Argentina · 3 Days · 3 Moments · September 2017

Journi de Rocio a Argentina

15 September 2017

Day 3, we got up at 7:30 we had breakfast, at 9 we went to the hot springs we went to the hot pools and the water slides. at 11 we went to eat and then we went to the last excurcion, then went to buy gifts for the family and at 6 we left for Buenos Aires at 10 we arrived at school and we met our families.

14 September 2017

Day 2, we got up at 7:30 am went to breakfast and ate croissants, then went to a place that explained to us how the rocks were inside and made us go to the beach to look for similar rocks, Brancko who was a coordinator made bread. then we went to eat at another bar we ate breaded with potatoes, then went to the palmar which explained a lot of cosades there were a few games about what we heard and later we went to the hotel to bathe and go to eat, at night we played games and we had fun, later we went to sleep

13 September 2017

Day 1 I got up at 5 in the morning, I changed and I had breakfast, at 5:50 I left my house to go to school. At 6 o'clock we had to be at school because at 6:30 we were going to Between rivers. when it was 8 we got a juice and an alfajor. after breakfast we had a chat as it was going to be the camp. There were 4 coordinators, who explained that I was going to see 3 groups red, green and blue and I belonged to red. the first dusk was the mill, then we went to eat at a bar we ate chicken with pure after there fumes to take a boat that took us to an island, alex who was a coordinator made fire with two sticks, later we did a hike for a forest, later we went to the hotek and we had two hours to bathe, we went to eat at the same bar that we ate at noon. After each went to his room to sleep.