Russia · 5 Days · 4 Moments · March 2018

Josh's voyage in Russia

17 March 2018

Getting close to Mongolia now. Only like 1 more day I think. Got some sweet ass mountain ranges now with hella good views. The only vege meal they serve in the restaurant car is soup which is cool and all but man is it a pain in the ass to eat when the trains shaking all over the place. There’s a few German travellers but no one speaks English. Haven’t had an English convo since Monday and that was with my parents. Funnily enough using google translate to talk with everyone just isn’t the same. I’ve been living off of this instant mash and Pringles, will be nice to eat some proper food soon. If the instant mash saga continues I may crack and eat some meat but I know some people won’t appreciate that *COUGH* Katty *COUGH*

13 March 2018

Also the food is shit
After getting the dates wrong on my train this morning and have a little bit of a freak out, thinking I had missed my stop at Yekaterinburg, my day has been relatively peaceful. The train makes 1 minute stops about every 20/30 minutes and it makes 15/30 minute stops every few hours. You have time to exit the carriage, have a little look around and maybe buy something from babushkas who sell an assortment of food. Pretty nifty all in all

12 March 2018

My absolutely brilliant taxi driver missed 3 turning offs from the motorway and my trip took an extra hour. Luckily it was already prepaid or I would’ve been heavily bamboozled