China · 15 Days · 6 Moments · April 2018

Josh's tour through China

16 April 2018

Visited the Terracotta Army on the 16/4. This place is absolutely breath taking. It’s hard to really understand till you see it in person. A very cool ground with very cool exhibits. Shame they took away all the weapons of which the soldiers originally held.

14 April 2018

Visited the lama temple on the 14/4. Despite being fairly busy with tourists the place was deathly silent. The majority of visitors are chinese and come here to pray to the varying statues. The place itself used to be a very popular pilgrim destination and you can see why with the numerous beautiful decorated statues. The largest of these statues was 18ft tall and carved out of sandlewood. After I left I snuck in a cheeky selfie with some school kids, I promise I’m not a pedo.

11 April 2018

Visited the summer palace on the 11/4. This is perhaps my favourite place in Beijing. You could easily spend 5 hours walking around the huge palace grounds. The grounds are so large that all the tourists are spread out and therefore you can actually find a very rare moment to yourself. I found a great viewpoint from climbing over a fence where I got a snazzy view of the whole city. This is was most peaceful spot I found in Beijing and I happily spent an hour sunbathing with a hella good view, I disturbed by anybody else. The temples inside the palace grounds and the gardens were stubby. This place is a must see.

5 April 2018

Visited the forbidden city on the 5/4/18. Sadly the day we visited just happened to be a chinese national holiday so the place was absolutely heaving. There were several ironically named buildings within the forbidden city called the ‘temple of tranquility’ and ‘garden of peace and harmony’, which sadly lacked both of those characteristics as it was swamped with loud Chinese families. We randomly started talking to a chinese student who’s English name was ‘Jeremy’ who spoke a little bit of English and who’s first time it was in Beijing. Jeremy joined us for the rest of the day, helpfully deciphering the language and prevented us from making tits of ourselves (thanks jezza). Afterwards we went exploring some hutongs and found some snazzy street food. Was a very calm and chill day... till the evening where we all got shitfaced playing liars dice.

2 April 2018

The Great Wall was pretty calm, should call it the calm wall tbh. Views were amazing despite the huge amounts of fog (or air pollution idk). Sweated buckets tho walking all the way up and down but was worth it because the steps weeded out all the fat tourists/ annoying kids so was very peaceful at the top. Of course had to have a tinny at the top of the mountain. Seeing nature start to take over the wall again was awesome. Some tiny trees > millions of lives spent building a wall

1 April 2018

Went to 798 art district in Beijing and it was wicked cool. Kind of weird to see so much art and expression of individuality in a supposed communist state but I guess that just proves communism is bestism. Had a lunch on a rooftop terrace built into a tree. Honestly this place is just a haven for hipsters but it was very qwerky and I dig it.