North America, Europe · 13 Days · 28 Moments · September 2016

J.R. & Suman's odyssey through Scandinavia

21 September 2016

Hangouts with a swede in London!

18 September 2016

Fika! Need to figure out how to make these cardamom buns (bulles) at home!
Hangouts with Patrick + fam, and Sophie 👪💃🏼

17 September 2016

34 years old and I finally get my first wallet!
Food food and more food. #södermalm #sofo

16 September 2016

Smoked reindeer heart FTW!!! One of the better dishes of the trip. Tasted like a deeper flavored and smoked summer sausage. The lingonberries and cream/cheese on it was really nice. Those grilled artichokes were delicious as well.
Full mooniversary!
Sunset beer atop the Gondolen bar. Ridiculous view of the city.
Trip to Saluhall. One of the European style markets here. The main one (in the picture) is under renovation frontal years so they built a temporary hall that is incredibly nice. Some random pics from the stalls. Tons of fun finds.
Love this. Older guy in a suit with a longboard. Might even be one with the electric motor?
Saluhall part two.
Just got to the market and these real live Lingoberries are looking awesome.
I'd be down to ride coach..if it was on this thing.

15 September 2016

This neighborhood feels like a mix between NYC and SF. Low buildings and cool architecture. Packed with restaurants, parks, bars, shops etc. #södermalm
Not only do they have style but they also have great coffee taste!
Our Airbnb in Stockholm! Tres Chic!!! Effortlessly cool everywhere.
Awesome portable cafes everywhere in Scandinavia! Right out of the metro stop by our Airbnb here.
Sweet chairs on the train into the city.
Just landed in Stockholm!

14 September 2016

Waterfalls along Fläm Railway
Fjords of Norway, and some fish curry on the way!

13 September 2016

Mount Flöyen hiking :)
Fish for days 🦀🐠🦀🐋#bergen

12 September 2016

Canal tour, including Nyhavven and the lil' mermaid.

10 September 2016

Caught the sunset at a random pond. Wish we had some Carlsberg..

8 September 2016

Only prep done for trip... Ensuring "someone" doesn't get hangry