387 Days · 3 Moments · December 2016

2 January 2018

Todas is the last day of the year and I go to my gradmother’s house to nave dinner. Then I eat 12 grapes and I trought flares and confetti.Then I play bóers games whit my family.

27 December 2017

In this day I went to PIN.I went witch Dani and Markel. We sawmAinhoa, Nahikari, Iraide and Nikole in match of basketball. Then I went to Etxebarri and we go to play.

12 December 2016

In 25 of december I went to San Sebastián with my family. It was so good moment becouse I like San Sebastián and we ate in Tedone restaurant.Then I go with my family to a park and then we come to Bilbao I will like to be more time.