North America · 15 Days · 63 Moments · August 2016

American Wilderness

24 August 2016

Camped at Hong Kong Airport cos I missed my flight. And now, I'm just about to touch down Singapore. With that, the trip has come to an end officially😌

23 August 2016

WOOOHOOOO managed to change my middle seat to an aisle seat and I get extra legroom space? But shit, I was damn suaku. I came in, put down my bags, and started looking around like WTF IS MY ENTERTAINMENT LOL WHY I DONT HAVE ENTERTAINMENT WHAT IS GOING ON?!?! So I just stared around tryna figure out how shitty my seat was and I wanted my old seat back like I NEED TO BE ENTERTAINED BY MOVIES AND STUFFS. Then i just went to find the air steward and went like, "sorry but I think there's some mistake with my seat like where is my entertainment?!?!" And then he's like "oh dont worry all seats have entertainment" and he proceeded to bend down and pull out the STOWED SCREEN LIKE WHEW and I was like "oh wow thanks?" And I felt damn suaku I mean like I was sure I saw people staring at my confused face when I saw my seat🌚🌚🌚

20 August 2016

On the plane to Seattle then Vancouver, see you Alaska!😍😍😍

19 August 2016

Cycling at Tony Knowles Coastal Trail:) there were many ducks and birds. And good views, good weather...except that the pathways kept going up and down🌚 down is 😜 up is 😡
Cute fluffly clouds😂
On the bus back to Anchorage - goodbye Denali! I hope I have the chance to visit you again:)

18 August 2016

Look at this Elame messing up the entire bed when we are packing🌚
We took a bus to downtown Denali because we saw this old couple eating chinese takeaway and pin went to ask them😂😂😂 Asians desperate for Asian food after having to eat fries and fried food almost everyday😂 BUT THIS CHOW FAN FREAKING EXPENSIVE CAN USD12 😤😤😤 taste not bad la we no choice also right
Check out my furry friends!
Meadow Trail - Spruce Forest - Morino Trail - Triple Lakes Trail
IZZIT A GRIZZLY BEAR AT THE LAKE?! I swear the bear stood up and waved from afar😱😱😱
Picnic lunch at Savage river - we must be heroes to eat in the cold😌
OH LOOK ITS A PIKAAA (cant remember the species name)
Just an arctic ground squirrel doing its Sentry duty😂😂😂
Savage river #savagewomandrovetheentireday we were super freezing
IZZIT A MOOSE? No its a Caribou!!!
Sack lunch - consist of sandwiches, granola bar, soft drink, fruit, and Alaskan chips. Ate this as breakfast and lunch so #savemoney
Good morning Denali!

17 August 2016

Squirrel spotted outside our lodge!
Dinner - Yoghurt Parfait. Because #nomoney #savemoney #cheapestoptionthoughalsonotcheap
Took a nice walk along the horseshoe lake! So prettyyyy and the beautiful skies really helped😜 according to the Alaskans, today is the best day thus far in summer😱 are we lucky or what?
Can you spot the beaver friend😂 it was busy dragging twigs and wood to build its den!
They decided to become Alaskan boys/ One Direction🌚
Lunch at Denali Village. Elame and I shared a salmon chowder + buffalo wings. Tad pricey (cos there's not much choices when you're trapped in Denali) but tastes yums
Our accommodation for Denali - pretty Denali Village Lodge! Because we booked too late we didn't get to choose cheaper locations🌚
Scenic drive towards Denali National Park
Coach from Anchorage to Denali - a 5 hour ride lets go!
Hot chocolate on a cold day
Hot chocolate with brookie from steamdot! We quickly grabbed breakfast before heading onto the motorcoach to Denali. I've always wanted to try brookie cos of Harry from Australia Masterchef 2016 where he made brookies for supper and won the chance for immunity🌚 and this brookie is so good, probably Harry's was better? BUT STILL i have a feeling I'll want to make a brookie when I get home...and as Tengy described, this brookie is a one-way ticket to sore throat but well worth it😂😂😂

16 August 2016

Typical chinese takeaway - shared a shrimp fried rice with elame thank god we shared the rice was too crazily packed into this "small" takeaway box🌚 hate to admit it but the fried rice is good though HAHAHHA. And comes with fortune cookie its time for TOTO
Beautiful sunset awaiting us as we stepped foot onto Anchorage:)
Wooohooo pretty clouds on our way to Anchorage now!
Juneau International Airport - checking in for our next flight!
Beautiful skies today. Though it rained slightly in the morning, the rest of the day was sunny with fluffy clouds!
Lunch at Alaskan Fish and Chips Co.! Elame and I shared a small salmon chowder bread bowl and halibut+cod fish tacos. Yummy yum!
And we decided to spend the day exploring downtown Juneau. Walked into a fudge store and bought like nut chocolates😂😂😂 the chocolates are named after animal paws
Hiking the trail along the Gold Creek Flume! The journey was unexpectedly treacherous and we got our shoes "hydropumped" when we tried to cross a river😂😂😂 just to get a good view of Mount Juneau

15 August 2016

So we made campbell soup for dinner and I bought a salad mix off the salad bar at the supermarket outside our accomm. Much needed vegetables man.
Wefie in front of Mendenhall Glacier!
Macs for lunch. AGAIN. Sick of macs liao😭
The bears decided to cross the road. Cant believe we saw them again!😍😍😍
Walked in the rain this morning to Mendenhall Glacier. It was all worth it because we were rewarded with SO MANY INTERESTING SIGHTS! First up we have fresh sashimi..oh no I meant wild salmon🌚 trying to swim against the currents from the stream back to their tributaries to finish off their life cycle! This is environmental studies coming to life man.
Oh gosh such a fat birdie
OMG BLACK BEARS WHAT AN AMAZING SIGHT!! And they were eating salmon sashimi!!! Omg they 赚到 please they get to eat salmon belly sashimi for free🌚🌚🌚 counted my blessings cos we were sooo lucky to be able to see them up close!! The mother bear and three cubs
Mendenhall glacier. So surreal!!!

14 August 2016

Flying from Seattle to Juneau! Beautiful skies, pictures dont do it justice. As you can tell the plane window 小dirty LOL

11 August 2016

North Cascades ft. The Team!

10 August 2016

Hello North Cascades!
Cuties of North Cascades National Park:)
CASCADES PASS - we made it to the top (about 12km) to see the beautiful alpine forests and glaciers!
North Cascades National Park

9 August 2016

Canadian Boys who K.O.
Ferry to Seattle
Whidbey - Sunlight Beach
Whidbey - Sunlight Beach
Washington - Deception Pass State Park
Washington - Rosario Beach
Fidalgo - Padilla Bay