Australia · 33 Days · 6 Moments · April 2018

Josh's journi to Australia

6 May 2018

Just finished one of the best dives of my life. Started off slow completing the buoyancy portion of my advance certification. After we dove through tunnels and saw the light shine through the rocks. Next we saw some false clownfish in their sea inenimy and some big patriot fish and groupers. Next we swam over this hill and spotted a white tip reef shark. We swam around the side of it to avoid spooking it and watched it swim away. The instructor turned around and asked us for our air leaves and I spotted a big grey reef shark off in the distance coming towards us. I got his attention and we watched it circle around us with hundreds of fish swimming in a circle as well. Usually this type of shark stays in the deep and only swims to the shallows at night but we were lucky. Next we kept swimming and stumbled upon four turtles all feeding or sleeping. As we were doing our safely stop Flo thought me how to make rings using two hands and floating upright.

21 April 2018

Made it up to Agnes water (1770) and am enjoying relaxing and thinking about the future. Earlier today I went to the beach to check the size of the wave, they were too small for my short board but I stumbled upon the opening of a new park. Many people gave speeches and they were giving away delicious sausages with grilled onions. One of the speakers was a part of the treasury group for Queensland that decides which projects deserve funding. It got me thinking about possible careers in money management. It would be nice to look at the positives and negatives of each project and then look at the financials to decide if they are worth while. Could be in the public or private sector but would be nice to be able to give back to the community and make the community a better place than when you got there. Reminded me of my Eagle Scout days and the concerts in the park in San Carlos.

17 April 2018

Great time in Noosa. Waves were small but we made the most of it. One of the nights they had all you can eat pizza for $10 so Paal and I at about 2 pizza each and could hardly walk. We went for a fun hike around the National Park and stumbled upon this cool place called the fairy pools right next to the ocean and went for a swim. The water was pretty warm but it was raining outside so was cold when we got out. It was dark on our hike back, lots of spiders. We made a friend from South Africa, martin, who came surfing with me and guy from Norway, Vet, the next day. I thought Vet how to surf and he said he loves it. We took out the rental boards because the waves were so small and these are easier to catch waves on. I got a few really long cursing waves and am looking forward to some heavier waves down in Indonesia. On Paal’s last night we made a feast of Mexican food. We cooked 3 pounds of chicken with all the sides, avocado, lettuce, tomato, cheese, salsa, and three of us polished itoff

14 April 2018

Paul and I tried renting a camper van twice to explore the Gold Coast with but it fell through twice. Also because of the commonwealth games everything was booked and the hostel we were at was filled with druggies and cockroaches so we looked for hours for an Airbnb. Luckily a nicer hostel opened up so we booked it quickly. Before that we were considering an Airbnb at single gay mans house with a hot tub. Paul seems cool he’s from Seattle and going to medical school to become a doctor. We both got mustaches the same night after meeting a bunch of cool aussies with them. Byron bay had some amazing surf. We would walk 30 minutes to get to a break called Tallows that had a nice left hander. The first day we went it was 8 ft and gradually got smaller. We had the place practically to ourselves the first 2 days and on the 3rd day it was packed but barreling. We also had a bonfire on the beach one night with some cool German girls and an Aussie.

7 April 2018

Spent the past week or so surfing a ton and watching a lot of live music. Every night in Byron musicians were in the streets and we would stop and listen after a surf. I’ve gotten much better at snaps and airing out of waves but need to work on making my turns faster. I also shaved my 3 week beard and have been rocking the stash for the first couple days. People seem to be responding well to it. Paul and I were upgraded twice from 14 person shared rooms to a private room and ensuite and a 4 bed room. We surfed a snapper rocks today and almost got pulled into the rocks but found another spot around the corner with cleaner waves. Got the best right of the trip. Our first night in surfers paradise we went out to a club and had to down a bottle of wine in the street because we lost track of time and would have had to pay a cover if we waited any longer. We also saw Usane Bolt in the same club and made some Aussie friends. Some of the Canadian b-ball players were also there.

4 April 2018

Walking to the beach for a surf. Realizing the smell of the flowers trees and grass reminds me of home and cannon beach. Loved Newcastle. It had a small surf town feel and the waves were small but fun. I surfed the famous Merewether Beach everyday and even saw Julian Wilson (the leading world champion) and surfed with him. Had a few long rides. Made some great Mexican food in the kitchen.