Japan · 3 Days · 21 Moments · October 2016

Unfinished Business in Sapporo....Food!!

9 October 2016

Soup curry restaurant- a must re-visit

8 October 2016

Spicy soup packs a punch!
Lunch at Sapporo Factory, Kura Hokkaido Ramen restaurant

7 October 2016

To sake bar
Kamada Sake Bar - only Sake from Hokkaido are served here
Whiskey bar
Damage for the night
Yakiniku restaurant at Tanukikoji street featuring Shiraoi Beef. Notice each dish garnished with our national flower😊
Nothing like a soft ice cream on a chilly gusty day
Lunch at Nijo Ichiba
Lunch bill @ nijo market

6 October 2016

Light supper before we hit the sack
Happen to walk into a small sake bar owned by former actor in Akita Kurosawa's movies. Awesome! This guy is in his 70s and still working
Meshiba Okami. Overall we'll give it 🍶🍶
Disposable gloves provided lol!
Autumn fish - Sanma. Absolutely delish.
House special- ramen salad with onsen egg
First real meal after 16hours. Nice izakaya near our hotel, 4mins walk
Look! Dial phones behind me so retro!