Malaysia · 2 Days · 13 Moments · December 2018

🇲🇾 Johor Bahru, Malaysia

29 December 2018

We hanged around in City Square & Komtar JBCC instead of going to KSL. We only have more than a half day to remain in JB until 8plus in the evening. To kill time, I suggested for us to watch a movie at City Square. We booked two movie tickets to watch cantonese movie Master Z. The movie started at 245pm. Before movie, we decided to do our last minute shopping. We saw tom yam noodles menu outside outlet so we wanted to share and eat one together. My hubby felt like wanting his sore back shoulders and feet to be massaged. We ordered one package for RM$65 each. We booked for a slot at 5pm. The movie provided English subtitles and ended quite well before 5pm. It was just in time to reach massage shop. We both slept in between breaks to relax while watching tv. We were handed ginger tea to expel heatiness. Our last dinner at Arashi before going back, this is my paradise eating there especially soy milk soup. Will get this recipe to prepare steamboat at my home. Finally went back home!
In the next morning, we finally woke up after 730am for breakfast buffet which will start after 6am. The bed was so comfy that we fell asleep. We washed up shortly and get dressed up. We were amazed by breakfast buffet ranging from breads, meats, nasi lemak, noodles, roti prata with curry, eggs, salads and fruits. There were a lot to choose based on our preferences. Although Christmas may be over, we could still feel the festive. The buffet they provide us with was met with our expectations. The servings were supposed to be unlimited but we chose wisely to save food wastage. In this way, we were able to enjoy eating slowly. I like the waffle with butter brought by my hubby. The taste was unique and to my liking. I was so glad to stay in this hotel with good location and access to many places of interests. Today was our last day at JB so we relaxed for some time until checkout at 12pm. We stayed in room for about an hour to digest first. Later we went down for swim in cold morning.

28 December 2018

After we came back to the hotel, we decided to go up to 8th floor where the gym and swimming pool reside at. The first thing was to check out what gym equipments are used at gym rooms. They may have some equipments that I needed most. Do you know this condominium is built up as a hotel-cum-residential? The left side is where we stay while the right side is for residents. It was so gorgeous at night especially light in the swimming pool. We finished viewing then headed back to our room. We had a hot and quick shower after spending the whole day outside. We watched tv after drying my hair. To our surprise, this hotel offered Singapore's own tv programmes like Channel 5, 8 and okto. No Channel U. This time Ch8 Chinese drama serial was showing. I took out mini velvet cake bought from Capital City and laid it out for my hubby. It was his birthday. I sang birthday song for him. I was glad he liked it & enjoyed eating along with me. He was exhausted and fell asleep. I slept afterwards.
My hubby googled on and discovered about this new shopping mall which were launched in August this year but pushed forward to October. We decided to take a look there. By the time we reached, this shopping mall retail outlets were not ready. Only some shops opened. This movie theatre will be ready next year although you can see their external facade. We feel hungry so we took our bite at burger bandit. There were quite a crowd at that time but we only managed to secure a table. At first, I wanted to place an order for nasi lemak but it was sold out already so I decided to change order asap. I chose to order prawn fillet burger which was said to be one of the best choice. The French fries I ate was once in a while. I will hit off with my hubby at gym in the next morning. We booked grab ride at Starbucks where got wifi. The driver picked us up and drove us back to hotel. It had been quite tiring for us especially walk, shop, eat and play for whole day. It feel good to be in bed.
After we unpacked our belongings to set aside for our use in our room, we got dressed up and left the hotel. We booked a grab to drive us there. We bypassed a few shopping malls and discussed about visiting them next time. We finally reached the remote area, drove through many plantations with many trees and cows. I only managed to snap photo at the cows eating nearby. The security guard lifted off the barrier line for us to make an entrance. We alighted, walked in & saw many photographs on the wall around for visitors to take a look. My hubby paid RM60 (SGD$20) for ticket to use go-kart for 10 mins only. When it was his turn, he put on helmet and started to get ready after the rest finished. He started to drive around until it was time to end race. He did good job himself. This area was remote so it was not possible to book grab. We approached the owner & his wife to help book a teksi (taxi) to pick us up first. The taxi finally came and send us off to Capital City Mall.
Paradigm Mall is probably one of Malaysia's best shopping malls. I hope to go there again one day when I visit JB. This mall got everything you can dream of. Like JCube,they also have a skating rink. We can just watch them from above. We went to a home makeover shop upstairs. This shop is the one I liked most. Hope Singapore will have this kind of shop selling home makeover items. They are my dream shop. Wish I owned this shop and choose them for beautifying my cozy home. It will be wonderful if they set up this shop in Singapore so that I don't have to travel all the way to JB and bring them back home. There was A&W, my favorite hangout with my friends after school. We used to gather together and chatted over many hours. Many years ago we got one in Clementi but closed down. Recently, it will be reopened again in Singapore much to our delight. I missed root beer float with ice cream scoop. But due to my busy lifestyle, I less eat often at fast food restaurants but gym instead.
Nobita and Shizuka as the main characters in Doraemon series. Doraemon and his inventions taken out from his magical pouch. Doraemon traveled from 22nd century to help a poor boy Nobita with his inventions. Among the inventions these doraemon holding, which one do you like most? I liked all kinds of inventions. Wish they will be made into reality and help mankind to benefit from using these kind of inventions. Many shoppers brought their kids along to play around and take photographs. I only took photos at the inventions held by doraemons. They look so cute especially expressive when come up with every kind of invention. When I was in HK few years ago, I attended 100th anniversary where many doraemon statues were erected. I think were around 100 statues. Seeing them again made me feel so nostalgic. Besides doraemon, I also like Old Master Q comics, originated from Hongkong. The duo of thin and fat guy with 3 dots on their clothes. The same likes goes for TinTin and Asterix comics.
We took a yellow smiling bus 505 at CIQ bus terminal. The bus ride will take us to Paradigm Mall for 15 mins. By the time we reached, we alighted off and walked to overhead bridge in a curve reaching to the mall. The entrance led us to a huge Christmas tree towering high, decorated with ornaments. The theme for Christmas is Doraemon. It was one of my favorite childhood cartoons. Although Christmas was over recently, we could still feel the Christmas festive there. We took several photos at these lovely doraemon merchandise like plushie toys etc. Seeing doraemon reminds me of my childhood days. We used to collect doraemon comic books and read many stories about a bullied boy who met a robotic cat. He asked doraemon to help solve his problems using devices and get back at two bullies, a rich small boy with beak mouth and a plump boy. He also had a crush on the girl at school. I remember there was another pink doraemon who assisted him while blue doraemon was away on a time machine.
Feeling so famished after window-shopping for the several hours, we stopped by Paik's Pan. In our previous trip, we bypassed this Korean restaurant and saw huge cooking plate that caught our eyes and send us drooling. We finally booked a table after waiting for a few minutes. This Korean celebrity chef was famous in Korea for food variety shows. We sat down and chose a suitable menu for 2 pax. We decided to place order for Budae Jijigae in mild spicy level. Shortly, the waitress standing near us also helped cook for us. We scooped few servings from this cooking plate. So spicy but yummy. It will keep our bodies warm. We ate everything to our fill slowly. The tteokbokki which consist of sliced pieces turned out amazingly soft when chewing. The other type we ate is quite hard to chew. We hope to buy this kind of tteobokki when we return back to Singapore. Both of us like it very much. We decided to eat this again. Army stew is also popular with everyone who love Korean food. Shiok
When we got out of Komtar JBCC, this hotel is only situated opposite. We need to cross the road and get to Amari. This hotel was actually built for tourists especially Singaporeans who often go JB for shopping. We took lift on the left side to lobby. We queued up to register and asked if we can check in early. Normally it is 3pm. We had to wait until 3pm so we can check in. We received the reservation letter. We served ourselves with these refreshment drinks. We decided to visit other shopping mall that was quite far away. It is Pardigam mall. We planned to visit other shopping malls like KSL, Aeon and found out it was very very far away. Aeon was built and opened to the public recently. After this trip to the other shopping mall, we came back in public bus and checked in later. At that time, there were quite a lot of people checking in. To cut our time short, we just proceed to the first counter where we only needed to show our letter instead then we will receive our room keys.
I really enjoyed taking photos during shopping moments. Every time I see something nice and special which are unavailable in Singapore, I will stop and take photo. Look at the Pringles instant noodles. I have not seen it before. Pringles is a well-known brand for potato chips. This cute penguin is lovely. A great idea to use it as a birthday cake. I wanted to buy for my hubby. My hubby prefer to celebrate his birthday without cake but want to have a birthday feast. Teddy bears hugging chocolate bars is the best gift. I don't see them being sold in Singapore much often. They are used as Christmas or valentine day gifts for their loved ones. We watched some kids playing over there on the giant slide with many popping balls. They seem to be enjoying themselves very much. The dreamcatchers you can see on display for sale. I did buy one and hang it up near the windows in my living room. It will help you catch beautiful dreams during bedtime. It can guarantee to have no nightmares.
Upon arrival at CIQ, we headed to Komtar JBCC and got out of the exit opposite Amari Hotel. On our way there, we happened to walk past Angry Birds Activity Park. We saw a red huge angry bird with catapult so we took photos there. Our families can bring kids there to the amusement park for fun. Probably will bring my kids there in future. We used to play this game where we use catapult to throw angry birds to topple off the building made of bricks. I find these angry birds very cute especially their black frown look. In real life, there are angry birds. I have watched this movie before. The green bird reminded me of Tweety in a cartoon. This character is so lovely. Nowadays, the trend had gone down. Pokemon fever was the rage after Angry Birds. The movie on Pokemon will be released by next year. I don't know if we will watch it next year. I can remember that nearly of all ages are hooked on Pokemon game everywhere. I did play it once but I was not interested in this addictive game.
In the morning, we left home by 730am to board bus 161 opposite my home which would take us to Woodlands bus interchange. We took the next bus 911 to Woodlands train checkpoint and dropped off until we reached immigration area. We were issued queue number 36 after showing the staff our KTM ticket which we booked online to be printed out. We continued to wait here until 9am when the person with queue number 1 came here first to collect train tickets. I joined the longest queue first while my hubby was waiting for his turn. Our departure time was 945am but we managed to get our white printed paper stamped and boarded KTM train just a minute before 945am. We found a suitable free seating and sat down facing in the forward direction. The train started moving slowly for 5 mins across the causeway bridge until into Johor Bahru customs immigration. It was quite fast. It is worth booking train tickets to avoid traffic jam. We were excited & looking forward to our relaxation and fun in JB.