Singapore · 517 Days · 97 Moments · January 2017

Everything Delish

3 June 2018

The best Tau Gua Bao because this is the only place that I know of and also because it tastes damn great🤣 mixture of duck, cucumber, crispy yam, egg wrapped in bean curd skin

1 June 2018

Pepperoni’s | Pretty much worth the 30mins wait for these gigantic pizzas! XXL PIZZAS ARE 🤪 And they also serve great Lychee Bellinis

29 May 2018

Ding Tai Fung | Can’t beat the XLBs here🤪
Matchaya | Matcha so awesome!
Tolido’s Espresso Nook | Good coffee, Good food, Good company🤪🤪🤪

27 May 2018

Creamier | Earl Grey Lavender x Waffles

19 May 2018

Pablo’s | Matcha X Chocolate Tarts
Shiok Maki | The name says it all
Alter Ego | Original Shoyu Poke Bowl x Beloved Sangria

22 April 2018

Group Therapy Coffee | 🤪🤪🤪

15 April 2018

Curious Palette | Summer Berry Pancake x SPAM FRIES x Pulled Pork

13 April 2018

Teppei @ Orchid Hotel | Chirashi was well seasoned😊

3 April 2018

Bijin Nabe | My Go-To comfort food😘

1 April 2018

Japanese Gourmet Hall @ Changi Airport

23 March 2018

This Duck Kway Chap and Ma La behind Jurong’s CPF building👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

18 March 2018

Fresh Fruits Lab // Cake Galore

25 February 2018

Le Claire | Earl Grey Latte from Cheok x Mushroom/ Bacon Pies

24 February 2018

D’Good Cafe | Prawn Aglio Olio x Lychee Mousse Cake

22 February 2018

Osaka Ohsho | Grape Gyoza and Fried Rice and Tendon!

10 February 2018

Houjicha soft serve from Twenty Grammes

6 February 2018

Standing Sushi Bar | But sitting for our dinner HAHA. Nice sashimi/ gobbled down by mentai salmon aburi even before I took a photo. Plum wine was at $5 cos it’s 50% off during traditional tuesdays! And bye Trina, bye to singlehood!

4 February 2018

Fish Head Steamboat at Beach Road | 🤪🤪🤪 all my favourites

30 January 2018

PicnicSG | Foie Gras Beef Bowl is the deal.

28 January 2018

Roland’s | Nice dim sum, even nicer chilli crab!

27 January 2018

Zhenhui got us free eclairs from Leclaire:)
Because hougang’s economic beehoon stall is just TOO GOOD

16 January 2018


14 January 2018

Megumi | Sashimi with Sake is ❤️ We had raw Itoyori so yums
Ding Tai Fung

13 January 2018

Kimchi Restaurant | I super love the banchan here! The Kimchi is authentic and grapeee

11 January 2018

Swee Choon with my #BROMOsaurs | hmm did we overdo the dim sum?

10 January 2018

The Wicked Garlic | Favourite King Prawn Aglio Olio and Creamy Pesto Chicken Penne

9 January 2018

The Dark Gallery | Featuring 70% and 80% dark chocolate and red velvet!
Senmi Sushi | One for one premium chirashi (swordfish, fatty tuna, salmon chunks, scallop)

7 January 2018

Tampico Grand | THIS MEAL FREAKING WOULDVE COST US $1K WHUT?! Thankfully there was 50% discount...ate Otoro like kings haha shucks so goood🤪🤪🤪

3 January 2018

Leisure Tori King | Still one of my top faves ramen!

29 December 2017

Favourite Mee Pok
Ichiban Boshi | Aburi bowl - what are we celebrating again?🤔

27 December 2017

Eunos Food Centre’s Char Kway Teow - unhealthy much? HAHA.

25 December 2017

Flaming Don🔥 | We got 1 for 1 cos the promotion is still on-going! It’s like $30 for 3 bowls of goodness. Ft Wagyu and Pork!

24 December 2017

Another “weekly” affair at Sushi Tei
Paddy Hills on Christmas Day | Great food, great coffee, great company!🤩 Especially love the duck confit with coffee waffle it’s so goooood! And dessert was just photogenic on a plate

23 December 2017

Haha hello guess who’s back at LeClaire?

21 December 2017

& Why... | Should someone come here? Cos the food is quite not bad, just a tad pricier😪

20 December 2017

The Wicked Garlic | Jan and I have been walking past this place quite a bit going to Korean Class..I’m glad we tried (but should’ve done so earlier!) we both love the Aglio Olio King Prawn♥️

17 December 2017

The White Rabbit | Celebrating dad and mom’s anniv!! Ft. Wagyu burger, lobster sandwich, smoked salmon egg bens and fruity açaí bowl🤩🤪

15 December 2017

Jumbo Seafood (again) | This time we feasted on lobster sashimi, steamboat, tilapia, and satayyy

14 December 2017

Katanashi @ Boat Quay | Nessa brought us to another of her recommended izakayas; highlights were the soft juicy pork, salmon claypot rice (didn’t get to take a nice photo of it!) and all things mentaiko🤣 Oh and they serve great sake and lychee umeshu! They do Kanpais too!

10 December 2017

Manzouku | First time downing a cup of sake on my own😏 // alcohol tolerance getting better and higher And mentaiko oysters were the 😁😁😁

7 December 2017

JINzakaya | Beautiful bowl of Chirashi with Yuzu Umeshu

6 December 2017

Westgate Food Republic’s Phad Thai is not bad☺️

3 December 2017

Manhattan’s Fish Market🤨
Gongcha’s back in Singapore YAY | ft. Brown Sugar Milk Tea

2 December 2017

Kaga Umeshu | Got this at Don Don Donki😌 For $37 this umeshu is nubbad!!!
Dalkomm = Happiness in a cup

30 November 2017

麻辣不辣 | 🤣🤣 Mala is good without the spicyness

29 November 2017

Tim Ho Wan | The famous pork buns!!!

26 November 2017

JUMBO Seafood | Featuring my FAVOURITE GRILLED TILAPIA HOW DO THEY MAKE THEIR FISH TASTE SO GOOD I CANNOT?!🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪 too bad my grandpa already snapped up the head🤣 Tour guides will ask you to eat chili crab yeah it’s good with fried mantous but steamed crab is better Btw the crab was like wayyy above $500 you kidding me🌚
Craftsmen Specialty | Iced Caramel Latte after a hot yoga class is 🤪

24 November 2017

Hokkaido Soft Serve @ Takashiyama | The rum and raisin was the bomb ft. black sesame
Santouka | Awase-Aji Ramen; which is a mix soup base of shio, miso and shoyu - LOVE!
EAT Hainese Curry Rice | comparable with Encik Tan’s version🤪

23 November 2017

So Pho | Beef slices, great soup🤩

22 November 2017

Daily Cut | Steak was the deal🤪
Chai’s Fish Soup | Fried egg🤪

21 November 2017

Salad corner | One of my favourite healthy office lunch

20 November 2017

This new Japanese stall at Westgate Food Court (I forgot the name)🤣🤣 A new option for my vegetarian day!! Featuring soba al dente, tempura pumpkin and purple sweet potato🤪

19 November 2017

London Fat Duck | When I say Fat Duck...I really meant Fat Duck it’s so fat and tasty!! Nice crispy roasted pork and chicken feet there
Aji Ichi | Explored the new Singapore Post Office and decided to try this new Japanese food opened by Aston’s! Omg I like it hahaa the portions are generous and food is good and affordable
正宗生成著名豆干包 | my favorite “Tau Gua Bao” because I only eat from this one stall HAHAHA but I think this is one of the rare stalls in Singapore selling stuffed beancurd

18 November 2017

Ding Tai Fung | Most affordable 小笼包 and yummy pork chop egg fried rice😚

16 November 2017

BGAIN 130 EATING HOUSE | 小碗面// The only other fishball noodle store that is on par with my favorite one at Bedok 16

12 November 2017

Sushi Teh | Ootoro so good Gramps ordered 3 plates (which costs $90+?!) and ft. Mekajiki/Swordfish and Octopusss

11 November 2017

Hougang’s Economic Beehoon | LOLOLOL if you ask me why I like to eat here, it’s because both their beehoon and noodles are all up to standard and the side dishes are 👍🏻

10 November 2017

Sunday Folks | It’s been some time since I visited! Earl Grey x Lavender ice cream on yummy crispy waffles👍🏻

5 November 2017

Kotobuki | Look at the beautiful rolls of salmon belly sashimi + my salmon-hamachi sashimi bowl☺️
320 Below | Super love their banana honeycomb ice cream😘

3 November 2017

Matchaya | Hojicha edition😜
Four fingers | Crispy soy chicken wings and drumlets; as usual I only need 2 fingers🤣

2 November 2017

Ninja Cut | Swipe left for the most delicious Oceans of Mentaiko🤣

29 October 2017

Maguro Donya | TUNA OVERLOAD!!! We had all the cuts of tuna it’s amazing

28 October 2017


8 October 2017

South Union Park | BEST BROWNIE EVERRR! Ft. Warm brownie x salted caramel ice cream x crumbs Hazelnut semi freddo x chocolate mousse (Delicious) iron flat steak (#throwback to London) Duck confit tagaliette Duck gravy poutine (can't beat Canada's!)

7 October 2017

Matchaya | How to get your matcha cravings satisfied. Houjicha is my ultimate favourite☺️

1 October 2017

Ah Huat/ Hong Mao Wanton Noodles | Favourite wantons☺️

30 September 2017

L' eclair | High tea sets for 4❤️ one of the best eclair and pastry I've ever had!

29 September 2017

Men Don Tei | Always patronised for their teriyaki chicken ramen, but opted for mentaiko salmon don this time - best decision☺️

23 September 2017

Shukuu Japanese Izakaya & Sake Bar | Umeshu is my new found ❤️; the pork jowl/ mentaiko rosti/ pork&beef dons were the highlight☺️

13 August 2017

Senmi Sushi | Check out this giant chirashi don that’s wayyy bigger than ma face🤣

12 March 2017

Rollie Ollie | Delicious rolls and poke bowls

22 January 2017

Tajiyama Yakiniku | Yummy meat galore

11 January 2017

Ninja Cut | Died at the Matcha Pancake❤️

8 January 2017

Tampopo | Bara chirashi love

2 January 2017

Dal.Komm| One of my favourite coffee hangouts