Philippines · 13 Days · 12 Moments · November 2018

30 November 2018

Trying out this coffee place near our home. It’s a great place to chill out. Not safe for kids though.

29 November 2018

Tita Belle’s Birthday Party at Nato’s Farm, Alangilan

28 November 2018

Granny And Grandpa, having time with Faith at lunch.
I’m ready for Christmas!!

27 November 2018

A solitary moment on my lunch time. With these amazing menu.

24 November 2018

Grocery time!! This time, Mommy is with us.

22 November 2018

When they sleep. They take all the space. How sad for me.

19 November 2018

Daddy, ooh, aye yo. DunkinDonuts for the Girl!
This is the longest sleep you ever had. I didn’t expect you could sleep this long. I guess you were so tired yesterday. you slept from 2pm - 4pm

18 November 2018

Faith, enjoys the arcade with cousins at the Chinatown Mall. The smile on their faces is priceless.
Faith, enjoys the fountains at our City Plaza. She actually wants to take a bath in it.
Lunh with the family. Burgers and Nacho fries