North America, South America · 21 Days · 110 Moments · April 2017

Joe and Brad take on Chile

24 April 2017

When in Peru for a hot minute

22 April 2017

Green valley and river in the desert
A church in a village that has 1 family
Llama meat on a stick!
Relaxing in the hot springs near the geysers
Out with the geysers. At 7 am and high altitudes it was 16 degrees Fahrenheit out!
Geysers early in the morning at 14000 feet.

21 April 2017

More views of the hostel.
Flamingos on the salt flats. Shrimp live in the salt water and is the main diet of the flamingos, which is why they live here in the desert.
View of the red volcanic rocks
At the red rocks, formed by lava fields that hardened over in the desert.
More of the desert snow and inactive volcanos
Start of the day's journey. At 13700 feet. Home of dormant volcanos and snow on the desert ground.

19 April 2017

Our hostel is very artsy and likes to play EDM music
View of the desert from San Pedro de Atacama
We tried to go to this cemetery but it was locked up so mostly got views of the outside and through the gate
Visiting the meteor museum. Run by one guy who is supported by NASA and a couple other agencies, he goes out to the desert days at a time in search of meteors. The Atacama is the second best place to find meteors (Antarctica is the first), due to the climate and the less sandy nature of the desert. Over the past 30 years he has found over 4000 meteors.

18 April 2017

Getting ready for the high altitudes of the Atacama desert

13 April 2017

There's ice on the top of that mountain
Last view of Glacier Grey on a beautiful day
Glacial chunks flow down the lake every day
Closest we got to Glacier Grey
Me and Glacier Grey in the background!

12 April 2017

Our first meal at camp: Spaghetti with tomato soup as sauce
Our tent!
Our first campsite at Camp Grey
Enjoying the views
Windy on our first day hike up to glacier grey!
Another lake view
Catamaran across the lake to start the hike!
View from the park entrance
At the first bus stop where we check into the park
Busing to the mountains
Packed up and ready to go, be back Sunday!

10 April 2017

Getting ready to head to Punta Arenas!

9 April 2017

Looking out onto Valparaiso once again.
The view of the city from a random second story door in the Palacio Baburizza.
This old-timey shower.
Brad checking out some art.
Lots of artwork in every room.
Forgot the rest of their bodies...
Me outside the Palacio Baburizza.
Brad outside the Palacio Baburizza.
The Palacio Baburizza itself.
Outside the museum Palacio Baburizza. Getting my photo in this frame. That you can see obviously.
Best panorama of all of Valparaiso I could take!
Enjoying more viewsss. It's all I do.
Enjoying the view.
Breakfast tea at the hostel. Delicious.

8 April 2017

Brad waiting...
View of Valparaiso in the evening.
One of the older busses of Valparaiso.
The Hapag-Lloyd building. In Valparaiso some building exteriors cannot be changed due to historical reasons. Hapag got around this by building a building within the outer exterior of the old one.
The Armada de Chile. Once owned by the government, when Pinochet took over the building was handed to the navy and has remained in their hands ever since...
Got a quick shot of this local scene while walking today.
Pablo Neruda.
This doggo is a wild one who apparently follows our tour guide through the city every Saturday. Super cute. Barks at other dogs who gets close. Fought a motorcyclist today because he didn't like him. Good doggo.
The city at large. #valparaiso
Pacific livin'
Walking through Valparaiso
Some more Valparaiso graffiti... clearly with taste. 😬
The theme of Valparaiso. Not hippies, happies.
Valparaiso graffiti
Brad taking on the slide
More views of Valparaiso
Views of Valparaiso
Looking up at the buildings
Houses on a hill #justvalparaisotgings

7 April 2017

Doing some upkeep and getting some laundry done.
The view from our hostel.
Santiago has a large population of dogs without any owners. They travel by themselves along the street, obey traffic laws, and typically go from vendor to vendor for bits of food.
In the middle of the night I woke up with a TERRIBLE pain in my stomach. Thought must've been something I ate and took a couple time to try and settle it down, though when I went to get some, Brad said he felt the same. We writhed all night and in the morning the vomit and diarrhea came. Was a long long day of just being taken over by food poisoning, so our trip to Valparaiso is postponed until tomorrow. Brad felt better than me first and was generous enough to bring back things for a slowly recovering stomach. We blame the raw trout from yesterday.

6 April 2017

Saving money and making some pasta for dinner at the hostel. Also wine 🍷
Another smaller cathedral.
Hanging out at this sort of castle thing.
Pisco is in the air! Fruity 🍹
Raw trout at the pisco bar. With mango sauce! BEWARE
Pisco flight! Both Chilean and Peruvian Piscos.
The bar at the Pisco bar.
A completo! Ginormous hotdog. That isn't cheese, it's mayonnaise...
The view from here.
Virgin Mary atop San Cristóbal.
On top of San Christóbal Hill.
The view of Santiago from the top of San Cristóbal Hill. Road the funicular up and walked the 45 minutes down!
Waking up. ☕️
Cathedral in Santiago. Pink stone makes up the columns. No real windows to better survive earthquakes.

5 April 2017

Santiago at night.
Wine flight! 🍷✈️
Bros overlooking the city.
Woods and brick and me.
Santiago between the trees.
The hands of the people.
Plaza de la Constitución
While it may not look like much, the fish in a wine broth was beyond delicious. In the 🐟 market.
Another part of the Santiago cemetery
The cemetery of Santiago. 120 soccer fields large. 2.5 million bodies held. Each of these is a grave.
Secretly snapped this guy on a bench outside of the market
Chilean fish market 😍
I asked for Chilean iced coffee. Got coffee with ice cream in it. Apparently they add ice cream to everything. Chileans eat "8 liters of ice cream a year". Yum 😋
Walking around in the morning

4 April 2017

Dinner number 1! Huge sandwiches with meat guac and mayo
Unhappy happy hour
Graffiti in the streets
Out of the airport and taxi-ing in Santiago!
Flying over Lima
LATAM plane going to Lima. Redeye.

3 April 2017

Waiting for the tri-rail from FLL to MIA