Singapore, Malaysia · 268 Days · 79 Moments · November 2016

Weekend Getaway 2 - Malaysia Diaries

6 August 2017

On the way back to SG
YAY LEPAK GANG! The subgang that went down accidentally to 22m and we didnt even know. It was so epic and thank god we all circled and grabbed onto each other, otherwise we might drift away to God Knows Where🙊 current too strong, had to abort first dive. But second dive was awesome and I really enjoyed my diving trip!! Special thanks to Daniel, Yongda and self volunteering Keith for saving our lives and ensuring our safety.
GUESS WHO I BUMPED INTO!!! JOCE AND TRINAAA at the jetty. Turns out we took the same ferry back to Singapore? Bumped into them again at the customs:)
When you order cheese fries in literally get cheese and fries. LOLOLOL
This cute tiny lil kittypie
Beautiful pink sunrise~

5 August 2017

Fireworks because we completed our theory test HAHAHAHAH
Food is finally served - stingray, chicken, satay, kway teow, fried rice, fried sotong - DELISH. And highlight - who knew watermelon lychee can be so goood
Nightlife in Salang Indah
Went back to get our gopros and snuck a few shots cos the sunset was so beautiful!!
Check out my colourful mask!
All geared up with T.
We're ready for our first dive - which turned into a half night dive by the time we exited!
Ft teresa with our masks and ready to explore the underworld🙊
Preparing for our second dive
Seafood fried rice with bandung!! The fried rice is sooo good cos it has a nice wok taste and the squid was seasoned really well😜
Our accommodation for the weekend! The promise of hot shower was a lie and the aircon took forever to start up😌
Hello Pulau Tioman!!!

30 July 2017

HOKKAIDO BAKED CHEESE TART ft. Their new and improved version of chocolate tartt
Sian the matcha latte here is not as good as in Japan😌
3 hours of loudspeaker. Abit overkill😂
Yasss back at Sing Ting Restaurant!! Tried the dry mee hoon kueh this time. I must say I prefer the soup one still!! The 3 layer milk tea is pure genius ft. Gula melaka
Back in JB again!!! With new partner-in-crime

22 July 2017

Zichar ft. Extra salted egg chicken which they served wrong and we ate 4pieces accidentally and they still went ahead to serve the correct customer after we returned it like whutt?!?!
4.5 hours of karaoke...LEGIT
Ohayooo my fav gongchaaaa!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Brown sugar oolong milk tea w coffee jelly AGAIN. My ❤️
Doraemon x Annabelle (or Alanbelle?)
When you see a queue = you must join the queue. Logic to good breakfast. Soft crispy toast with kaya butter + TINY LITTLE OTAHS + Mee Hoon Kueh + Nasi Lemak + TEHS
See you again Midori?
Good morning!! Recharged and ready to battle

21 July 2017

Reached JB! @hotel midori for the night. Watermelon juice ft. Potato wedges

24 June 2017

STEALTH - WE ESCAPED AGAIN!!! Not feeling the part about being betrayed though😳
Became a member at 大嘴巴. Lets go!!
The best 烧腊
Gong to the cha
GONGCHA IS MY LOVE NOW I MISSED YOU. Had brown sugar oolong milk tea x coffee jelly its delishhhh
Landed in JB again😁
WE ARE LITERALLY AT THE OTHER END OF THE QUEUE. But luckily it took less than an hour

12 March 2017

Thou shalt not leave JB without visiting 大嘴巴. $8 for 3hr k session with free flow juices and fancy teas just too good a deal to pass
Ho ho steamboat!! Alan ordered like a king lol we can't. The deep fried squid is sooooooo gooooood!!! And their specialty soup is some sort of creamy pork broth with mutton bone? I thought the mutton taste was a bit too strong for my liking. The tomyum is good but TOO SPICY!!! The sweet and sour clams were good also.
Escape room. We played this chinese shaolin kungfu theme. And after trials and tribulations we made it at the last few seconds, passing through 4 rooms with our wits🌚 still amazed.
新天 mee hoon kueh!! Very near birdie's house and still as good as 3 years ago. Aiyu lime juice is spot on.

11 March 2017

Sangkana's signature ice cream bowl - ft. Coconut, thai iced tea, green tea and chocolate flavours
We are on the way to JB AGAIN🌚

18 February 2017

So I went all the way to Bukit Indah to find a recommended Korean hair salon. And look I got rid of my brown hair!!

21 January 2017

Double trouble
And supper at old town☺️
大嘴巴😜 three hours of karaoke with free flow bubble tea level drinks for only $8?
Drive out of Singapore into JB for one day☺️

13 November 2016

Last selfie before leaving the treehousee:(
Attempted to selfie with our treehouse but xiaofail so we had to take photo at other peoples' treehouse instead hahhaa
Us taking a quick break during the 2hour jungle trek which was pretty treacherous and we had to grasp onto dear trees for life. I'm sorry to all the trees I've hung onto LOL
And we attempt to climb up the tower
Good morning! We woke up to calls of Gibbons and crickets!
Found a tree bark tripod and attempted to #wefie

12 November 2016

DINNERTIME. Vegetarian dinner was pretty meh. It's just noodle soup with some vegetables...had to douse lots of sesame oil to add flavour😂😂😂
Wheeee its the hammock life!
Izzit this is some beautiful skies
Rolling around the hammock, enjoy the beautiful orangey, pinky, purplish sunset sky
STRESSFUL GAME. Need to win unless you wanna get whacked under your feet
THANK GOD FOR MODERN SEWERAGE SYSTEM AND FLUSHABLE TOILET!!!! And who expected a showerhead? Although it dispensed freaking ice water during baths and made us scream and shout and everything like freaking iced😂😂😂😂😂 nobody would want to take long baths seriously.
Climbing up with all our barang barangs it was so difficult to get inside the treehouse😂
Our treehouse is so secluded and the farthest from the base😂
WE HAD TO CLIMB 300 STEPS UP TO THE TREEHOUSE which was so tiring and shag with all our barang barangs haha no wonder we were warned once you go up you dont wanna come down😂
The map at the base of the treehouse village and we are treehouse 7
So preetz
This is us stocking up for the night stay. We bought so much snacks and drinks. And now we are guessing the price and unfortunately for jac she deviated the most so she had to suffer from whack whack too
The most amazing duck kway teow. We ordered pig intestines, tofu and braised egg. With drinks, altogether RM77!!! OMG SO CHEAP RIGHT THATS LIKE SGD4 PER PAX FOR SO MUCH FOOD! We decided to play the price is right so sadly i guessed RM170 LOL deviated the most so I had to suffer at night for whack whack😭
Driving to Malaysia!