Asia · 23 Days · 119 Moments · February 2019

Jordan, Jerusalem & Lebanon 15/2/19 - 4/3/19

4 March 2019

Home sweet home! Back to our normal lives.

3 March 2019

The 2nd leg, 15 hours flight.
@ Doha Airport

2 March 2019

Finally, our trip has become our sweet memories.
@ Ehden
@ Mseliha Fort
The second place is Harissa.
Day 16 Our last day in Lebanon. We started off with the Jeita Grotto cave.

1 March 2019

@ Baalbek
29 Syrian tents living in Becca and not permitted to leave the area.
Heading to Beqaa, Lebanon. It’s going to be 0 degree there.
Day 15 this is our morning view from Urban Central Suites

28 February 2019

Day 14 Shopping at Borj Hammoud Street (local town) and ended up @City Mall Center

27 February 2019

@ City Center Beirut
Arrived in Beirut.
Day 13 We left Madaba, land of Moab, for the airport. Now heading to Lebanon. Sweet good-bye to Jordan.

26 February 2019

Day 12 We drove up to the north near Galilee which is on the border of Jordan and Israel while the other side is Syria.

25 February 2019

We had dinner at a Lebanese restaurant and stayed at the Olive Place Hotel.
Museum in Jerash. Roman had built the wall and hippodrome for horse racing.
We are on the road driving Peugeot on the opposite side of the road. I felt a bit funny sitting on a driver side but not driving.
Day 11 We left the Hilton Hotel and on a rental car heading to Jerash.

24 February 2019

Day 10 Petra Trip It’s 3 hours drive from the Hilton. The shortest route to the Treasury Office took about an hour walk.

23 February 2019

Deuteronomy 34 Sabbath tour ends at Mt. Nebo.
The water is quite cool!
Jordan river is the border between Jordan and Israel. This is where John had been living.
Day 9 Heading to Jordan River where Jesus Baptist’s and Mt. Nebo where Moses died.

22 February 2019

Day 7 @ Hilton Hotel Day 8 shopping @ The shop near the hotel

20 February 2019

Day 6 Roman theatre in Amman and the tour in Amman market which is very much like Pahurat market in Bangkok.

19 February 2019

Day 4 & 5 @ Hilton Hotel Day 6 shopping at Downtown, Amman

17 February 2019

Day 3 Back from Jerusalem trip and heading back to Jordan. Oh Jerusalem, we will see you again next weekend.

16 February 2019

Inside Israel!
Day 2 Approaching Jordan’s border towards Jerusalem. No photos allowed.
At the border from Jordan to Jerusalem.
Day 2 Food here was great. I didn’t feel like I am in Jordan. You could have stirred fried noodles rice and good stirred vegetables. What a wonderful morning after good long sleep. We are heading off to Jerusalem.

15 February 2019

Driving through the lowest point on earth below -400 meters below sea level.
Day 1 Arrived in Jordan at 12.15 and waiting for another 15 mins for the luggage. It’s winter and the country looks quite dry. 19c now. All houses in Jordan have the same color, off white and same style, 1-5 stories building
Arrived Doha at 5.30am Doha time.

9 February 2019

Hilton Hotel