South Africa · 11 Days · 23 Moments · March 2018

Actions on Solidarity

14 March 2018

For the final visit the group went to Lonwabo School for children with special needs. They heard from the staff about the challenges working with these young people and how the school is changing, both in its pupil make-up and curriculum.
This morning we have visited Hope Factory, an initiative aimed at developing entrepreneurs through leadership development, financial management and business growth. Through supporting entrepreneurs they have created new jobs for local people.

13 March 2018

2nd half of the Evolution of Education network event focused on the future of education. The discussion centred around both formal and non formal education. Together we discussed how organisations across South Africa and Europe can support young people, governments and each other to bring about systemic change.
On our final official day in South Africa we organised and delivered an Evolution in Education network event. The start of the event was about sharing who we are and our passions for education. It was refreshing to see how similar the opportunities were across the two continents. We also discussed our challenges and how we could support each other with tools and resources.

12 March 2018

Vistarus is an initiative working with the community to rehabilitatie and support people who have been addicted to drugs and alcohol. They are doing some good work to get people ready for their futures.
Herbert Hurd

11 March 2018

Sunday morning in PE means a Fathers House experience; is it a rock concert, a cafe and community centre, a comedy show or a spiritual gathering in the name of Jesus? It seems it is all these things and open to all the community looking for faith. It’s a huge warehouse with a theatre type production and offering live streaming of the services. The group met some of the team and the youth minister after and discussed the role of Fathers House and some elements of the work they deliver.

9 March 2018

Discussion with students from Nelson Mandela University about human rights, non-racionalism and democracy with as basis of discussion the poem from a first years student. Athenkosi Salomo, Siphokazi Tau, Sikelela Matandela, Sonwabo Stuurman,Siphokazi Rasana and Liso Magadla
This morning the group visited the Propella incubator and heard about how they support entrepreneurs and work towards having a SMART city. Really interesting to hear about how business can contribute to the wider society and community. They heard from several business owners who came through the Future Makers programme, one with which provides a cloud sales platform and Blent Tech Solutions which has created a security system for local shuttle buses. Propella also showed us a pop-up business space powered by zinc batteries which could be used in townships. Aphelele Jonas Lloyd Ntshobodi Blent Tech Solutions

8 March 2018

Werk_ and Cupboard Love, places that support artists in their practice providing space for selling and production of work. Artist can provide an important way of raising questions in communities and building a creative economy.
EP Childrens Home and Ray Mhlaba Skills Centre is a social intervention project supporting disadvantaged young people aged 18-25 from the childrens home and the local area of PE. The skills centre offer over 120 young people each year; hairdressing, baking, kitchen, hospitality and many other areas of training. Today we supported the project by eating in the café.
This morning the group have been at Chatty High School sharing the Life Skills Living Library. Each member of the group shared their life skills book and took questions from the pupils. It was a really different experience for us to work with such a large group as in Europe we’re user to much smaller group.

7 March 2018

This afternoon the group visited Bethelsdorp church to hear from Marvin about his perspectives on South Africa, it’s communities and some of the possible solutions and challenges.
Sing4Afrika and Sikula Kunye working together with unemoloyed youth in poverty stricken areas getting them computer skilled through computer courses. Mandy and Donnie invited us for a superb lunch at their home. Gaining extra income like real entrepreneurs.
Missionvale care centre as part of the church provide more than 720 people per day with a meal, a food parcel, education, training for growing your own food, medical advice and support for the whole family. We are impressed with all the skills and methods we see, there are lots of opportunities and at the same time so many difficulties such as poverty, anger about the past and inequality.

6 March 2018

The group are visiting the House of resurrection this afternoon. One of Ready4Life’s projects where families with HIV live and have pre school learning to prepare them for primary school.
ABCD workshop from Bernie Dolley from and a solidarity dance workshop from Zaza Harold and Saraye

5 March 2018

Walking through Walmer location (township) when school finishs and a unexpected much appreciated showing around at Masifunde.
Lunch at Bocadillos and to get to know the preparation team Lisa, Jip and Robin from Ready4life.

4 March 2018

Welcome evening on the first night of Actions on Solidarity study visit in PE
Arrival day of Youth workers from Europe for an exiting study visit in Port Elizabeth. Long journeys behind us and many in front of us 😊