United States of America · 194 Days · 40 Moments · August 2016

Joy's adventure in Idaho, United States

25 February 2017

Yeah my parents sent me some snacks,miss the pineapple cakes so much, I made some bubbles tea today😍

21 February 2017

Today is my best friend's birthday,she is 16 now🎀 Happy birthday Yuni❤️

17 February 2017

Go swimming with my host dad,it is such a great outdoor swimming pool,love it!The steam room is so cool I want to stay there forever^^
Hang out with friends today, we made some pancake for breakfast, Hannah is so cute🐶

16 February 2017

My beautiful school-Wood river high Wolverine 🐺

5 February 2017

Start Learning CPR and AED just in case✔️ I don't want to be regrettable one day,so I'll keep this note with me all the time.

29 January 2017

Third meeting in McCall Today we attended a parade and we also sold a lot of beads,after that we went back Pilgrim Cove to prepare the presentation, I volunteered to be first cause I was so nervous,I want to get it done as soon as I can,I was doing alright,I thought it's better than my presentation in Hailey club✔️

26 January 2017

I went skiing today,it's a cool experience but I stuck in the snow for many time,my legs are still sore🐾 My coach is so nice and patient,he said be used to work in CIA,he's been to over 39 countries✌️

22 January 2017

Hang out with Elva today, go to the Thai restaurant on main Street,a relax weekend☘
Women's March in Boise It's a rainy day today,but there was still a lot of people there🇺🇸

19 January 2017

Snow shoeing @Gelena Lodge with mom,Sam and Abby😊the view is amazing!Hope I can take my dad here one day😚 Playing pool and bowling in Sun Valley Lodge!

31 December 2016

The Fauth is my second Host family,they are so nice,I have two Host siblings ,they are Sam and Abby and my host parents are Mary and Daryl,they have two dogs and a kitty,they are Jack , Bailey and Midnight:) 20161231 exchange students in Boise. Happy New Year guys^^ We had a party last night and went shopping this morning,it was a great time hang out with them^^ Tonight, we watched the potato drop together! Happy New Year><it's the best countdown in my life~

24 December 2016

Christmas 😚 I stayed with a family during Christmas break,it was a great time playing Domino's with them, I'm gonna move to the Fauth, I'm kind of nervous😵

14 December 2016

Photos credit to my best friend,Savannah The best photographer in the world!!!

12 December 2016

My flight was cancelled due to weather,he missed his flight lol,so we both stayed with Bill for two days,and today is his birthday,he gets a iphone! Yeah no school today^^ I'm gonna stay with a Rotarian tonight:)

10 December 2016

Florida trip We went to Savannah.Georgia today,it's a old and gorgeous town^^ Today is the last day of the trip,everyone is gonna go back to different states,I cried when we said goodbye😢

8 December 2016

Florida trip The Harry Potter world in Universal studio is amazing ❤️I feel that I'm one of the characters in the movie when I walk around in the Harry Potter world! Love the roller coaster ride and butter beer👅
Florida trip I love Magic Kingdom!The castle there is so pretty,today we went to a Japanese restaurant there,I ordered curry rice with chicken,it tastes great!

3 December 2016

Florida trip 1203-1210 Yeah I'm gonna go to Florida! So glad to meet other exchange student from different countries and districts,there are two Taiwanese students,Sky and Johnny🇹🇼

29 November 2016

Called Yuni today>< We chatted for about 3 hours haha miss each other so much,hope she makes some good friends in her new school :) Math here is so easy for me 😏

25 November 2016

ready for Christmas😚 Christmas tree decorating is so fun,my first white Christmas in my life, Christmas is my favorite holiday,but we don't have any snow in Taiway,so glad I can celebrate Christmas with snow☃️

23 November 2016

It's snowing this morning,Savannah texted me this morning "Joy Lin it's snowing!!!"I got up right away and ran outside,it's so pretty out there,Hailey become more beautiful with snow🎀

18 November 2016

Outbound training in Buhl -2 On our way back to Hailey,feel so sad saying goodbye😢

13 November 2016

Outbound training in Buhl^^ Our first time to meet the outbound students,we played some games and they started to interview,so we went somewhere else 😚Mexican food again😡

31 October 2016

Halloween party>< 1950 👻

27 October 2016

The squad & Drum Line✌️

24 October 2016

Ready for Halloween! Carving the Pumpkin is so interesting^^

20 October 2016

Snow☃️☃️☃️ Got a D on English because I'm too lazy to do homework,but that's alright I'm here for experience 😚at least I pass ✌️

12 October 2016

Book my flight to Ohio for Florida trip ! I'm so looking forward to the trip It'll be my first to go to Disney and universal studios✌️

10 October 2016

Happy national day to my home country,Taiwan 出國後才知道你的好☺️ 🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼

3 October 2016

English homework is so hard😭but I have to get some feedback^^school is getting boring to me...But still like to hang out with friends during lunch time ><

30 September 2016

Homecoming parade🎉 I played with concert band It's a great experience^^ 超酷的在卡車上打爵士鼓✌️

26 September 2016

Mom made a chocolate cake for my birthday,thank her so much it tastes so good!My first birthday in the United States is unforgettable,Savannah and Rosa gave me some presents:)I'm 16 now, I can get a license here 😂 My birthday wish ... 1. My mom and grandma are healthy and happy 2.Have a nice year in the United States and be more independent and outgoing 3.secret♥️

23 September 2016

We are on our way to Boise,tomorrow is shopping time!We went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner,the fried rice there is good but it's too much for me😂

17 September 2016

Go camping with the Mills🎉 It's so cold that I stay up all night,but it's still a good experience to hang out with them,Savannah and Morgan they are so nice❣️ And the foot ball game last night was good but I still didn't understand the rules of it😵

3 September 2016

We are in Ketchum with Paul who is a exchange from Germany,he'll stay with us for about two weeks,today there is a parade and car show in Ketchum,and we go to Sun Valley Lodge after that,it'a fun dayyyy✌️

27 August 2016

D5400 Inbound meeting Ketchum is about 45 minutes from Hailey,today we finally meet the inbound friends from different countries,it's so hard to remember everyone's name>< now I only remember Helena's and Sophie's name,Helena is from Brazil and Sophie is from Belgium,they are both so nice!Oh Helena looks like my cousin so I feel so close to her😊I am so nervous when someone is trying to talk to me, it's so hard to be outgoing,I know I am so quiet today,hope I can be more outgoing tomorrow^^

19 August 2016

We are going to Salt Lake City today,it's such a long drive to get there 😭(6hr),how big is the United States!!! I slept well in the car though^^we are there for Grandparents' 60th anniversary❤️

17 August 2016

They go to school from 8:30 to 3:30 here! It's too short which is good^^today I called my dad,I miss them so much,maybe I need to be more independent >< the weather here is too dry should buy some lotion~

16 August 2016

Can't believe I am here! So proud of myself that I didn't miss any flight ^^ meet my first host family today,mom made roast chicken and Caesar salad,it tastes good but I start missing rice and noodles>< Oh he is my new friend Kensington,he is so cute❣️ I have a host brother Kegan,he is a senior in my high school,he plays the bass in jazz band,I also have a host sister Ashton,but she doesn't live here,hope I can meet her one day:) my host mom Peggy and host dad Kevin,mom has a preschool in Bellevue and dad is a engineering teacher,but I don't meet him today he went to somewhere maybe he'll be back this weekend!