Indonesia, Singapore · 39 Days · 54 Moments · November 2017

Climbing with Dinosaurs⛰

2 January 2018

My best travel buddy in 2017♥️
Just wanted to dedicated a post to this awesome bunch of #BROMOsaurs. Can’t wait for more adventures to come!
Apparently there is Old Town White Coffee at Surabaya airport// last meal before we ✈️ to Singapore
With Faizal our tour guide and Andre our driver!
#SomuchVogue #NewYearNewFaces #SOfabulous
Spent almost a full day (in total over 4 days) on long bus rides🌚 thankful for the entertainment during the long journey

1 January 2018

Pop! Hotel @ Surabaya☺️
Japanese don for dinner☺️
YAYYYY DQ! Banana caramel toffee blizzard was yumsss The promo says BUY2 GET3
So candid, so good.
Conquered Mount Ijen🌋
Bear caved in to peer pressure and took a photo
Such awesome view after the clouds and fog cleared😍
Legit stick fight
So much ♥️ for this bunch of awesome people
Heroes with masks off🤣 kidding we couldn’t smell the sulphur
Masks on!
Engulfed in Sulphuric Gas on Ijen🤭
Ijen is 😍
First sunrise of 2018 at Mount Ijen!
Sunrise at Ijen😍

31 December 2017

Just a beach near the restaurant
Did we overorder?🌚
The morning view at Cafe Lava🤩
Potential album cover?
Jeep shots😍
Jeeping into the mountains ft. one year yoga anniversary
Mandatory photo with our jeeps😍
Leaving the viewpoint to hike Mt Bromo!
My travel companions // fellow bromosaurs
Admiring Mt Bromo at 3am was no joke// We had to brave the cold and hike up the viewpoint to get the best view of the active volcano!
Trying to chase the Bromo Sunrise

30 December 2017

Cheap Thrills | House of Cards
Dinner at Cafe Lava | $3.60 for Indonesian fried rice and hot green tea
Dinner at Cafe Lava
Cafe Lava Hostel | Our cosy stay for the night!
Madakaripura Falls
Trekking to Madakaripura Falls
High above the 🌤
Playing with dinosaurs first thing on the flight. Ft Cheok’s and Wilson’s Dinos!
Scooting off to Indonesia!

29 December 2017

Soaking wet!

25 November 2017

First meet-up with the hiking buddies // New friendships forged!