Thailand · 14 Days · 20 Moments · December 2015

Josh's odyssey through Thailand

26 December 2015

Day two in Koh Phan Ghan was a mellow day. Recovering from night one. But that night we went back at it and hit it hard. This night was the jungle party. Crazy, tweakers everywhere. This was my least favorite party. Music was terrible. Ended cutting out early. If 5am is early.

24 December 2015

Our group took over the Vagabond Hostel. Koh Phan Ghan was the most crazy part of the trip by far. We attended three parties all lasting until sunrise. First one was waterfall fall party. We literally had to to hike through the jungle in the pouring rain. Next thing you know we are treading through a river to get in. A crazy experience.

22 December 2015

Didn't get much phone photos, but definitely got a lot of GoPro footage. Today we did a 6 hour snorkeling excursion. Went to four different spots to view some awesome fish. The fifth stop was to a small island. Didn't do much here because it started to pour down rain. Getting ready for the night we got hit with a massive rain storm, so most of us stayed in the villa and ordered in some Italian food. We'll see how it comes out.

21 December 2015

Had a long night of travel from Bangkok to koh Tao island. Booked the wrong flight, and had to go back to khao San rd to luckily catch a bus for an 8 hour ride through the night and the finally get on a ferry for another two hours. The villa we got was breath taking and I don't want to leave.

20 December 2015

Our last day in Bangkok and we went to one of the smaller floating markets. Had some Thai tea, dragon fruit and fresh fish.

19 December 2015

Today we went around and checked out temples. The grand palace we didn't want to take the full excursion because we weren't dressed appropriately and it was 500 baht. And of course are more. Tonight we'll be partying on khao son road.

18 December 2015

Made it to Bangkok and have a sweet hostel. They put on group activities in the common area and of course team USA took the win. Tried some exotic food; chicken liver, chicken heart, chicken intestine and scorpion. Good stuff.

17 December 2015

A known thing between Pai and Chiang Mai is to motorbike between the two cities. Four of us decided to make the trek back to Chiang Mai. It was 144 kilos, which is about 90 miles. The best experience ever. Met some locals on the way and had some chicken and bbq egg. Half this road was dirt, holes and pebbles. Super scary road conditions. But well worth it.
Our last day in Pai we were debating between either going to the hot springs or piranha fishing. It was a big decision, but decided to make the journey on the mopeds to the hot springs. It was a good relaxing time, but not to hot.

16 December 2015

The group took the bikes country side to climb up to the mountains. Pai canyon was unreal. Cliffs that just drop straight down. Watching people made me nervous. But the sunset was incredible.
Spicypai for one night. Interesting journey to town. Going to rent some scooters and explore the town.

15 December 2015

Our last stop was the Grand Canyon of Chiang Mai. This is where you go cliff jumping, but I stayed away from this. Pills haven't fully kicked in. But I got some good pictures of the guys doing jumps and backflips.
Second adventure we went to Wat Doi Suthep Temple. Here we walked around and ate and then finally made the climb up the 300 steps to the main temple.
First stop today was tiger kingdom.

14 December 2015

An experience I'll never forget. A little taste of our day with the elephants. More to come later.
Black juice. Strongest coffee I've had.
Morning breakfast. Fried chicken.

13 December 2015

First night we went down to Sunday market where you can go shopping and experience all the street food. Some things were not bad.
The street food was amazing and exotic. They say it's chicken, but definitely wasn't. Nice delicious liver.
Part of the group has finally met up at the airport in Bangkok. We are for our first adventure in Chiang Mai.