Singapore, South Korea · 10 Days · 149 Moments · October 2017

우리마음에한국저장! Save Korea in our ❤️

22 October 2017

CAFFE BENE // Last meal in Seoul // Had to down them in a rush because we miscalculated the boarding time - took too long to get through immigration and shop around in the Airport😞
O’SULLOC // we wanted to find “A Twosome Place” but luckily we couldn’t find it and got lost and happen to be on the street with Myeongdong’s O’Sulloc!! YAY GEM FOUND HAHAH cos I’ve heard raved reviews of its matcha and hojicha...didn’t disappoint with their matcha cream roll and Hojicha O’Freddo😝
Paiks’ Coffeeee yay to milk tea and original mixed coffee

21 October 2017

LOOK AT OUR CUTIES😍😍😍 so funny how we got a free poster (apparently it’s the last) for buying so many Wanna One biscuits and chocolate - but we got Sungwoon😞
YAYYY TO EDIYAAA | I actually love their toffee nut latte😘
Apparently the “best army stew” in Myeongdong; It’s nice, not fantastic😂 but definitely cheap!!
Ttukseom Hangang Park | AUTUMN’S SEOUL GOOD! Love the weather
Typical Common Ground photo😜
THIS IS A GEM NOT TO BE MISSED // We chanced upon this place at Common Ground - a hipster container hangout market - and found this western restaurant called ANALOG - serving pastas and typical western food!! The queue was substantial and the place was crowded; plus the food drawn us in HAHAHA. We ordered a green grape ade x creamy shrimp pasta x meatballs and fries and OMG THEY ARE ALL SO GOOD? And the portions are really generous. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
This pretty mirror lake in Seoul Park😍
Seoul Park Seoul Pretty
Community farm maybe? Looks so pretty!
Queueing for Isaac toast right now😜

20 October 2017

All the different formentation rooms! There’s salt, charcoal, jade, loess ball, ice room etc and we tried all except the super hot ones that we didn’t dare to (up to 80+deg!) there’s also a restaurant, gaming facilities, sleep area and saunas😜
SILOAM JIMJILBANG | You must do this when you come to Korea for full Korean experience😂 this is us after our “traumatic” bathing and showering because you are not allowed to wear any clothes to the bath area😂
Walking on #Seoullo! A sky rise walking platform that connects a few of Seoul’s stations together
OUR FULL YOOGANE EXPERIENCE | A must-eat in Korea! We ordered the fresh chicken cheese ring, and ended off with ramen and fried rice. DELICIOUS albeit spicy. Our in-house alcohol expert and special Seoulmate also made us soju x mekju which made us all red and warm after downing it😂 Ps. Suffering from the yoogane smell everywhere right now even ten times of foot spray didn’t work on my clothes and bag🌚
Myeong-dong! Where we spend all our nights here for shopping and chilling and eating and of course sleeping because our accommodation is just RIGHT INSIDE here🤣
Not sure who this is probably some Kpop star so just take a photo😜
Nooooo it’s time to return our beautiful traditional Korean hanbok😭😭😭 we don’t want to
Back at Bukchon Hanok Village
Moving onto Unhyeonggung! Found this little gem just outside of Gyeongbokgung - it’s the old house of one of the Joseon kings before he moved into the palace
Wefies in Hanbok
Just love the fall colour a
Beautiful hair part 2😜
Beautiful hair
Our royal guard
HAHAH time travelled into the modern world
We were hungry after snapping photos and videos around Gyeongbokgung in the morning. We decided to walk nearby to hunt for lunch - we didn’t get any recommendation so we planned to check out where locals go! Spotted this quaint little shop run by two ahjummas and walked in! Nice, friendly, cosy Korean eating place with delicious authentic Korean hot pot of bulgogi and budge jiggae!
Life of a Joseon lady🙊
Korean folk village
Getting ready to be transformed!
Waiting for 3355manse hanbok stall to open for our second hanbok experience~

19 October 2017

Done w being a dude for the day!
Revisiting Changdeokgung
I secretly want to be a Sungkyunkwan Scholar😌
Bukchon Hanok Village
Disguised as a Yangban and brought her royal sister out to play
I’m a Yangban/Sungkyunkwan scholar and Janice is a royal princess today!! We felt like stars cos there were many tourists taking photos of/with us😂 not sure if they thought that we were Koreans?
Felt so popular being a man // Huron Secret Garden
Our first hanbok experience at OneDay Hanbok!
Good morning!

18 October 2017

No time for dinner - so we went to grab Mango cheesecake Bingsu and Injeolmi toast instead at Korean Dessert Cafe - just 2 mins outside our accomm!
Looks from a whole day of shopping at Ewha-Sinchon and Hongdae-Hongik😁
Shopped till we dropped at Sinchon-Ewha University Street and Hongdae University Street. Getting some Korean influence here!
Our first proper meal in Seoul! Andong Jjimdak with cheese! We walked in cos we see so many locals inside😜
Gongcha // succumbed to bubble tea anyway. Honey Lemon x Chocolate Milk Tea
Checked in at Blue Mountain Myeong-dong!! It is so convenient, within the Myeong-dong shopping area🤣
SEE YOU AGAIN JEJUUUU YOU WERE GREAT (even though you gave us bad weather I still love you)! WE WILL BE SURE TO COME BACK TO VISIT AGAIN

17 October 2017

JEOJANG | Yeongsil Trail
Angel-in-Us Coffee😇 Jan ordered a cookies and cream snow while I got a banana snow. Both are good! We also got a comfy Japanese style seat😌
The Olleh Guk Su noodle that Jan was craving for. We finally had it today! The pork was very soft (though fatty) and the soup is delishhh. Felt like sthg you could find in ding tai feng or crystal jade YAY to a good meal after a long and tiring hike! PS: Jo has reached her meat quota for the week after this meal 😅
Fun fact: how trash (and humans) can be transported easily down hallasan😂😂😂
Hallasan - Eorimok trail | Chanced upon a field of meadow 📸
Whoever said Eorimok is easy? There are too many flights of rocks and stairs - but not complaining for the breathtaking view
YAYYYY WITSEOREUMN SHELTER! WE MADE IT! Haha but what goes up must come down🤣
WE MADE IT! Nothing like a warm bowl of ramyeon in Witseoreum Shelter but a long, tiring, cold hike! (Not to mention the strong winds😌)
Last stretch!!
Autumn feels~ so happy that we witnessed the arrival of fall atop Hallasan
Just a little more~
THIS IS SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!😍😍😍 Pictures DO NOT do justice to this beauty. Youngsil Scenic Trail (3.7KM) +2.5KM from ticket office to entrance
Hallasan - Yeongsil trail (Part 2 of Trail) | The view recharged us to conquer the long winding stairs
This lovely old Japanese couple offered to help us take a photo☺️
Our very first checkpoint rewarded us with a beautiful view that will eventually keep us going up and up and up that flight of (death) stairs! It was peaceful until a whole group of hikers came up and fought for space 😂
Ready to hike up this beauty!
Hallasan - Yeongsil trail | Waking up at 5am in the morning to catch the first bus to Hallasan at 6.30am☺️ ft. First stretch of Youngsil Trail

16 October 2017

Piping hot seafood kimchi stew and kimchi fried rice near our accomm! We walked into this shop as we saw that it was one of the most crowded along the food street😂😂😂
Evidence of strong winds🤣
Found a little gem at Hamdeok beach. We were stranded and couldn’t go to Manjaggul Cave as planned cos the last admission is at 5.10pm and the next connecting bus will only come an hour later at 5pm-.- we didn’t want to make all the way northeast for nothing, so we googled for a place along the Olle trail to visit! We ended up at Delmoondo Cafe, at Hamdeok Beach for Mango Smoothie and Tiramisu. YUMS! Fun fact #1: 2days1night filmed here before 🤣 Fun fact #2: you need to walk like a crab at Hamdeok beach otherwise your umbrella will flip upside down and downside up 🤣
When you are so desperate to escape - mistaking an Olle Trail stamp station for a telephone booth😂 wanted to use the booth to hire a taxi but I guess plan failed
BB.Q Chicken and Beer that made us late and couldn’t go to Manjaggul Cave as planned😩 but nevertheless, juicy fried chicken drenched in sauce will never go wrong!
Our cozy accommodation at Sejong Hotel!
View of Cheonjiyeon from our room!
바나나 flavored latte🤣
Sights to and from Oedolgae Rock
2hours hike for the Oedolgae Rock. Though the weather was bad, it is still a sight to behold! Glad we braved the rain to see this🤣

15 October 2017

덕성원 | Deog Seong Won - recommended for legit JAJJANGMYEON in Seogwipo. NICE!☺️☺️☺️
Eating brownie and biscuits cos like we were hoping for a cab to come around but unfortunately there was NONE
LOL we went up seopjikoji dry and down wet like 🤔 battled the deaths of the wind and rain I can’t even describe the feeling
Quick, take a photo w GoPro and go!
Seopjikoji | Endured the wind and rain slap for this
All prepared to battle seopjikoji!!!
Myeongjin Jeonbok | Of claypot abalone and mackerel x abalone porridge☺️ apparently this place is one of the most famous in the whole of Jeju!
WE HAVE ARRIVED AT 명진전복 (Myeongjin Jeonbok)! Recommended for their abalone dishes. Can’t wait...but need to wait 30mins
Accidentally walking along the Olle Trail 20
New fashion?
Finally eating the breakfast we bought...after a great climb
Not worthy of such beauty😍 | Seongsan Ilchulbong
Jeojang at Seongsan!
Yay we reached the peak!
Hello Seongsan Winds😌
On the way to Seongsan Ilchulbong | Change of plans because of rainy weather. Evil Minion Chocolate Milk is cute and tastes legit!

14 October 2017

RANDOM STOP JEOJANG!📷 (spot the lighthouses behind)
Matcha latte☺️ - Jo
Unfortunately we DO NOT HAVE ANY PHOTOS OF GRILLED PORK because apparently we ate them all too quickly (our proper meal after breakfast)😅😅😅 how unfortunate
HAHAH this is so cute!! Jan bought the taro milk one so verdict will be out tmr😂
This is some market that we happen to walk past. Full of night life!
LOOK AT THAT BBQ MEAT // even though they messed up our order and gave us both (white) and black pork belly instead of (white) pork belly and black pork neck😅 still delicious though!
Look at this 돼지 eating her fellow porky wrapped in lettuce, marinated spring onion, soy bean paste, special bbq sauce, etc cos I cannot remember and I HAVE TO POST THIS BEFORE JAN STOPS ME FROM POSTING
Porky pig so pretty gotta take some photos before it gets grilled
JEONGBANG WATERFALL | The only waterfall to pour directly into the open sea in Asia
Swipe right for this doggy that smelt the brownie and trailed behind us hoping to have a piece...but we didn’t feed it cos brownie + dog = diarrhea
Grim Reaper x Goblin | Guess who is who HAHA
On the way to Socheonji | All those who wander are not long as you follow the Olle Tags
The far far away island that we kept taking photos with and off but...we don’t know the name HAHAHAH
Olle olle!
Just found a random photo spot for a photo op😂
I believe this is Sengyidol🤗
Continue on Olle Trail 6 | This is us being obsessed with the lighthouse AND JEOJANG LOL
🎬 @ lighthouse // expectation vs reality
Hallabong latte | Latte with a Jeju Orange twist☺️
SEOSOKKAK | First stop of the Olle Trail 6 / Greenish blue waters are my fav - Jo
Breakfast at Negeori | The fellow Singaporean who recommended us the abalone soup also recommended this place for their fish soup! And after googling we realised it’s just across the street from our hotel! 😂😂😂 1min walk away. So we decided to head there for breakfast. We ordered hairtail fish soup, and grilled sea bream. Verdict: HMMM we still prefer fish soup our Singaporean way but it’s worth a try!!!

13 October 2017

Double supper date w Wanna One Jihoonie and Kang Daniel!! Hahaha must try the biscuits that our cuties endorsed❤️
Re-enacting Jihoonie’s Goo Goon Ga Ga aegyo😂
HAIYOH someone peel lobster for me and feed me abalone siaaa 😙
An accidental glimpse of the cheonjiyeon fall 😍
Abalone meal 🤤 where we met a fellow Singaporean who introduced to us the nice abalone stew 🤤
🎬 @ Cheonjiyeon Falls
How darting away from work on a Friday feels like
Our room at Vistacay Hotel Cheonjiyeon! Best hotel I’ve stayed in Korea since the last trip😂 so spacious and clean with AN AMAZING VIEWW OF SEOGWIPO!!!😍😍😍
The air stewardess suddenly made everyone play scissors paper stone on the plane😂
Too hungry so we bought Paris Baguette for “lunch” - Dorayaki x Potato Coroque😂 not sure why the Coroque is ranked #1
Bo liao while waiting for domestic flight
Transiting to Gimpo Airport
On-board the all-stop-train to Gimpo Airport!
Lol I think we are damn genius. Just judge by the colour and assume it is chocolate milk! Then after we bought and tried it and wondered why it tastes more like coffee-flavored milk. And good thing we can read Korean cos it says 커피맛우유 = COFFEE FLAVORED MILK LOL
Goodnight it’s movie time!!! ✈️