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A Grand Adventure.

22 October 2015

Home Sitting Reading Smoking Watching woodpeckers God is good

20 October 2015

Headed to airport. A trip to Israel is made by the right guide. On this trip I had doctors and professors of archeology. The heads of leading museums and linguistic experts. If it had been the same old same old, I would of hated every minute of it. I haven't. To say life changing sounds over dramatic, but it has caused me to contemplate Christ and my walk with him in a different way more complete way. I know that this has been a milestone experience and I will do it again ONLY if I can do it with the same man.
The church over the actual burial place of Mary the mother of Jesus.
The cave where Jesus and the disciples hang out. It had a wine press and an olive oil press hidden in the ground. It is in the center of the garden of Gethsemene
Tombs for the Royal house of David in the garden of Gethsemene
Widows mites set in silver
King Agrippa 42 ad Herod the great 1st century

19 October 2015

Wailing Wall And Wailing Wall Cat
The cave is the cave where God found Adam. Where the Romans found Christ praying. It would of been able to be accessed from the garden of Gethsemene. The garden was owned by Mary's family. Actual steps leading to Calvary/ Mount Moriah. The mount has been reduced in size. From this site you could of seen into the temple to see the curtain torn where Jesus would of been washed before being prepared for burial. Golgotha means skull or a place of skulls, a graveyard The ceremonial bath on the way to the burial tomb owned by Joesph of Aramathea Below is the garden of Gethsemene and the tomb own by Joesph of Aramethia where Christ was laid. The church, sit on top of that tomb. Stephen the Martyr was laid in Joesph's tomb as well because it was empty.

18 October 2015

The Upper Room
Damascus Gate. Quiet and peaceful.
Best hummus in the his trot of hummus
Shiloh - the oldest Israelite construction after they came out of Egypt. At the crossroads and border between the tribes of Manasseh and Ephraim, and between the Israelites and the Philistines. Oldest known writings of early Hebrew found here. This was where the Ark was brought by Eli's son and was
Biblical city of Afek. A Philistine city, 5,000 years old.
Tower of Justice

17 October 2015

Ceremonial/ritual bath used by Elijah and john the baptist, Elizabeth and Mary. There is a drawing on the wall of Elijah that dates to John the Baptist time. There is a ceremonial hand and foot washing station.
Cave of Elijah that became the cave of John the Baptist Site of Baal worship at the time from David onwards. The collection of stones in the right hand side are a family of baals The baths are pottery baths possibly where Baal statues where made to be sold to tourist who came to worship the baals
Herodia. Artificial mountain built Herod the Great. There is a picture of the artificial walls that made up the mountain. It had a huge bath. A massive amphitheater. Massive aqua duct. Included Herod's tomb
More Herodia
Example of what an inn would of looked liked

16 October 2015

The field where David killed Goliath
Mount Carmel 1 Kings 18
Zippori NP #2
Zippori National Park. This contains the synagogue where Mary and John worshipped
It's pretty tense at the moment. Buses burning, stabbing and shootings on the increase. This sign was shown at the UN and is being passed around to Palestinian youth the areas of the West Bank where we are staying
Museum of Peters boat No hamburgers or semi automatic weapons.

15 October 2015

Golan Heights
Sunrise over the Sea of Galilee. I'm sitting on some steps looking at the sea and to my right is a yard full of jet skis for hire. And that is exactly how it should be. It's a resort town. It was then. It is now. People come here seeking a miracle, end up with the mystical and overlook the historical. What has struck me time and again is the depth of the history. Australia is a young nation, as is America. But here history is everywhere and easily over looked. To be able to see and understand how all of world history started here and will be determined here is an incredible thing. To understand how God has worked and is still at work is truly inspiring.

14 October 2015

Reading Joshua 22 at the Tower of Witness
Mountain of the Angel of the Lord of Host. View that the Angel would of had. In the valley is the City of Adam.
West Bank Banksy

13 October 2015

Samuel school of the Prophets On this site has been build a mosque on top of a church on top of a synagogue. The spring is where Hanna went for prayer The last picture is of the reconstruction of a gate built by crusaders
Herod's palace. The far one is a palace and pool and herb gardens. The near one was another part of the palace and there was a bridge that joined the two halves.
In Palestinian city of Jericho, 'oldest' city in the world, 10,000 years. Sycamore Tree that Zaccheus sat in. Walls of Jericho The first tower built on earth Some crazy woman washing or peeing in Elijah's fountain
30 stabbings so far, another 4 today. City on lockdown.
The Tower of the Flock The birth place of David The birth place of Christ
Article on camel milk

12 October 2015

Been in three countries today. Jordan Israel West Bank
The remaining wall from Sodom
In this cave stayed Abraham, Moses, Elijah, David, Jesus and His family. All of them on the way to and from Egypt. You will notice an ankh and hieroglyphics. The crosses where carved by members of the 10th Legion who contained members who did not believe that the crucifixion of Christ was justified. They travelled from site to site carving a cross in the walls to mark the sites where Christ had been.
Reconstruction of the Tabernacle If you want to understand the fullness of what was done for you in Christ, you have to understand what was promised in the tabernacle. Just don't have listen to some tosser on a book tour, who has no concept of either language, culture or custom try and explain it to you. It would be impossible.
Timma - Encampment of Jethro. This is where Moses was brought to be trained. This is the bush that Moses saw as the burning bush.
I meet with some people today and the Israelis are curing autism with camels milk. Autism is an autoimmune disease and camels milk has super antibiotic properties. I can not explain it fully. But autism causes a hyper sensitivity and the children live in a perpetual fearful state, the adrenal gland is on overload. Once the autoimmune aspect is healed then the child needs to be retrain in how to respond to the rest of the world. The results have been amazing. I talked to them myself. Children with it no longer have it. They have to be trained how to interact with the rest of the world differently.

11 October 2015

More Petra
Rift Valley
The church at the cave of Lot. The plains below was the site of Sodom and Gomorra. This is where Lot went after the destruction of the two cities.
These rocks where identified as being from the Himalayas. They where brought here by the great flood of Noah. They make up the stairs leading to the cave of Lot
"I'll wait till the hotel thanks" - said all the girls on the trip
Roman sea port on the Dead Sea opposite Hebron

10 October 2015

Muslim wedding. Men dancing on one side of the hotel Women dancing on the other Well....
This is the palace of Tobaih. Some consider it one of the greatest wonders of the world. It is two stories high. With balconies and tie downs for canopies. The palace surrounded the entire valley with the temple at the middle.
The temple from the time of Tobaih. It was modeled exactly after Solomon's Temple. This was a replacement. Tobaih's family declared themselves gods and had their own palace that surrounded the temple.
Mount Nebo is the place where Moses stood to see the promised land after God told him he was not allowed to enter
Muslim Barbie
Church of the mosaic. The map holds a series of codes to locations actual sites that vary from the ones that the Catholic Church enshrined for political or economic reasons.
Arrman Citadel and the temple of Zeus. Roman sarcophagus and marker of occupation. Below is the Coliseum of Philadelphia.
This plaster recounts the story of the talking donkey as told by King Balak. Possibly the single greatest proof of the reality and reliability of the Old Testament. Numbers 22:28 Then the Lord opened the mouth of the donkey, and she said to Balaam, “What have I done to you, that you have struck me these three times?”
Bugger it. I'm going for a run. Yesterday they were stabbing westerners - let's go see if they have settled down.
3 days and still can't get the sleep cycle working. Jet lag is a beating ! Hotel is awesome. I might sit up and watch tv till I get sleepy Oh....that's right it's in Arabic !!

9 October 2015

Jordan has a population of 11.5 m 4m of them are refugees Up to 450,000 live in this camp.
The contrast of the poverty and opulence. Trash everywhere. No city water. Only well water.
The birth place of Elijah - Tishbet. The church was build to commemorate it on the hill above. The pictures here are of a church from 300-400 AD
The pictures here are from is the second church build 600-700 AD on a site above the first church. This church also celebrates the birth of Elijah
I found these walking around the spells area. They where all just laying on the ground. The first round rock is a weight used for measuring grain and dates back to around 4000 BC. The handle is from a mug and the time of Abraham. The next picture is from the Roman era and occupation. The glazed poetry is 8 AD Muslim pottery.
2 Samuel 1:12 And they mourned and wept and fasted until evening for Saul and for Jonathan his son and for the people of the Lord and for the house of Israel, because they had fallen by the sword. Pella - this is where David recovered the bodies of Saul and Jonathon and the sword he took from Goliath. The ruins of the temple date back to Adam. There is a silo built here by Joesph for the storage of grain. And a random sheep herder
Welcome to Jordan. River Jordan. Jordan is currently the largest refugee camp in the world. Vast contrast between entering Israel and entering Jordan. Entered Jordan customs which is situated next to a Mosque. The Mulla is preaching on the superiority of Islam and death to infidels. "Welcome to Jordan" ☝
This is mind blowing. The perimeter is in the shape of a sandal. One of 8 that are called the 'footprints of God' This spot was where the Jews entered the promised land from Egypt. The caves are filled with Egyptian hieroglyphics and Hebrew. Jewelry similar to what the Jews took. It is bronze era. The perimeter stones have not been placed by hand but are a formation. The stone circle is the first altar. It was the altar where Cain and Abel offered their sacrifices. Where Cain killed Abel. Cain was sent across the river and ended up in Babylon. Jacob built an altar here and ate with Esau. All the battles between the brothers happened on this site. The left hand side of the 'sandal' was found a foundry of bronze weapons where the Israelites where preparing for war against Jericho. This is the site where the men where circumcised. The 'square' shaped area is where the tabernacle of Moses was situated. In these area they have found petrified seeds dating back to Eden.
The mountain of the Angel of God the Host. Where Joshua was challenged. Where Jacob wrestled.
The flat top is where Christ encountered Satan.
9 murders in last 2 days. Palestinians with knives have been walking up and murdering people. 13 pipe bombs found. Friday, today, is the Muslim version of sabbath and it is expected to get dangerous. That is one of the reasons we are leaving the city. It is interesting that Jordan is considered safer. To be honest I feel we are in the safest country (Israel) in the world.
View from Good Shepard Hotel. Heading into Jordan today. Relationships between Jordan and Israel are not good at the moment so there is a degree of tension about the border crossing.

8 October 2015

Trying Calebs Grapes. AWESOME !!
The reservoir was found in October 2015. It is the water that was available to the people in the fort.
The temple of Solomon was replicated on the 'high places'. It was a false place of worship. A counterfeit to the temple. A place of false worship.
Tel Arad in the valley of Beer Sheva. The road we travelled is the same one Abraham and Moses and Christ travelled. You can see road below
This is the last remaining fortress of its time. It contained a replica of the temple of Solomon that was used for pagan sacrifices
The furtherest boundary of what was Eden. You will notice about midway in the picture some caves/inns. This is an unexcavated city from the time of David.
An example of an 'Inn' at the time of Mary. When it says there was no room at inn. An Inn was a Cave that had a wall build around it. It was also known as a 'small village'
Kamel - home of Abigail, wife of David. Now the home of Kedem - one of the worlds leading homeopathic laboratory. Also home of Calebs Vineyard - the grapes are purported to be from the original grapes that Caleb brought back. Numbers 13:26 And they came to Moses and Aaron and to all the congregation of the people of Israel in the wilderness of Paran, at Kadesh. They brought back word to them and to all the congregation, and showed them the fruit of the land.
Actual city of David. Discovered under an apartment complex. The structures on the left are the remains of ancient homes. The structure on right is the actual outer wall of Hebron. Both are dated 4500 years old.
Entrance to the tomb. The whole area was covered up until recently. Behind me are two more entrances. Trash is abundant. Apparently it is a political issue - who is responsible and who is to pay for it. Israeli government will not pay for the trash of Palestinians to be picked up
This tomb is now a prayer room and memorial site
This symbol is very ancient. It is a combination of the Star of David and the Christian fish ichthys. This symbol is found on the plate for show bread that was in the tabernacle. Here is the symbol on a cap worn by workers at the tombs.
The actual tomb of the patriarchs Found in May 2015 The entrance says in memory of Jesse and Ruth this was to disguise the actual contents buried.
The field of Edron
Tel-Hebron Excavation.
Taken over by Muslims. Mosque added. Taken over in crusades by Christians church added.
Tomb markers for what Herod claimed was Jacob on the left and Leah on the right.
Storage place of Torah scrolls read 3 times a week.
Tomb markers of Sarah on the left and Abraham. Behind the black door is Issac and Rebecca tomb markers.
Entrance to the tomb markers.
This is the tomb marker for Jacob. Jacob is NOT buried here but supposedly below in the cave. This is not the actual site
Woman must wear this for religious purposes.
Tomb of the patriarchs Abraham brought the field for he cave. This cave is under the 'fort/castle' build by Herod. The whole structure is in fact an 'upper room' Buried here is Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their wives but Rachael is not.
Hebron, tomb of the prophets. Built by King Herod to out do Solomon's temple This is the historical site. NOT the actual tomb. Jewish established this as an act of misdirection. Herod built his here to copy the temple in Jerusalem. It was an act of vanity.
Church of Elijah.
Hill of Elijah.
Morshe Bronstien. Tour leader. Ex leader of Mossad. One of the most respected soldiers in Israelis modern history. 3 earned doctorates. Helped relocate 35000 Ethiopian Jews. Runs an art as therapy program for abused youth. Artist. Major contributor or artifacts and articles to museums. Archeologists who located the real City of David.
Local art. Staying at Good Shepard hotel.

7 October 2015

In Jerusalem for the night. Minor riots.
The Grave of the Maccabees Uncovered in August 2015.
Agricultural terraces for olive trees
Olive press On the altar there was water Bread made of barley and wheat A goblet of wine Olive oil Anywhere there are believers these things are present on the altar. Sacrifice = KRB = korban The fire of our sacrifice is to get us closer to God.
The bramble bush was actually the same bush that was used to make the crown of thorns and was also the bush that was the burning bush. Also used in weddings
The West Bank LHS - Israeli special forces training RHS - West Bank Center - 'the bad guys'
Replica of a tower used in family farms. The door way is about 4.5 ft tall. The bible talks about a camel passing through an eye of a needle. The camel would of had to be unload and walked in on its knees.
Arrived at airport. Safe. It's interesting seeing and smelling a new place. It is great. No sleep. Israel does not have borders but ceasefire lines. People keep asking it to redo its borders but it doesn't have any to redo. It also has not 'constitution' per se. It's law of the land is the Old Testament.