Taiwan · 17 Days · 79 Moments · May 2017

Shopaholic's Diary in Taiwan

30 May 2017

Reflections or Space?

20 May 2017

This marks the end of our Taiwan trip😭😭😭 and also means we have to go back to work😩😩😩
Pork Burger from Macs. Only available in Taiwan. It's pork cutlet with Nacho Cheese sauce! I must say it's quite good even though I am not a burger fan😌
象山 | If a 山 don't 象山, what is a 山 supposed to 象? #badpuns LOL
Chia Te | Josh followed me to Nanjin MRT (so sweet☺️) to buy this famous pineapple tart. The thing is, I don't like pineapple tarts at all, but this is sooo gooood. We queued for a good 20mins to get in the shop and queue another 10mins to buy. Thankfully we came slightly earlier cos the queue suddenly became DOUBLE the line omg heng. And I also dropped my metro card somewhere here TT SO SAD
Last cheap bubble tea SOBSSSS. Got the Green Milk Tea from 50岚
Lunch at the Orh Lua place at XiMenDing. Carrot cake is 😚, Orh Lua is ☺️, but the 卤肉饭 is abit fail🌚
Le Phare | Watermelon x Milk. Whoever thought of this combination, you are such a genius. Good for thirst quenching!!
象山 | Hiking up the Elephant Mountain is no joke in the sweltering heat LOL. We were all drenched in sweat after climbing 600ft height of stairs🌚🌚🌚 Good workout after a long while😂 it was just stairs after stairs for like a good 15-20mins😌 BUT THE VIEW WAS SO WORTH IT. Just a short painful climb for a gorgeous view of Taipei/ Taipei101😍😍😍
Look at our similar sitting positions LOL ft. Teresa
Delish yam-red bean-salted york fried ball. Damn good.
It's a mermaid kind of life😂😂😂
Tattoo sets!
Loots from second round of massive shopping in WuFenPu and XiMenDing. Bought more denim, some tops, and a pink bomber which is soooo pretty😍😍😍 Gonna miss this enabling shopping life with Teresa in Taipei😭
Shine Glam from Pony I'm Meme x Limited Edition Gudetama lipstick from Holika. The only 2 makeup items I grabbed😌 The lipstick from Holika was sold out in Seoul when I went and finally found them here!!

19 May 2017

The shop name is legit called "Come Buy" HAHAHAHA. Anyway, this is Honey-scented Roselle Black Tea!
Can you believe it after all these days that I'm here, this is my FIRST TAIWAN SAUSAGE?? HAHAHAH. Amazing. The last time when I came I ate like at least 1 stick a day. OZC recommended to eat with raw garlic which is good but the aftertaste of garlic after the meal is...😟
Went to Songshan because of the raved ginger duck. But sadly the shop is STILL CLOSED because of sabbatical leave (simi...)!!! So anyway we just ate at this bento shop, turns out its good. The 卤肉饭 could be better though, too much fatssss
Teresa's treat. This is light oolong milk tea!
This mee sua. Genius. Love the oysters and pig intestines so yummy!
Tattoos!! All so pretty. Camped outside the shop for awhile cos the owner went out for a lunch break. Bought mostly for souvenirs!

18 May 2017

Feasting for supper! All bought from XiMenDing. I especially LOVE the fried squid, soooo goood. The oyster omelette was very unique and quite nice too!
Dinner at a random place with a lot of people just outside Shihfen district. They ordered pig's lungs and said it tasted damn piggy HAHAHAH so I tried with (too much) ginger, coriander and sauce and could only feel the texture.
Fly away!!! Bring our hopes and dreams to a better place!!
Pinghsi | Supposed to write our hopes and dreams but ended up writing rubbish and nonsense on our lantern😂😂😂
十分 Waterfall Park! It was a short and easy hike to view this beauty!
Genius peanut ice-cream rolls!!
Dessert at Ruifang | THIS IS DAMN DELICIOUS. Fresh milk tofu with red bean and yam cubes, omg I cannot describe how good it is!!! And also the brown sugar muah chee deserves a thumbs up!!
Lunch at Ruifang | I had delicious 干面!
Featuring my Taipei Hair again LOL
Ft. Teresa and Nik
Train tracks are one of the best photo backdrops!!
YAY MY LOOTS FROM WUFENPU!! Accidentally swiped all my money away TT. But so happy with all my buys. Finally got a black bomber jacket; the dude was super friendly and kept talking to us - he went to Singapore last December and he liked it! And plus he gave me a huge discount on my jacket😂😂😂 I also bought two denim pants and a pretty denim jacket with flower embroidery!! And a nice lace aztec sorta outerwear😌 and a pretty floral headband!! Oh and also a pink striped tee cos I saw it on Fayth's shop and I found it similar😂

17 May 2017

XiMenDing night market | Sweet and peppery quail eggs for NT20! Special post cos I super love this!!
XiMenDing Night Market | Teresa, ZC and I were in charge of buying supper. Ended up eating more than what we bought? HAHAH. We got a yam-peanut ice-cream wrap, stinky tofu (so stinkkkk), and quail eggs. We took away 卤肉饭, pig's blood (UGHHHH), 甜不辣, yummy grilled chicken, and 洋葱饼!
Enter Space | LOL we literally entered space since this time, the theme is called Zone, about a space mission. AND WE COMPLETED IT!! Again at the 58th minute LOL with the help of our trusty partner who actually gave us quite a bit of clues LOLOL
Check out my fashion for shopping today. Armed with a tattoo and headband hehe
Lunchhh. 菜贩!
Teresa's food journey begins with 洋葱饼!!
The bubble tea recommended by my hair stylist!
This deliciousssss pork x century egg and seafood porridge bowlsss. With sides comprising FRIED PIG INTESTINES AND NGOH HIANG. So goooooddddd i loveee
Maggie partayyy
Escape Room experience at Taiwan's Enter Space! It's a cafe x escape room experience!! We were allocated to do the Shakespeare's story. AND MANAGED TO COMPLETE AND ACHIEVE PERFECT ENDING!! Shall not disclose much because it spoils the game for others, but it was really fun!! About SGD20 per pax for 1hour, and we were also served pre-introductions and post-summaries!
Another 纯粹喝 collected and down my tummy!

16 May 2017

Just a random night scene at Da An MRT station
Ding Tai Fung in Taipei101 | Legit Taiwan Original😜 delicious xiaolongbao and fried rice, what more can I ask for?! Thankful we came early, otherwise look at the queueeeee
And mandatory shots with Taipei101. Nik found this puddle and we did some creative shots with it!
While walking towards Taipei City Hall, can't help but do some serious pretentious shots HAHAHHA
We all got Taipei hair😂
Took a leap of faith and did my curls at Crazy Cut in XiMenDing😂 because we were considered "early bird" customers, we get discounted pricing! I had wash, cut, perm, and treatment all for less than SGD120!! So worth it!!! Spent an entire half day there and the boys were bored to death window shopping😌
Another hair modeling session outside the shop using Teresa's depth effect😂
Some serious hair modeling going on right there. Photos taken by my hair stylist😂
This delicious yam pastry that we bought together with the 太阳饼, apparently it's a traditional pastry, specialised in taiwan. Super niceeeeee!!

15 May 2017

THIS. Is the HOT STAR 超大鸡排!!! Omg damn good hahaha which explains why the queue was superrr long.
YAYYYYYY WE FOUND THE ORIGINAL KOI IN XIMENDING!! It's called 50岚 here in Taiwan. And epic much, it is SO CHEAP? Like half the price of Singapore's? It's 40TWD for a M-sized bubble milk tea which is freaking SGD1.90 omg. I'm so gonna drink this in TW everyday then detox back in SG😂😂😂 so many flavours I could try!!
Ah Chung Mian Xian! Yay very nice, saucey with pig intestines haha. Teresa and I shared a large bowl with garlic, chilli, and coriander😁
THIS VIEWWWW. The reward after completing the shopping at Jiufen😂
Night view of Jiufen!
Us getting some 太阳饼 recommended by Teresa's colleague. It was super good!! We also bought some mini yam puffs cos it was deliciouss
Hahaa they were tempted by this ice cream in puff pastry thingee. Ft Nik!
My first legit bubble tea! I ordered earl grey flavour👍🏻 the bubbles here are made of black sugar which makes it extra nice! They also serve bubble tea with baileys but we couldn't really taste it😌
HIGHLIGHT AT JIUFEN | THIS IS THE BEST 小笼包 HAHAHAHA. The skin of the dumplings were firm, yet easy to chew and soft. None of us broke the dumplings accidentally😜 Plus the "soup" (pork lard duh), was delishhhhh. Super satisfied, we initially ordered 2 笼s but cos it was so good, we ordered another 笼!24 dumplings for 6 hungry people hahah. Plus we ordered fried rice with sausage (has the "wok-smell" which is very good), kang kong (so-so), and chicken (nice!). We enjoyed this meal very much!!
Jiufen | T'was a rainy day, so we didn't get to take many photos of the streets. Busy hopping around avoiding rain puddles😢
We finally arrived at Jiufen after 2 long bus rides!!
Jinshan District | Almond drink x Nougats
Jinshan District | Zi char for lunch! The fried seafood ball, squid and noodles are good!! This place is very interesting, cos the kitchen and the dining area is separated by a small street, so patrons need to pick up dishes of their choices and carry the dishes back to the dining area to eat😂 brings self-service to a whole new level!
Jinshan District. It was sunny but started to drizzle the moment we got off the bus!!
Midnight Declaration + Shu's forfeit was to do a bummerang😂
纯粹喝 | Earl Grey milk tea for supperrr
Hello to my loots! 1. Pastel blue cardi 2. Bunny tshirt 3. Rose gold ring with coloured stones All for less than SGD45!

14 May 2017

Our airbnb (girls' dorm)!
Rao He Night Market! Had a great time shopping for clothes and eating😂 1. Black pepper pork buns - super long queue (cos famous), the bun is very soft with slightly crispy skin, and black pepper pork filling👍🏻 2. Rose salt beef cubes - very tender and juicy, but couldn't really taste the rose in the salt! 3. Grilled scallops - tasty! The rest also bought baked seafood clam shell, dumplings, onion pie, red bean pancake, yam-coconut milk, etc. sometimes I really dropped my mouth in awe at how they could eat so much HAHA
First dinner in Taipei! Had dry noodles with 卤肉 sauce and some small dishes and soups which were delicious. What's best of all is that the whole meal only costs SGD3 per pax?!
First drink I bought in Taiwan - definitely 纯粹喝!! So many varities here in Taiwan I'm in Heaven!! Got the rose honey milk tea because it's so unique, it tasted abit like our local Singaporean Bandung, but less sweet! Plus it's so cheap here, like NT28 per bottle only (about SGD1.20?) Best drink evaaaaa
View from the Taoyuan Taipei MRT that was newly built this April 2017! Makes travelling to Taipei city so much more convenient. Touched down safely in Taiwan, paid for unlimited 4G for 10days + ezlink card before rushing for the express train to Taipei Main Station. All in all it was a very smooth journey!