Singapore · 4 Days · 4 Moments · January 2018

Josh's voyage in Singapore

22 January 2018

Today I walked around the park near Jesse’s house. It was mostly uphill and 90 degrees but nice to get out of the house. I eventually made it to the WWII museum which was cool to hear Singapore’s side of the war, something I never learned about in school. They were bombed and taken over by the Japanese around December 1942. British solderers were interned in camps. After I went to China town saw a big temple and got some food. I got the pork soup with noodles thinking it would be safe but they sprinkled about 40 deep fried anchovies on top giving it an unpleasant taste. I picked out most the fish and washed the rest down with water. Finished off the meal with a banana smoothie. I also got scolded for drinking my smoothie inside the train station. Supposedly it is punishable by a $500 fine but the guy let me off with a warning. Jesse flew to Malaysia for another golf tournament this morning.

21 January 2018

Today I started the morning off watching jesse golf. Today was his last day and ended up finishing par overall beating many big name pros. Sergio Garcia won overall, I shook hands Pat Perez, met Gavin Green, and hung out with the golfers in the players longe. The food was great the last day: sushi, fried chicken, Mac and cheese, and more. After the tournament Jesse was tired and went home so I hung out on the island and went to the man made Beach on Sentosa. It was nice but felt sort of fake, like Disneyland. Afterwards I took the MRT to the super trees (also man made) and walked around the park looking at the skyline and sands hotel. I found a food court grabbed dinner then walked to the sands hotel and looked at the expensive stores. I went inside the Rolex store and a suit shop (Boggie Milano). After chatting to the suit guy about the Singapore Open he insisted I try on a few of the suits $2500 each. After being salty from the ocean and sweating all day I couldn’t tell the quality.

20 January 2018

First full day in Singapore. Started the morning g off with roti prata which is a pita that you did into curry. It costs around $.70 for a pita and it tastes amazing. We then watched jesse golf all morning. Around the 4th hole I joined up with Sergio’s (blue) group and watch some of the big name players for a while. I’m pretty sure I was on tv twice. Got a special pass from Jesse’s Dad to go in an exclusive area but they asked what company invited me so I said HSBC and then they had me write down my name and company and enjoyed some food and nice views of the course. Halfway through the day the tournament was delayed due to weather and we headed to the players lounge in the clubhouse for more food and drink. It is cool to hang out with the other players as the relax after their rounds. Saw all the big stars. After golf it was late and Jesse and I took the MRT to another food court and had some buttered chicken and a veggie purée that you did your nan in. Food in Singapore was amazing.

19 January 2018

Arrived in Singapore and hung out at the mall until Jesse got done with his tournament. They picked me up and later on we went out to dinner at a “coffee shop” or food court area had a local dish called clay pot rice as well as some fried bread and veggies in the rice is pork, Chinese sausage and fish which you then put sauce on and mix together. It tasted similar to fried rice and was really enjoyable. Afterward we went to the fruit market and at some durian and rambutan. I didn’t like the durian much it had a funky taste, smell, and texture but the rambutan was nice. Jesse was 2 under par at this point ahead of famous US golfer Pat Perez.