United States of America · 5 Days · 14 Moments · October 2017

Lake Livingston State Park

27 October 2017

Goodbye Lake Livingston State Park. We had so much fun!!
We awoke to a cool, cloudy, windy morning with intermittent rain.

26 October 2017

We made it back to camp in time for sunset and to start grilling our steaks!
After lunch we made a quick trip to Walmart to purchase two steaks to grill tonight. When we returned we decided to go on a hike. We had two maps and the hike started out well, but then we decided to go past a barricade. Big mistake! The “trail” was almost impassable and finally disappeared. We were worried about finding our way out before dark. Obviously, we made it. Quite an adventure!
Another beautiful day and a relaxing morning. We attempted to go kayaking, but it was too windy. No kayaking is allowed when there are white caps on the lake😢

25 October 2017

Cute trailer lights and a warm campfire. Goodnight!
A beautiful sunset, a cozy trailer, and a “cute old man” cooking fajitas.......heaven😊
More photos from our hike...
Today is another beautiful day. This morning we hiked all over the park on the trails. We had a picnic lunch and then hiked back to the trailer by 2 pm. I carried a 20 to 30 pound backpack to build strength and Pops got some good exercise for his knee. When we got back, I went to the ranger station and extended our stay by a day. We were able to get our same site so we don’t have to move. We needed one more day outside in this beautiful weather!

24 October 2017

A wonderful day in the park....cool winds, bright sunshine and sparkling blue skies!!! Thank you, God, for this beautiful world.
We left the park for a short time around noon and drove to a retro diner in Coldspring for greasy burgers, grilled ham and cheese, and delicious white and sweet potato fries. Yummy!

23 October 2017

A beautiful sunset!!!
Checked in to site 55 at Lake Livingston State Park. Pops had no trouble parking or leveling the trailer. After we unpacked and set up, we sat back and relaxed. We have a beautiful of the lake from our trailer
On our way to Lake Livingston State Park. It is a beautiful day! Pops did a fantastic job of getting the trailer hooked up and out of storage! He gets faster and more efficient every time.