are no musical instruments but instead there is a chorus of 70 men who imitate the sounds of musical instruments, tell the story, & provide sound effects. The name kecak comes from the chattering cal-cal sounds of the chorus. This dance encorporates part of the Hindu epic Ramayana.
Mark & I went to Padang Padang beach & blue fin beaches today! Beautiful views!
My breakfast this morning!

15 August 2017

The Balinese dancing
We watched Balinese dancing @ pura Dalem in ubud! 🤗
We ate dinner @ Borneo 8 -Indonesia, Chinese food & seafood! 🤗 I ordered fried rice & fried noodles & mark ordered chicken satay & grilled chicken & fried rice 🤗
We saw the rice fields also
Saw wood carving @ mas! Beautiful!!
The monkey Sacred forest- monkeys galore everywhere! Got lots of pics!
There are no monster low calorie energy drinks so instead mark bought me Coke Zero soda
Breakfast buffet was humongous it had an upstairs for crepes, waffles, & pancakes! Mark & I had so much to eat! The possibilities were endless! So delicious! Homemade omelet, snake fruit, passion fruit, banana, vegetable egg roll & samosa, tiny circular veggie omelette, Chinese fried rice, spicy tofu, yogurt, wheat toast, croissants, pretzel Bread, wheat roll, potatoes, meuseli, cashews, dried pineapple & dried apricots, prunes, raisins, porridge, coffee, tea, just to name so of the food that we ate & mark ate chocolate & apple pastries & bacon & chicken sausage.
Woke up this morning & it is raining! Luckily the hotel provides umbrellas & we brought rain jackets

14 August 2017

For dinner mark & I ate @ a Sarang -chicken satay, chicken fried noodles & chicken with coconut milk & rice & chips. Delicious! 😊
Bali tips
Legian beach in Bali
Legian beach hotel
Legian beach hotel
Arrived safely in Bali
On the flight from Taipei to Bali mark & I ate grilled chicken with pasta, carrots, apples, coleslaw & sun moon lake black tea layers cookie which was delicious
On the flight from Taipei to Bali I watched gone girl with Ben affleck
Mark got coffee from illy coffee shop & bought use mixed nuts as a snack here @ Taipei. Soon we will be boarding our flight to Bali
Landed safely in Taipei Taiwan. Now our next stop will be Bali
For breakfast I ate omelette, potatoes, broccoli, banana. I gave my strawberry yogurt & sausage to mark. Mark ate pork & shrimp noodles
on the flight to taipai i have a window seat & am sitting 1 row behind the plane's wing on the left hand side. beautiful view of the clouds. We are flying Chinese airline 777
on the flight to taipai the snack was mixed snack crackers & sea salt & black sesame crackers. yummy!
on the flight to taipai i ate grilled chicken with pasta, mixed fruit, coleslaw, small toberlone chocolate, bread roll. it was delicious. Mark ate beef & rice
on the flight to taipai i watched im labrynthines des schweigens -german movie about the holocaust with english subtitles & the grand Budapest hotel movie
on the flight to lax i watched jason osbourne movie
at the lax airport i bought raghav a model united airplane for his airplane collection
on the flight to austin the flight stewardess gave a pair of wings for raghav & on the flight to taipai they gave 2 decks of playing cards (1 with a pic of the pilot & co-pilot & 1 with pic of the flight stewards & stewardess' uniforms) & a creat your own name badge). these are nice treats for raghav

13 August 2017

Arrived safely to lax & next stop is Taipei
eating chicken pizza @ pizza 800 degrees! yummy
Eating pretzels @ my favorite pretzel shop-aunt Annie's pretzels-1 original & 1 garlic & onion! Yummy!
At the austin airport with mark McKnight going to be flying to lax. So excited!