Mongolia · 4 Days · 3 Moments · March 2018

Josh's adventure in Mongolia

21 March 2018

Finished up my time in mongolia. The last day was spent tasting disgusting fermented horses milk which tastes like stale ass. Honestly one of the worst things I’ve ever tasted but you simply can’t say no to the overbearing mongolian families. Had a traditional Mongolian dish which is like meat (I had potato) wrapped in this dough and then fried. Prettyyyyy jammy. Believe it or not this tubby baby is only 9 months old, what a tubster. When we got back from our trip we had enough time for a shower before going out in the eve for a curry. Following that we headed to a bar where we ran into some very drunk Mongolian businessmen. After a few more pints, followed by a litre of beer, our spirits were high enough to attempt karaoke. Won’t post those videos, they’ll never see the light of day again.

20 March 2018

what kind of twat would dab on a countries national animal? This guy 😎 Tuesday was probably the best so far. Riding camels was sick and acc didn’t hurt my nuts too much. Afterwards our tour guide took us to the singing sand dunes with the intention of a quick 20 minute visit. After an hour n a bit we managed to climb all the way to the top for a cheeky tinny with a dope view. Loving Mongolia so far but desperate for a shower and a bed that’s not as hard as concrete.

18 March 2018

Mongolia is sickkkkkkk. My 8 day tour which was supposed to start the day after I arrived was cancelled but I was told there was a 6 day one which started at 8:00am when I got off the train at 6am. Had enough time for a quick shower n eat some toast before we were off. Joined by a couple from Belfast who are absolutely sound. On our trip we’ll be seeing the sights and staying with a different nomad family every night. Also I’m absolutely freezing my nips off.