Austria · 43 Days · 16 Moments · May 2014

journi Team

journi team - the beginnings

25 June 2014

Up up up! We are always looking for the best views! One of the greatest lookout points in Vienna: bahnorama at the future main train station. Only €2,50 for an adult ticket!

22 June 2014

Fancy a hike? We checked out the hiking and climbing routes around the mountain region "Rax/Schneealm" (only an hour from Vienna)! Most beautiful views in Austria's Eastern Alps!

18 June 2014

Getting ready for our Launch Party tonight at Grelle Forelle in Vienna! Lots of cool journi stuff! Join us :)

17 June 2014

werkzeugH, our favorite place to sit outside after a long day in the office. Cheers!

16 June 2014

We are online in all App Stores around the world! Yihaaaaa :) #letsjourni

13 June 2014

Friday morning team meeting with banana bread, fruits and coffee.

10 June 2014

We are slowly getting ready for our summer in San Francisco #letsjourni

9 June 2014

Bianca also spent the weekend in southern Austria where she is from... relaxing at the lake :)
Hello from Carina's small hometown :) Lots of nature and mountains to explore around Krieglach!

6 June 2014

Found this awesome new concept store in Vienna "Rare Goods"... must-visit in the hipster district "Neubau"!

2 June 2014

Exploring off-the-grid cafes: Cafe Menta at Radetzkyplatz. Super-hip and totally journi team trip worthy!

27 May 2014

We've got sticker AND business cards! We're a real company now, yay!

25 May 2014

Weekend! Time for the zoo <3 Hello polar bears and capybaras (Carina loves capybaras)! In Schönbrunn, Europe's oldest zoo!

22 May 2014

Summer got too hot too fast... Preparing "Eiskaffee", some iced coffee at our coworking space... mmmh ;)

19 May 2014

Is there anything better than starting a day with a Morning run at Prater? You can also come here for a picnic or an afternoon stroll. Vast and beautiful green space in Vienna!

13 May 2014

Yay, This is where it all began! Margareten, Vienna. Welcome to our travels and daily travel startup life (ha, almost the same!) around Vienna! Vienna is aaaaawesome, so #letsjourni Stefan, Bianca, Andi, Chris & Carina