United States of America · 3 Days · 3 Moments · June 2017

Jordan's adventure in United States

30 June 2017

Today my day started off hiking along and crossing the highway. Soon we got to the state borders, where we walked along that for awhile. Found a nice view and ended up eating my tuna lunch off a cliff with hawks circling above me. 4 miles later we make it out of one of the hardest sections of the trail. It kicked my butt. Found a bear cave which I willingly crawled inside (No snakes this time!) After we stopped for another view, I'm pretty sure you can see both states of VA and WV in it. After lots of hiking and lots of rocks and something called the board walk we made it to the shelter. Someone cooked up a spaghetti dinner for me, with a chocolate cake. Also finally hung my food bag by myself! No bears tonight!!

29 June 2017

Here was the AT journey yesterday. After continuously walking 15 miles in a day we decided it was best to give our bodies a break and jump over most of the "roller coaster" or "death march". We hiked into sky meadows state park, picked and ate some wild berries, and caught an uber to our next hostile (bears den) which looked like an old Scottish castle. Before the uber picked us up some free range chickens approached us and I was taught how to grab it- totaled about 6 miles yesterday & met some very interesting people. I ended up sleeping in my hammock and with my Swiss army knife and extra tarp was able to make a shelter where I slept--> I slept like a baby. Best rest in awhile.

27 June 2017

First days on the AT. very difficult climbing 1000 ft several times in a day but extremely rewarding!! Crazy views