North America, Asia · 259 Days · 46 Moments · August 2017

Jordan's adventure in Taiwan

9 May 2018

My birthday was a couple weeks ago and I felt very loved for the entire week! I am so blessed with friends, co-workers, students and fellow missionaries who celebrated with me and left me loving notes!

2 April 2018

This week we had a short term mission team from a Lutheran high school in California visiting. They came and led my fourth grade class one day (which I totally appreciated!) And the kids loved! I think they we're a bit disappointed to only have me the next day haha.

1 April 2018

He is risen! Holy week was packed with 6 days of school to make up for an extra day off this week, but it was such a blessing to teach the Good Friday lesson to some of my students on good Friday and then the Easter morning lesson on Saturday. I don't normally have opportunities to teach Bible lessons back to back so I was glad the chance landed in Easter! Our Easter service included Joanna playing on the trombone and a guest pastor preaching!

17 March 2018

Celebrated pi day a few weeks ago by making a pi pie! One of the other missionary teachers I live with is a mathematian, so really the pie was for her but it was fun to make! On another food note, I have lived here 7 months and I just found out this week that most watermelon I'm Taiwan is yellow! How did I miss this? I have no clue

23 January 2018

I had lunch with the other teachers in my office last week to celebrate the end of the semester. I got to try a new restaurant and the food was a work of art!

13 January 2018

Spotted this treasure the other day at a cafe/tea shop. I was surprised to see proper grammar!

21 December 2017

CMS has a Christmas tree decorating contest for the middle and high school students every year. Each class gets to light up one of the trees on campus and portray a Bible story and then the best 2 are displayed in Chiayi. It's wonderful to see their creativity and the campus lit up!

16 December 2017

Last week I got to attend a surprise birthday party for a coworker! Taiwan loves celebrating, especially birthdays. I have become friends with several of my coworkers and their kids are some of the cutest things!

9 December 2017

I live in a house in campus with some other missionary teachers and we had fun with Christmas decorations a couple weeks ago, meet our snowman door!

22 November 2017

Rather late but we had fun Thanksgiving celebrations at Cela last month with all the kids! The group photo is my second grade class and I love this picture because it pretty accurately portrays my students 😂

18 November 2017

Spent about a day in Hong Kong this last weekend and saw a lot in 30 hours! Spent some time with other missionaries who are serving there who were kind enough to show me their side of Hong Kong aka NOT the crazy-super-packed-tourist sites. Saw a temple, walked AWAY from the packed busy tourist market, saw a low-key local market, was blown away by all the colors at the flower market, went to church, got a killer workout on all the stairs AND still made it back in time to go to work on Monday morning! Can't wait to go again and explore some more!

8 November 2017

One of my students gave me this lovely tree last week! Since Christmas isn't a big holiday in Taiwan i think it's a very sweet and thoughtful gift on her (and her parents) part!

24 October 2017

We celebrated Halloween a few days ago with the kids at school and their costumes were just the cutest! We all had a ton of fun and sent them home with a bunch if candy! 😂

22 October 2017

At my Grandma's house to can get ice cream on waffles. In Taiwan you can get ice cream on toast! It was so artistically done I just had to share, and of course share Joanna with a chocolate 👑 haha!

9 October 2017

Spent a day in Taichung a couple weeks ago and forgot to share the beautiful coastal scenery! It was a gorgeous but rainy day to walk along the beach and across the bridge to the nearby island.

8 October 2017

Checked out the view of Kaohsiung from atop the tallest building in the city this morning. It was foggy but still fun!

7 October 2017

It may have taken us half the afternoon to find Lotus Lake but the views and festival around it were worth it!
Spent part of the day on the small island Cijin checking out the lighthouse and other great views!
Long weekend starting today so we're going exploring around the island! How else do you start a backpacking weekend but with a touristy picture on the front steps?! 🤣

6 October 2017

My coworker has 2 of the cutest kids! And it only took them this long to decide I'm not a scary foreigner! 🤣

4 October 2017

Tried to take a decent picture of the moon for Moon Festival today but this is the best I've got!

22 September 2017

Oh the struggles we have in Taiwan

13 September 2017

I learned tonight that a festival at the nearby temple is more like a carnival and night market combined with twice the people! You might notice in the fourth picture the cook is heating the food with a hair dryer while it is on the stove lol

9 September 2017

Took the train South to Tainan on Saturday and spent the day at the beach ❤️

3 September 2017

Went for a walk at a nearby park the other day and forgot to share pictures! Gah!

2 September 2017

Ordered a lemon tea in Chinese and actually got a lemon tea = day made!

30 August 2017

First day of school before and after pictures!

29 August 2017

Got to see the Straight of China today! It was hot out but worth it 😎
Saw some entertaining sights in our way to the coast today 😄

28 August 2017

Had Korean food for the first time last night and got to watch a beautiful sunset on the way!
Went to the teacher store today cuz I'm a teacher now 😳 got a planner and sticky tabs, my 2 school year essentials!

27 August 2017

Sometimes in Taiwan you just need to have mango ice (mango and frozen soy milk) for dinner!
I enjoyed my first Chinese/English church service this morning 😊
I'm still getting used to the New Taiwanese dollar system with 30 NT = 1 US

26 August 2017

Can't escape the Starbucks!
My official Taiwanese photo almost looks like me after all the editing 😆

25 August 2017

A new favorite, mulberry tea! I love the slogan on the cup lol
A few of the views on the Concordia Middle School campus
Got to see a little of the surrounding town this morning!
The vibrant fruit at a fruit stand near the school. All of them are amazing except the last one which is Durian and trust me you don't want to try it!
A breakfast menu, thus begins my struggle with Chinese characters...

24 August 2017

My first view of Taiwan!
Crazy cousins