Asia, North America · 7 Days · 12 Moments · November 2016

Joseph's trip to Tokyo, Japan

20 November 2016

Everyone has a couple places on earth that just feel right. As someone who enjoys peace and quiet over the hustle and bustle of a city, it's odd that Tokyo is one of those places for me. Whether I'm attempting to board a train surrounded by thousands of my newest friends or wandering the neon streets, Tokyo puts my mind at ease. Tokyo is a city of contrasts that make it truly unique. You can find anything at any time, yet Japan is home to a society that has a "we are all in this together" mindset that makes Tokyo a truly unique place. You can find peace in an ancient temple, walk one block and find yourself in a sea of people in front of an ultra modern skyscraper. It is hard to explain Tokyo. It is a place that can only be experienced. It takes time to grow on people, but once it does you can't stop going back.

17 November 2016

Though complicated, the expansive Tokyo train system is efficient and will get you anywhere you need to go. The green, Yamanote Line runs in a circle around Central Tokyo.
I took an afternoon to take the train down to Tokyo. A short walk from Tokyo Station, I happened to find the Japanese Fisherman's Festival.

16 November 2016

Shibuya is home to many bars, clubs, and stores. Other attractions are the busiest crosswalk in the world and the statue of Hachiko the dog.
Yurakucho is just south of Tokyo Station. Beneath the elevated train tracks exist many restaurants and izakayas (Japanese style bars).

15 November 2016

I had to do a little work while on my trip to Tokyo. A midnight freight run to Nagoya and Shanghai treated me to a view of the city and a moonlit Mt. Fuji.

14 November 2016

One of my favorite parts of Japan is the existence of canned coffee. Available from vending machines on almost every corner, or convenience stores that are almost as common, it is offered in many different or cold.
Founded in the year 940, the Narita-San temple provides a relaxing environment to walk around. A more traditional element in an otherwise airport centric town.
Close to the Narita-San temple is Kamicho Street. Filled with gift shops and restaurants it provides a traditional feeling walk from the train station to the temple.
Ramen Bayashi is a popular restaurant for flight crews overnighting in Narita. Models, pictures, and other airline memorabilia decorate the restaurant. Spending weeks abroad in foreign countries can be a lonely existence. Some enjoy the welcome feeling that establishments that cater to flight crews create. Not the best ramen I've ever had, but it is still good and consistent.
Many Japanese families live together. Due to the close proximity to each other it can become challenging to find...alone time. Because of this "Love Hotels" exist in large cities. Many of them have themes.
Arrived Narita airport in the evening after an approximately 7 hour flight from Anchorage, Alaska.