Singapore, Japan, Taiwan · 10 Days · 182 Moments · May 2017

Yahho~ Nippon

14 May 2017

I want to thank my two cups (daddy and mummy) for making this Japan trip happen!! It is indeed memorable and I can't wait for the next trip...teehee
The elderly couple beside me is soo nice especially the auntie!! She "chased" her husband away to let me have a look at the volcano(?) and also gave me some sweets from Japan😂
HAHAHA IDK IS THIS A VOLCANO? Suddenly everyone started looking out of the plane and moving around to see this. Saw the full thing but by the time I took this photo, the wing freaking blocked it SIGHS
The flight😂 As I'm typing this the plane is making its way for take-off! See you soon Japan! I had a lot of fun and food😂😂😂 I really hope I didn't gain weight otherwise it will be hard to lose!!
Me saying SEE YOU to my family as I checked into Narita for my flight to Taipei😢 Photo credits: Daddy
Brunch or Lunch? While waiting for boarding at Narita Airport
Banana latte x Financier for supper😋

13 May 2017

TOKYO DISNEYLAND | THANK YOU LAND OF SMILES FOR BRINGING ME HAPPINESS ONCE AGAIN. Think we made our half day worth it by taking > 10 rides!! Especially love the big thunder mountain, pooh, and peter pan. So sad that we didn't have time for splash mountain and small world/space mountain were closed!! CRIES. But we still had lots and lots of fun though!! Indeed the happiest place on Earth!
BIG THUNDER MOUNTAIN TRAIN. So good we took twice in a row😂😂😂
Winnie the Pooh
Thou shalt not leave without taking the mandatory castle shot!!
ULTIMATE FAVOURITE FOOD IN DISNEY | HUNGRY BEAR RESTAURANT. So much love for this place that I would insist on eating this again each time we visit Tokyo Disneyland. Because eating piping hot delicious japanese curry and katsu outdoors is just perfect. Hands down my favourite restaurant across ALL the theme parks😂
Chicken thigh at Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall😌
Noooo small world why do you have to renovate now😭😭😭
Haunted Mansion~~~
Why do you have to rainnnnnn and drizzleeeee
First ride: Buzz Lightyear Astrobusters!! Me 9900 vs mum 3500 HAHAH but both of us were thrashed
Because we bought the starlight ticket and we reached Disneyland too early (we can only enter at 3pm). My brother bought this umbrella so we had fun taking photos with it with the Disneyland Resort as the backdrop! Our shoes and pants were all soaked running in and out of the rain😂😂😂
Ramen at Tokyo Station | Ore-Shiki Jun! We just randomly went into one shop which had a nice "profile picture" of their ramen LOL and there was an okay queue. Turns out it was a good choice cos the food were awesome! Thick pork broth ramen soup, juicy gyoza, and their curry is nice and cheap too. Thumbs up!!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
This bento box food stall in Tokyo station. Sooo crowded but the food looks good!

12 May 2017

We came here in 2012. The nostalgia.
Pork. Yakitori.
Back to the street in Shinjuku where we had the BEST YAKITORI EVER in 2012!! The shop is now run by another dude and because the queue was too long, we didn't get to eat it😩
Doutor | Mocha x Matcha latte. Round 2 because Matcha is love
Dinner at a cosy japanese restaurant, seemed to be run by a family. Finally got to eat my craved katsu curry rice!! The katsu was so crisp and tender, yet not oily nor dry at all!!
This couple.
Lake at Narita-san park! Great evening spent here with nice, cooling temperatures☺️ It's like a hidden treasure in Narita as there were almost no tourists?
Hidden temple at Narita-san park. So quaint and beautiful😍
Strolling through Narita Old Town
This yakitori store in Narita was actually pretty mehs.
Daisies in Naritaa
The matcha latte is simply genius.
My dad finally found his adzuki taiyaki at Asakusa
Sensoji Temple at Asakusa, Tokyo. Too many people and too warm for my liking🙃
Tsukiji Fish Market| Where street food meets seafood☺️☺️☺️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Black sesame is loveeeeeee
Lunch at Tsukiji | my favourite is the ootoro, although the colour looks funny, it was very fresh and yummy! Had my fill of ikura (salmon fish roe). So much love for chirashi don!
Tsukiji Fish Market | UNI/ fresh sea urchin. By an old japanese uncle. SO FRESH. SO GOOD.

11 May 2017

HAHAHAH we wanted to save money so we decided to walk back to our accomm. Instead we got lost and our monies were donated to vending machines and supermarkets LOL i think we spent more than what the train tickets would cost us. The vending machine culture is too strong to behold.
Shibuya x Nishi-Shinjuku at night. Photo credits to my brother
Nanashi Ramen | Ordered a garlic tonkotsu soup base + onsen egg + gyoza. The soup is soooo goood and tasty!!! Love it😜
Shibuya scrambleeeee
Little crepe shop just outside our accomm! We got the Japanese match special - green tea ice cream, adzuki beans, strawberries (and whipped cream). Deliciouss.
Checked into our last accommodation for the trip! In Shibuya, Tokyo.
My first bento box on the train!
This mochi shop that drew us in with samples of their golden kiwi wrapped in mochi skin. It was delicioussssss and we ordered 1 black Charcoal bamboo version with pineapple. So good! The pineapple was so sweet and the mochi skin is of the right sweetness, texture, and thinness hahaha. I would totally eat a lot of this!! It was so good we decided to go back and order the mango and golden kiwi versions.
Takayama Old Town. Great shopping here for snacks!! I bought this Hida-speciality, a red bean sweet with walnut it was deliciouss. Also bought this matcha biscuit with chocolate filling for souvenir.
Sake Ice Cream - genius invention
Some street food at Takayama Old Town - seared beef sushi
Breakfast at Yatsusankan! What a spread😋 especially LOVE the grilled miso paste in Hida...I'm gonna miss it a lot. I dont like eating rice but with the miso paste it's gooood. We also had our own room for breakkie and it was cosy! Thanks Yatsusankan for the very warm service!☺️☺️☺️
Yatsusankan Onsen - so good I dipped twice at different onsens! The ryokan switches onsens between male and female every day. [photo retrieved from online]

10 May 2017

My bro was appetized by the first maggie and he decided to cook another one😂
Late night snacks!
Outfit 1: two pieces for the onsen!
Outfit 2: Yukata for sleeping
Beds are made and snacks are served!
We are in the town of Hida, which inspired the creation of Itomori, a fictional town that was "destroyed" by a piece of meteorite in the anime Your Name!
Maruaki | Featuring A5 Hida beef! When in Hida, one MUST have the lovely, juicy, tender, Hida beef. So awesome! I especially love the beef slices grilled on Moba leaf with miso paste. It's so soft and tender and tasty! For the grilled beef chunks, it was deliciousss coupled with natural salt, and japanese sweet sauce. Thumbs up to this great find at the quaint little Takayama Old Town!
Takayama Old Town | We took a stroll here in the evening and unfortunately, most of the shops were closed!😭 on the other hand, that also meant less tourists hustling with us☺️
And another rice ball down my stomach😂 this is shrimp-mayo flavoured!
The second ryokan - Yatsusankan☺️☺️☺️
View outside the room!
Checked into our next ryokan for the night! So pretty!! They also served us rawww matcha tea and japanese sweets. The sweets were delishhh
Ogimachi Observatory point - ft. Shirakawa-go! Love the thatched houses😍😍😍
Random flowers blooming
Shirakawa-go | Pretty Gassho-style village!
Black sesame soft serve - this is geniusss and the sesame taste is so good!
Tulip beds😍😍😍😍😍
Gateway linking to the UNESCO World Heritage site - Shirakawa-go, famous for their grassho thatched houses!
Light snacks to fuel ourselvesss
Shirakawa bridge - so surreal!
Cherry blossom~~~
Stay strong, blossom!
Chanced upon this beautiful cherry blossom tree while driving☺️ can't help but take many photos!
Breakfast is served!! Especially love the tamago egg and sizzling brown sauce with rice☺️ so filling!!
Thanks for the night, Kikori!

9 May 2017

DOUTOR AGAIN for supper😂
Our beds are made!!☺️☺️☺️
Goodnight Kikori
Cherry Blossom Sake. Genius drink.
THUMBS UP FOR THIS UNIQUE EXPERIENCE. Food at Kikori is sooo gooood I literally ate everything and am very full now. It started off with appetizer set with an array of fresh seafood in different styles; followed by grilled salmon, vegetable tempura with matcha salt, and Grade 5 beef slices with herbs. Finished the whole meal with rice, miso soup and dessert. The food served were all seasonal and prepared very well! Delicioussss. The whole meal was about SGD60 but totally worth every cent!
On our way for dinner, excited!
Hellooooo we have finally settled down at Kikori, our accomm for the night at Gifu-Hida! Dressed in Yukata and Jimjibang hat for hot springs😂 i like fusion like that!
Kikori Onsen [photo retrieved from website😂]
We are all dressed well in pretty Yukatas!!
Yay checked in at Kikori, it's so beautiful!!! Our legs can stick out into the "balcony"😄
GASSHOOO VILLAGE (lacking in thatched houses😂)
Gassho village☺️
Road trip to Gifu, Hida☺️
Dorayaki, part 2 out of 3 for breakfast/lunch (i had another rice ball that is salmon egg flavoured😜)
On the train from Osaka to Kanazawa (connecting station). Breakfast on-the-go!
6.28AM - ready to set off and catch the train(s) to Takayama!
PABLO - went twice but both times the mini cheese tarts were sold out😭😭😭 so my brother decided to try the bigger tart, which we later then found out wasn't the same as the mini one😂 it still tasted not bad? We need to try the mini ones😌

8 May 2017

Dotonbori - our favourite hangout at night after a day's events. Actually, we visited Dotonbori for 3 nights already😂😂😂 the food there is too good and you dont have enough stomach to cater for all!!
Love Okonomiyaki? We found this quaint little shop selling Okomiyakis at Dotonbori!! Had squid and pork ones - the pork was so soft yet crispy and seasoned VERY WELL. Squid was nice too. The one here has more cabbage compared to Creo Ru's so I preferred this😂 Less batter, more veg! Felt that it was more authentic☺️
That little street part of Dotonbori that we found our Okonomiyaki
See you again, USJ!
HOGSMEADE!!! Actually my favourite part of the Harry Potter world😂 the street is so beautiful and surreal!! With this, 3/4 potter worlds conquered!
A twist of frozen butterbeer. I definitely prefer the original!!
When in Potter World, just keep taking photos!!
THE FLYING DRAGON - scared myself shitless on the lying-position coaster that soared into the sky and started throwing us all around like rag dolls😅😅😅 freaking scary but it was funnnnnn
OMOOOOO SO CUTIEEEEE it's minion ice cream cookies!!! Whoever created this is such a marketing genius. We ordered tiramisu cream and bananaxfruits. Both were good but I found the banana one really special and delish!!!
Oh lookie here I got a talking Bob popcorn box!! So cutieeee when you press the button it speaks Minion language😂😂😂 And the flavour of the popcorn is...BANANAS!!!
Wahhaha Happiness Cafe - very apt for a Minion-themed cafe😂 we settled here for lunch in USJ because they had curry x fried chicken and that's what we should totally eat at a theme park?! The omelette curry was so good, and the fried chicken was so crispy and tasty on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside!! Thumbs up!! This place is good except that it was definitely abit pricey though!!!
Hotttt weather is hottt but not humid!
THANK YOU LOU for helping to buy the tickets to USJ!
Now featuring...The newly opened Minion Park!
Woke up early for breakfast - Nissin currycheese x Boss latte

7 May 2017

Nice and cheap latte☺️
Creo Ru - Okonomiyaki x Yakisoba
ICHIRAN I actually liked this!! The soup especially, is so gooood. Wish the noodles were thicker though!
Takoyaki balls😜😜😜
Chanced upon this nice walkway in Nara
Oh deer, you seem so sleepy
Look deer, I'm just trying to get some wefies here😌
Matcha x Vanilla soft serve swirl
Skipped like 10 vending machines to find a drink I want
KOBE BEEF AS CERTIFIED. It's so soft and literall melts. Together with the salt dipping it was a power combination! But it's abit pricey though it's 40SGD🌚
TUNA MAN as recommended by vanessa. The ootoro and everything were so gooooodddd sooo goood it melts in your mouth! It's so fresh and yummy and I LOVE IT HAHAH thumbs up to this place!!!
We got free ootoro. So delicioussss. 65SGD worth of yumminess
Cannot resist the vending machines😂😂😂
YAYYY CHECKED IN TO A PRETTY TATAMI APARTMENT!! SO NICE!! LOVE IT MAX💕💕💕 My room is the one with the table and cushions. I love this place probably one of a nicest (in terms of cultural) airbnb apartments I have stayed in!! The host was very helpful too!
Just some random Osaka street shots
Today's breakfast that my dad takeaway from a Don shop nearby; ft. Cold Udon and Katsu Don!

6 May 2017

Van Houten will never go wrongg
Went to Uniqlo(YAY) and bumped into Loumum😂 ok so we arranged to meet since we were both in Kyoto!! Caught up abit and then cos Uniqlo was closing in 30mins so we said bye and (hope) to be able to meet in Osaka/Tokyo!! - and I spent very happily in Uniqlo cos tax-free and saleee-
SUSHI BELT@KYOTO ~ 140Yen for normal plates and 346Yen for special plates. We ate like SGD75 worth cos we were so hungry and the sushi and "sashimi" were sooo niceee. Especially the fatty salmon and otoro just melts in your mouth😋😋😋 love it. Dined like bosses and I love it😂
Around the old streets of Gion☺️ nice weather to stroll in!
Arashiyama Market | 4-tea ice cream (sencha, houjicha, matcha and oat tea) vs adzuki danjo (pan-fried matcha mochi topped with red bean) SOOOO GOOOOOD
While ordering the four tea ice cream
Arashiyama Bamboo forest | too many people, too little bamboo😂
Arashiyama Station | beautiful sceneries
While waiting for train, take photos to maximise the kimono!
Lunch - we went to Nishijin Fish Market but ended up having udon😂😂😂 udon in broth, cold udon with tempura and yakisoba (dad wanted udon but said sudon LOL so he got soba) + a plate of fried sticks comprising quail egg, onion, sausage, pork and fish(?)! We couldnt eat as usual cos kimono was too tight hahaha
Dainty little lady-like footsteps
Sadly the Kiyomizu-dera is under renovation🙃 but there are still nice backgrounds to take photos of!
Hanging around in Kimono
Just pure matcha goodness
Walking around in Higashiyama | Ft. Kiyomizu-dera
Just stepped out in my Kimono!! Had such a fun time picking out my kimono, belt and accessories! Starting the day with my first ever Kimono experience!! 5500Yen for outfit and hairdo at Okomoto☺️ slightly pricey but for a whole day experience and photoshoot I think it's worth ittt!
When in thirst, find FamilyMart😜

5 May 2017

Found some night backgrounds in Dotonburi
Please dont judge the amount of takoyaki snacks I bought in Dotonburi😂😂😂
Look at them crowd😅
Me and ma bro
I'd say this wefie was pretty successful
I uhhh tried to follow the instructions to wash my hands but I guess I am a poor student😂
Tried very hard to get a photo without people🙃
Inari Shrine - nice place, but too crowded for my liking!!
Cant get a proper family photo without being bombarded🌚
More street stalls and yummy foods
First food stall - 500yen Gyukushi beef🙊
And a walk down the old streets of Inari
Cos we were all over different train stations todayy
The river just beside our airbnb!
Ooohhh this coffee is actually really good!
Train transfer at Shinagawa to Kyoto!
With a few minutes to spare, we rushed to the nearest vending machine to grab some japanese drinks
Finally~ on our way to Kyoto after a long wait
Bored because the queue to exchange for a Japan Rail Pass was too long + not-so-good customer service. Lesson learnt: just buy the rail tickets off the counter in Japan🙃
We arrived safely at Narita!
Above white fluffy clouds. Gonna be a beautiful day in Naritaa

4 May 2017

Same flight timing, two different destinations! Lainey's going to London, and I'm gg to Nihon😜
YAHHOOO waiting for our flight!!