Italy · 2 Days · 17 Moments · May 2017

journi di Anna & Matteo a Napoli

8 May 2017

Walking tour around Napoli.

7 May 2017

The first choice of Matteo for dinner was Amici Miei but Sunday is its closing day, so we decide to go to Locanda N'tretella, a Michelin's Guide recommended restaurant. It's very taste! Good dishes and three fantastic babà deep in liqueur 😋
It seems the sea but it's the underground!
Back in Naples, we taste a Strega's ice cream, a famous liqueur brand.
After lunch we decide to climb Vesuvio. We take a bus in front of the railway station and in 30 minutes we reach the starting point. We walk for half an hour to reach the crater. The view is amazing but there is a strong wind and clouds became our friends 😒
We take a break in a traditional tourist restaurant 😂 to taste the famous polpo salad! Despite the first impression, all clients are locals and the food is good!
We didn't remember that today the museums were free and hundreds of people were in queue to visit the site. We decide to go to eat instead of waiting for hours under the sun 😉
After the initial indecision between Capri and Ercolano, we decide to go to the station, thinking to find Poppella on our way... but Poppella is also in Google Maps 😳... So we decide to go to the Attanasio bakery and it's a win win situation! We try sfogliatella frolla (the tender one). Definitely the best sfogliatella we have ever eaten!
Morning tour around Napoli.

6 May 2017

Great typical fish dinner: polipi in umido, torretta di melanzane alla napoletana, calamaretti fritti e grigliata di pesce 😋🐟🦐🦑🐙🐡
Walking through Spaccanapoli and Via Toledo, we arrive at the sea with a beautiful view of the Vesuvio.
We introduce you SfogliaCampanella! A mix of two traditional Neapolitan's sweets: sfogliatella riccia and babà. It's a sfogliatella with an heart of babà (and a cherry). I love it!
On the road to the hotel, we arrive to Pizzeria Figlio del Presidente. Good pizzas: Napoli and Marinara. It just the beginning! 😋
First stop: Antica Pizzeria da Michele. People waiting: 104 We are too hungry to wait... 😩
Our first public blog! A gourmet journey around Naples!