Malaysia, Japan · 20 Days · 8 Moments · January 2018

Josh's voyage in Japan

12 February 2018

Last couple days in Osaka I explored the famous castle and ate some amazing ramen and potstickers. I also met a Korean friend and we went to a rooftop bar and then a restaurant where you fish for your dinner and the restaurant prepares it how you want. We both caught horse mackerel and had one prepared shashimi style the the other fried. Amazing. Off to Korea tomorrow

11 February 2018

Today was good. I slept in and relaxed most of the morning after staying up late with the Koreans. After I got moving I went to the food street and had a snack of a few tuna nigiri and then went to a taukemen restaurant where you dip the noodles in the broth to give them flavor which tasted really nice. Afterward I walked around the famous Dohtonburu district with lots of lights and food options. I saw some pretty cool foods like shellfish cooked over an open fire and sea erchant. Afterwards I walked around a computer store and played video games on one of their computers and watched the Olympics on their display TVs. Next I went to an arcade with some funny games like one where you are a train conductor and can choose to wear the outfit and gloves. Another you use playing cards on a physical screen to control your armys. Lots of musical games. After I passed a restaurant where you fish for your dinner and then they cook it for you. I think I will go tomorrow

27 January 2018

After the auction I had a nap and moved to a new hostel. As I was walking to the hostel I came across two surf shops. Both import their boards from California. The bathroom in the hostel was cool. It has a heated seat and sink on top for you to wash your hands with before going into the bowl. I met some people in the hostel and we went out to the bars in Shinjuku. It’s a cool area and all the bars fit 5-15 people so it’s pretty cozy. Rather than being one street it is a square with a lot roads crossing each other. Cool but ended up being sort of pricey.
This morning I decided to go the Tsukiji Tuna Auction in Tokyo. The aus toon starts at 5:30 but it’s very popular so if you want to watch you need to arrive early, around 3 or 4. I woke up at 3:20 and took a taxi and arrived around 4. Luckily I got one of the last yellow vests meaning I go in the first group. The auction warehouse is huge. They first started with a chant and then each buyer goes around inspecting the fish with his pick. The break a price off and feel the texture in their hands as well as peel back the tail flap to look at the color and fat content. After the inspection process they ring the bell stating the auction. About 4-5 auctioneers got up on boxes and start shouting in Japanese and buyers raise their hands. The tuna range from 400-700 lbs and can sell for up to a million dollars a fish. I was lucky to have met some people from Austin while watching and they took me to their favorite sushi place. It was incredible. There were 4 rounds and the chef prepared each

26 January 2018

Today I moved hostels to be closer to the Tsukiji fish market although the last hostel I was at was great. For lunch I had chicken curry with the biggest piece of nan I’ve ever had. Afterwords I went to Asakusa to walk around the temples and market area. It was a nice sunset over the temples but I ended up spending most the afternoon in a 7-11 booking my return flight from Korea. As I was walking to the subway I passed a restaurant with fried pancake balls filled with octopus. I had to try it and it was surprisingly good. Afterward I went to the skytower and found an entire store dedicated to Pokémon. If only I was a kid again. Next I walked through one of the parks to another temple and ended the day early to rest up for the tuna auction the next day.

25 January 2018

Today I was alone for most the day. I decided to go the main shopping area Ginza and explore there. I went to Uniqlo to get winter close as I had under packed significantly for the snow. While I was there I went to the Nissan and Sony show room on connors recommendation. The Nissan pictures it really cool. The dashboard transforms from self driving to driver seamlessly. The Sony showroom was neat it had robots, expensive headphones and tv’s, and a really cool hearing aid. Got me excited about the future. I got to try Nissans VR driving simulator with moving seat which was fun. To get the jacket I had to go to a 3rd Uniqlo but final got the parka I was looking for. For dinner went back to the fast food restaurant for some pork and rice and soup.

24 January 2018

Today I met up with Masa which was great to have someone who speaks the language and can give me insite into the customs. Japan is all about the food so we started the day off with some sushi. The place we went you order on an iPad and the food comes flying out on conveyer belts to your seat. Next we when to the Shibuya cross walk (busiest in the world). After we went to the electric town known for anime and tried out the driving simulator. We had another snack at the restaurant in orange. It’s considered fast food and you can get rice and pork for $3.8. After walking around some other tourist areas we met up with another friend from study abroad and all went out to dinner. Masa took us to a really Japanese spot where the menu is all in Japanese. There are 2 main thing you can order. The pancake pictured below and fried meat in sauce. The pancakes taste really nice, it’s flour and egg and you put shrimp, cheese, mochi... masa got the salmon egg veggies and sauce for us. It was ok

23 January 2018

Full day of flying and I made it to Tokyo! Had a nice comfort meal in the airport of Popeyes. Was supposed to see snow on the ground when I arrived. I almost didn’t make it to the hostel because the rails close but luckily i did and I had a cool capsule bed. Surprisingly comfortable. Every time I’d go in it felt like a bear going to hybernate in a cave. They also keep out the light and sound helping when you’re sharing a room with other. Most of the stores were closed so I made a nice cup of noodles and yogurt.