Indonesia · 3 Days · 41 Moments · March 2017

Weekend Getaway 3 - Bintan

19 March 2017

Aaaaand we're on the ferry back to hot and humid Singapore. Till next time!
Last meal at Nirwana - Dino's Bistro
I'm not so good at archery😔
Hidden beauty
Breakfast. See that blob of black thing there? It's DOPE Steam chocolate pudding! Looks can be deceiving😌
Morning walk along the beach of Nirwana. Chanced upon these beautiful rocks formation which wouldve been under the sea during high tide!
Good morning:)

18 March 2017

SPICE RESTAURANT: BUTTER CHICKEN x TANDOORI with garlic and butter naans☺️☺️☺️ awesome alfresco dinner!!!
PARASAILING - HIGHLIGHT OF THE GETAWAY!!! Love flying in the air high above bintan island☺️☺️☺️
Was it a swim or dip?🤔
BANANARAMA❤️ of banana, milk and baileys. this drink is dope!!
Heading to the pool for an evening dip!
Cheers to being a March baby. Free 15min photography for 1 free photo😂😂😂
The secret island
Kelong seafood, fresh off the farm!!
Kelong restaurant. Enjoyed 20% off for my birthday. It was only supposed to be for weekday use but we asked if we could use it today and fortunately, they allowed!! I think we kinda overordered even though all are considered S size🌚
Floating bar😍
We found this secluded mini bay😂 only accessible via soaking yourself in the seawater OR rock hiking. And we did both😏
It's summertime!!!
Good morning!:)
Reverse high lunge
Yoga with me?☺️
Let me take you to another paradise🌴
So he likes pink more than I do😏😏😏

17 March 2017

$27 candlelight alfresco dinner at dinocafe😎 pizza was gooood but tiramisu was disappointing hahahaha
Free bowling thanks to my birthday month😜 but we have to pay for the shoe rental🌚
Yays we went for full body massage!! And because its my birthday month I got to enjoy either free hair wash or body scrub. I chose hair wash🙊🙊🙊 we feel super relaxed now!
Let me take you to paradisee
Beachmode on😌
Playing with wide angle lens🌚
This is my lunch from Makan Makan. Probably the cheapest place to get food here HAHA
Helloooo Nirwanaaa